The Financial Value of the Banlist and the New Format

Hello many of you will have no idea who I am as I hardly play YuGiOh much anymore.  I have been to one YCS and two regionals in my short YuGiOh career.  In fact I have only played in five sanctioned events in my life.  I do have my invite for nationals this year thought.  Most of my time is spent on the financial side of Yugioh as I am the general manager of Alter Reality Games.  The new banlist has hit and people are getting ready for the new format that has just started.  This banlist has had a drastic change on the price of cards as the metagame has definitely shifted.  I will go over some key cards that have gained substantial value and others that have lost substantial value and predict where their prices will go for the rest of the format.

Key Gainers

1) Pot of Duality

Before the banlist hit this card was about an average of $135.  Since then it has risen to around $155.  We have raised our buy price to $115 on this card, a $30 increase before the list. Also, we had about 10-15 in this in stock and I think we are down to one single copy left in stock. I predict that this card could hit $200 in its peak.  Duelist Revolution is become incredibly scare to find and it is only adding to the value of this card.  Many of the top decks in the format will be playing 2-3 copies of this card like X-Sabers.  Some decks that you may not expect to see this card in might emerge as well.  I know so decklists in Japan are maining 3 copies of it in Six Samurai.  A little bit of relief may come in April as the Duelist Pack tin has a pack of Duelist Revolution in it.

2) Solemn Warning

This is another card from Duelist Revolution that keeps rising in value.  We attended YCS Texas and everyone was looking for this card and no one had it.  If you were not maining three in the past format you were probably not winning.  I heard players saying if you do not have Solemn Warning do not even play.  Before that event the card was selling for around $55.  Now the card is pushing $70 and that is with it getting limited to two.  We raised our buy price to $46 on this card.  This is what we were selling it for in December/January.  If Konami did not hit this card on the banlist I could have easily seen it as a $100 card.  This card as became a staple in the game and almost every single deck should be playing two of them.  As for the future price of this card I can see it hitting $80-90.

3) XX-Saber Emmersblade & XX-Saber Darksoul

I included these two cards together because they are in the same deck.  A lot of players are speculating that this is going to be to top deck of the format as it only lost Cold Wave and its toughest matchup is Gravekeepers which I think got hit hard on the list.  Not just the Royal Triubte but Book of Moon to one and Solemn Warning to two is less defense that this deck has.  Emmersblade was selling for about $65 and has shot up to around $80.  We are buying Emmersblade now for $60 which is five dollars less than we were selling them for.  We had about twenty Emmerblades in stock and sold out of them in a matter of one week.  I think this card will stay right around the $80 mark but may go up to $90.  I do not see it dropping in price as X-Sabers will be top tier.  As for Darksoul many players were having a hard time getting rid of them out of their trade binders and we were having a hard time selling them.  We were up to about 60 of this card before the list hit.  Now we are down to eleven copies of the card.  The card has seen a five dollar increase in value.  This has not went up as much as Emmersblade because it is obviously easier to get as it is an Ultra/Ultimate.  I see this card’s price between $25-$30.

4) Trap Stun

This is one of those commons that start out as a .25 cent card and end up becoming a $4 common.  Before the banlist it was a $2 card.  Right now the price on the card is $3.50 and we have plenty in stock so has almost doubled in price.  With Cold Wave getting banned and Book of Moon getting limited many decks are reverting to this card for a couple of reasons.  First the defensive cards that players will have to play are going to be in the form of traps with the lack of quality of quick-play spells.  Also the card can set-up big plays in many decks for example Hyunlei plays in X-Sabers.  I see the card between $4-5.

5) Effect Veiler

This card is also from Duelist Revolution and it has seen one reprint.  Be grateful that Konami reprinted this card in Yusei 3 although it was short printed.  If this card was not in that set I could see it easily being a $30-$40 card.  As it stands now the rare is $16 and the ultra rare is $20.  Before the list hit the rare was $7 and the ultra was $12.  So this card has seen a great increase in value.  It is one of the few cards that lets you have an answer to a first turn play when you are going second.  I see the future value of this card around staying right around what it is now.

6) Karakuri Shogun MDL 00 "Burei"

The Karakuri deck is gaining popularity as of late and this is the boss monster in the deck.  This card has doubled in price from around $8 to $16.  I think the deck as a lot of hype behind it but I do not know if it will reach the top tier.  I think people will be ready for it as they will be ready for machines in general because of this deck and machine OTK.  I think most players will have Cyber Dragons in their main or side deck and will have Chimeratech Fortress Dragons in their extra decks.  It might be necessary for decks to run two copies of Fortress dragon in the extra deck.  I do not see this card staying as high as it is for the mean time.  Maybe after Extreme Victory when the archtype gets even more support.

7) Seven Tools of the Bandit

This is my last card for the big gainers.  Obviously it is a common, super, and ultra.  The thing I want to focus on this card is the ultra rare price.  Although the common and super have increased the ultra rare is selling for $16.75.  In November of last year this card was $4.  So since then it has quadrupled in price.  A lot of players will be playing this card along with dust tornados to counter the influx of trap cards that people will be playing.  I see that price staying between $15-$20.  If you like your deck foiled out hopefully you picked these but when they were cheap because I do not see them going down anytime soon.

Key Losers

1) Goyo Guardian

This is not a surprise to anyone that it would be the key loser.  I do not particularly agree with the banning of this card as it is not broken like Dark Strike Fighter but understood why Konami did it.  This card was $30 to $40 before the banlist came out and it was a necessity in every deck.  Now the card is $15 to $25 depending what version of the card you want.  If I were you I would trade for at least one because this is one of those cards that could become unbanned and it will shoot right back up in price.  For now I think the card will stay right where it is in the $15 to $25 range depending on the version of the card because the mark was already flooded with them right after the list came out and it has somewhat stabilized.

2) Champion Pack Book of Moon

When you were allowed to play three this card it fluctuated between $150-$200. Most of the time it was close to the $200 mark.   Now it is fluctuating between $120 to $150.  Individual players dumping them are selling them for $120 and stores are selling them for $150.  I do not ever see Konami letting players play three Book of Moon ever again.  The card use to always be limited to one and I do not see them un-limiting it any format soon.  With that said almost every deck will still play the one book and champion pack 1 was the most short printed champion pack in history as each store was only allowed to get one box of 100 packs instead of ten boxes.  So for that reason and it still being a staple one of I think it will stabilize around $130 although some of my co-workers disagree with me.

3) Gateway of the Six

As this is the most broken card in the Six Samurai deck everyone knew it was going to get hit.  This card was around $50-$55 before YCS Dallas and I think it could have been more if it was not so close the banlist as with all of the Six Samurais in general.  The card has dropped $23.75.  I still see Six Samurais being a top contender in the new format so I see the card stabilizing right around $25.

Those are the key cards that I wanted to discuss the value of pertaining to the banlist.  Obliviously there are other cards that have increased in price and decreased in price.  CP03 Spirit Reaper, TU02 Chaos Sorcerer, and CP Snipe Hunter have risen in price and almost any card that was hit on the banlist has went down but I feel that these cards were the ones that needed to be talked about the most.  Once decklist start coming in from regionals and YCS Charlotte I am sure this list will change again but most of the cards that have gained value I feel will be in the top tier decks of the format.  I hoped you enjoyed reading and if you check out our youtube channel we post the top ten cards of each week.  There is a link to our youtube channel on the right column of the main page.

Brad Hoisington

Alter Reality Games General Manager