The Dragons before Elementals

joe bogliHello once again everyone. YCS New Jersey is a short few days away and I hope to see everyone in attendance there! With the rarities of cards from Tachyon confirmed in pictures showed over the web, do you think the Elemtental Dragons or Spellbooks will be the most sought after cards to get your hands on? Granted the Elemental Dragons are a lower rarity, I still feel they wont be that easy to get your hands on. I figured it would only be appropriate to talk about a different type of dragon deck that I know fellow member Paul Clarke has talked about before. Hieratics.

This is one of the decks I personally have only faced one time in any kind of tournament since its release (I played against it a YCS Rhode Island after Parker used it at YCS Indy). This is one of the scariest decks to play against in my opinion because they gain all their advantage from simply tributing monsters. Similar to how Frog Monarchs gain their advantage from tributing their floating [ccProd]Treeborn Frog[/ccProd], Hieratics gain it from tributing ANY Hieratic monster. Even the XYZ [ccProd]Hieratic Dragon King of Atum[/ccProd] can be used to fill their tribute needs. But who is the main person to have success with this deck? No one other the Paul "Empty Jar" Cooper. Its safe to say, the "Empty Jar" name can be changed to "Hieratic". Paul's success with this deck has been occurring non stop since his top 64 performance at the WCQ last year. Topping countless regionals, reaching the top 32 at YCS Miami and then acquiring his second place finish at YCS Costa Rica. After Costa Rica was said and done, I logged onto Dueling Network and made my own version of the Hieratic Deck just to see how much the impact of Ophion would hurt the overall balance of the deck. My first build of the deck, got utterly demolished. As soon as that Ophion hit the field, my days were numbered and I usually would admit defeat.

Evilswarm OphionI decided to message Paul over Facebook, and get some inside info on how he was going to handle Ophion or if he was even going to play the deck anymore. "The deck is a 35 card skeleton, you cant really change too much of it otherwise you change the main purpose of what the deck is meant to do." This response from Paul really hit home with me you could say. I was trying tech cards like [ccProd]Compulsory Evacuation Device[/ccProd] to handle Ophion and [ccProd]Trap Stun[/ccProd] to just plow through backrows and try to just OTK that turn. But the deck already plows through backrows anyways so why dedicate a main deck slot or two for something that just slows you down a turn? Same thing with CED. Yes, after Ophion hits the field and searches for the Pandemic and they set it, you hit them with the end phase CED and send it back. But then you would have to rely on having [ccProd]Hieratic Dragon of Eset[/ccProd] in your hand to start a combo. The main combo as you all should know, comes from [ccProd]Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit[/ccProd] followed by [ccProd]Hieratic Dragon of Su[/ccProd]. Then Su tributes a Hieratic from Field or Hand to destroy a spell/trap on the field. Then from there, you proceed to "Hieratic" them as I call it. Or as Paul Cooper calls it, "Swagatic".

Learning combos with this deck is somewhat easy from the looks of things. But the more Hieratics in your hand, the more combos you can essentially pull off. Not to mention if you have copies of [ccProd]Genex Ally Birdman[/ccProd] in your hand to keep retrieving your [ccProd]Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon[/ccProd]. But a few cards from the latest Hidden Arsenal came up alot more then I thought they would during testing and there is a OTK followed up by them. [ccProd]Constellar Pleiades[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Constellar Ptolemy M7[/ccProd]. These cards can generate an OTK during a Hieratic loop without the necessity of having a Birdman of [ccProd]Monster Reborn[/ccProd] in hand. Lets do it!

HIERATIC DRAGON KING OF ATUM1. To start the combo, you must have Eset + Nebthet + any hieratic in hand plus any monster on opponents field to destroy.

2. So, normal Eset, tribute for Nebthet and bring out either [ccProd]Wattaildragon[/ccProd] or [ccProd]Luster Dragon #2[/ccProd]

3. Nebthet effect, tribute the Hieratic in hand to destroy monster. Bring out the remaining level 6 vanilla in the deck (or in grave/hand)

4. Overlay the 2 vanillas for [ccProd]Hieratic Dragon King of Atum[/ccProd]. Detach, and special the Darkness Metal from deck.

5. Use Metal effect, bring back Eset. Overlay Eset and Nebthet for [ccProd]Constellar Pleiades[/ccProd].

6. Pleiades effect bounce your Metal to hand. overlay for [ccProd]Constellar Ptolemy M7[/ccProd] over Pleiades.

7. Overlay Atum for [ccProd]Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger[/ccProd].

8. Remove Gaia for Metal, Metal effect bring back Atum. Overlay Atum for Gaia once again.

9. 2800 + 2700 + 2600 = 8100

There you have it, one of the many different kinds of Hieratics OTK's their are with just simply having an Eset, Nebthet, any hieratic, and a monster on your opponents field. I know this deck does indeed get hurt by Ophion, but I heard [ccProd]Breakthrough Skill[/ccProd] was a good card floating around these days... Until next time, I hope to see everyone once again at YCS New Jersey and while your there, make sure you Play Hard or Go Home!

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