The Deck to play at YCS New Jersey

tim baileyWhat is up my fellow duelists!? It has been quite some time since my last article! The intention of this article is to point you in the right direction, when deciding on a deck to play at YCS Meadowlands! I have a very strong desire to go, but sadly do not have the funds or time to make the event. Anyways enough about me, I'm sure you didn't click on this article to hear about my sob stories, or my desires. So lets jump right in.

We all know that water reigns supreme at the moment, however with the addition of cards such as Evilswarm Ophion to the current meta, it tweaks the typical water deck list. By dropping the second or third Mermail Abyssteus and replacing them with Genex Undines;in the fear of not being able to summon their level 7 monsters. This neccassary change consequently slows it down about 1-2 turns, and weakens its destruction force as well. In no way am I stating that water is no longer the best deck, the point I'm making is that it suffers a loss in speed, allowing other decks more time to set up and counter in game 1. So in other words, decks like Wind-Ups, Fire Fists,and Gadgets recieve a boost, well at least for now while we wait for Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy to hit the shelves. This YCS will most likely be the most balanced of this format. With the above decks getting better, and water getting slower this will create more grind-style games during this event. In addition, cards like Forbidden Lance, Thunder King Riaoh, and Messanger of Peace become much better. At an event like a YCS decks with the best engines, and most consistancy will be the ones that come out on top. Expect to play 10-11 rounds of swiss, at a glance it would be safe to predict that the 3 most played decks will be Evilswarms, Water, and Fire Fists. That being said out of a lets say 11 rounds you would expect to play 2/3 water, 2/3 Evilswarms, 2/3 Fire Fists, 2 Wind-up/Dino-Rabbit/Spellbooks, and 2

Randoms such as Darkworlds, Heroes, or Karakuri as well as a long list of other solid less frequently played decks. In a meta like this the best deck to play would be Wind-ups. The only difficult match-ups mentioned(besides the ones labeled random) is the mirror, and water which has slowed down making it much better game one. Now, when I mean Wind-ups I don't mean scoop-ups. No Summoner Monk, Star-drawing, T.G werewolf, Brother of the Fire-Fists Bear or any other mind-blowing tempo destroying cards. If I were to go I would play a deck list that looks like this, or at least very similar:


2 CardCar D

2 Tour Guide from the UnderWorld

3 Wind-Up Shark

3 Wind-up Rabbit

3 Wind-up Rat

1 Wind-up Magician

1 Wind-Up Warrior


3 Wind-Up Factory

2 Forbidden Lance

2 Messanger of Peace

2 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Dark Hole

1 Heavy Storm

1 Monster Reborn

1 Book of Moon

1 Fire-Formation Tenki

1 Pot of Duality

TRAPS (10)

2 Mirror Force

2 Fiendish Chain

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

2 Torrential Tribute

1 Solemn Warning

1 Solemn Judgement


EXTRA (15)

1 M-X Invoker

1 Temtempo The Percussion Djinn

1 Soul of Silver Mountain

1 Leviar, the Sea Dragon

1 Wind-Up Zenmaines

1 Acid Golem

1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn

1 Abyss Dweller

1 Diamon Dire Wolf

1 Photon Papilloperative

1 Number 16: Shock Master

1 Number 61: Volcasaurus

1 Tiras, Kepper of Genesis

1 Wind-Up Zenmaioh

1 Gaia, The Thunder Charger (you will regret it if you dont play it.)


forbidden lanceSo, now let’s take a little more of an in-depth look into the deck choice, and my particular card choices. Some of the choices that I know stand out are my choices to play cards such as Book of moon, Forbidden Lance, Messenger of Peace, and in the extra deck Wind-Up Zenmaioh, and Acid Golem. In addition, not playing cards such as the 3rd Mystical Space Typhoon (which I would side), Pot of avarice, dimensional prison (which I also side). In addition my extra deck does not include Leviathan Dragon, Utopia, and Black Ship of Corn. So let's get started Book of Moon; this card is an out to pesky little cards such as Mermail Abyss Gaios, Thunder King Raioh, and Evolkar Dolkka. This card is still one of the best spell cards in all of Yu-Gi-Oh, because in addition to its unrivaled ability to answer the above cards; Book of moon is also a card that can interfere with your opponents' plays during the main phase of the turn, in key situations can also allow your own effects to resolve under effect Veiler or fiendish chain. and is an out when cards such a royal decree are flipped face up, or trap stun is activated, or allows you to call traps when Number 16: Shock Master is on your side of the field. Now Forbidden Lance, this card is better right now than it has been before, with EvilSwarms playing cards like Forbidden Dress, and Safe zone, Forbidden lance allows you to swoop under and allow Wind-up Zenmaines, Number 61: Vollkasaurus, and Diamond Dire Wolf to do their job. In addition it allows you to gain mass advantage beating cards such as bottomless or fiendish chain with cards like Wind-up Arsenol ZenMaioh, Diamon Dire Wolf, Soul of Silvermountain and Number 16: ShockMaster. In addtion, if you side Thunder King Riaoh, it helps protect him as well. Forbidden Lance can also make your nearly invincible Wind-Up Rabbit beat cards like Thunder King Riaoh, Evilswarm ThunderBird, and Brother of the Fire Fist Bear! Forbidden Lance may be the best spell card in Yu-gi-oh if you aren't counting Heavy Storm, and Monster Reborn.

messenger of peaceNext is Messanger of Peace, this card has tested unbelievably. Put this card in play under CarCard D, Number 61:VollkaSaurus, Wind up Rabbit with factory, or just in general, and continue to plus 2-3, while your opponent cannot do anything. In addition to this, it helps you buy time against pesky mermails, who enjoy discarding Atlantean Marksman to quickly end the game, well Messenger is face-up, and if your opponent were to heavy and play water, you are most likely going to lose regardless, in addition, while mystical space typhoon also is being used to hit messenger its not being used to destroy Wind-Up Factory. Messenger helps you beat Laggia , Laggia, Dollka fields, and helps you find the pieces to destroy Evilswarms, while also ending any chances of Fire fists beating you.Messenger of Peace is just what the doctor ordered, and it also like the other two defensive spells above plays around, Trap Stun, and Royal Decree. Now to Wind-UP Arsenol Zenmaioh, this is one of my favorite cards in this deck, that I had originally cut, and at the time held on to Number 39: Utopia. This card has the absurd ability to end games VERY early, and with the addition of Forbidden Lance, this card could end up winning you a lot of games, that under normal circumstances you may struggle, and don’t forget Wind-Up Rabbit!! If your opponent happens to fiendish chain your big guy, use rabbit to bounce him out of play, resolving his effect, and next turn say hello to a 2600 beater who netted you a +2, and at your next standby a +3. In addition, Zenmaioh under messanger is completely unreal, it’s like playing cold wave, also it can combo well with Maestroke, giving you more outs than you had previously, and with rats, rabbits, and magicians consistently coming back in and out of play, Zenmaioh could be summoned without even normal summoning in many game states. Now I will quickly explain Acid Golem: I like him better gives me a 3500 under Dweller, helps in strange situational game states, however if you decided to play Leviathan instead I certainly would not object. I don't play Pot of Avarice, after playing Wind-Ups for two formats I just got tired of opening it or consistently finding it dead. It has been a burden many more times than it’s been of service, which makes a lot of sense, your rabbits are putting the cards back into play every turn, Wind-Ups isn't plants, the engine as long as it’s played correctly and conservatively is essentially limitless.

I felt that under messenger of peace, dimensional prison doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot, but I didn’t want to not have it for strange match ups like Dark Worlds, or heaven forbid Fire Kings, and I also like it against Fire fists so I elected to side deck it, as I know that the game slows down post-board. Mirror force was simply a better follow-up to my opponent destroying messenger because to put it quite simply they will be forced to extend. If you don’t lose (and likely not because Wind-ups under messenger typically has multiple rabbit-rat combos going at once) you could follow up the next turn putting back up a wall, and blowing your opponent out with mirror force, and follow with a Soul of Silver Mountain play with a normal summon and additional rats coming back during the following turn. In other words mirror force eliminates the monster threats, while also allow you to swoop in and make mince of their set traps, whereas prison dosent really net you much advantage.

Now, let's take a look at the match-ups that make Wind-Ups the deck to play at New Jersey.

Against Water:

Game 1 is going to be tough, however with cards like messenger of peace on your side you have a legit chance of having time to make Abyss Dweller, and Shock master plays to lock your opponent out of the game, this is the one match up that you don't want to have heavy storm or dark hole resolves. In games 2 and 3, Thunder King, Dimensional Fissure, Tragoadeia and Maxx “C” come into play, giving you the upper hand in the match-up. If you can steal game 1, you are most likely going to win the match, and your post-board matchup is so good, it’s very possible to sweep games 2 and 3. Oh and to adress the above, siding both Maxx "C" and Dimensional Fissure in against Water is acceptable. Maxx "C" gives you more outs if Dimensional Fissure is not on the field. If Dimensional fissure remains Face-Up you will not lose anyways, and if Dimensional fissure leaves the field Maxx "C" keeps the Mermail player on their toes, and Tragodeia+Maxx "C" is a pretty sweet combo!

Against Fire Fists:

Your deck has an infinite engine, and is much better than Fire Fists in general. The Fire Fist grind game is a joke in comparison. The truth is, if a Fire Fist player expects to beat you, they better hope you draw very poorly. All I bring in, during this match-up post board is 1 Mystical Space Typhoon, and 2 Dimensional Prison, As long as bear doesn’t hit you for damage multiple times they cannot win, and they most likely won’t even if he does, you spin way too much advantage in this match-up, as factory and rabbit cost them their backrow, with their subpar monster engine to protect them, they are toast to the continuing grind, and you will quickly overwhelm them with card advantage, with their lack of ability to otk you, they have almost no chance of taking advantage of any small opening they have to take control of the game. Dino-Fists can be a bit different however, as it is to be remembered Laggia, and Dollka are cards, but even then you should have the advantage.

Wind-Up Arsenal ZenmaiohAgainst Evilswarms/Dino-Rabbit:

For Evilswarms this is a nightmare match up. Ophion nets them none, to very limited advantage in the match up, as cards such as Forbidden Dress, Infestation Pandemic and safe zone do the least in the particular match up than against any other. Cards like Diamond Dire, Volkkasaurus, Wind-Up Zenmaioh, Temtempo the percussion Djinn, Maestroke, and the list goes on seriously hurt they decks chances of winning. In addition the Wind up engine will net a lot of advantage against Evilswarms slow paced-Anti meta like engine. Post board, cards like Mystical Space Typhoon  and Trap Stun (if you elect to play it) seriously help and Thunder King/Maxx C can help as well. In addition messenger of peace is very solid in this particular match up, as the only scary detail is that Ophion is at 2550, which a very annoying number. Forbidden Lance can be very helpful in this match up as you could negate Forbidden Dress or Safe Zone from saving their Ophion. Tiras, Zenmaioh, and the lot tend to be too much for Evilswarms to handle.

Against the Dino Rabbit version that is much more of a headache for you, because turn 1 rabbit, turn 2 guiba/tour guide could create a massive blow out when playing Wind ups, however if they do not open such an ideal play it typically is too much for rabbit to handle, as they will quickly end up out of resources or be forced to make dollka which there are more outs to, rather than Laggia. Messenger of Peace, Forbidden Lance, and Book of Moon are especially helpful in this match up, as they simply cut out the deck locking scare that Dino-Rabbit brings to the table, the match up then becomes like the match up with Fire Fists, you’re playing against traps and an extremely limited engine, you should see a large card advantage most games in this match up. Your siding against this deck depend solely on whether you are, or are not the turn player. If you win game 1, you bring in Maxx C, Mystical Space typhoon, Spirit Reaper, and Soul takers if you play them, where was if you were to have lost the previous game you would go first making, thunder king an ideal opening play over Maxx “C”.

In conclusion, I feel that Wind-Ups has the best overall match ups across the board, at least at YCS Meadowlands, however the decision of the deck you play should come from, dedicated perfect testing, and level of comfort with the particular deck of choice. I felt this deck was a wonderful choice, being so I decided to write this article early enough to influence testing for the Meta! Thank You so much for taking your time to read this content, and hopefully it was written well enough to provide, education, and enjoyment! Remember work hard, stay focused, be well rested, test hard, and most importantly enjoy yourself!!!!!!!!

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