The Forbidden and Forgotten

jeff jonesThis is my first article back after the 2013 WCQ, and first off I'd like to say congrats to our 6 person team, and a special congrats to ARG's own Patrick Hoban on winning the entire thing. I'd also like to give a special shoutout to 2 of my closest and best friends Robert Boyajian and Steve Silverman who will also be attending the World Championship. This is the best team we have sent to Worlds in a long time, and I feel like this is the time where we will have our FIRST World Champion from the United States. Good luck to all of you, and let your duels be ever in your favor.

Now than, this article will be touching on a few things regarding the Forbidden/Limited list (which will debut in Japans V-Jump exactly one month from now) and what we can expect in the future.

First of all, without a doubt we all know the 2 most powerful decks are Dragon Rulers and Prophecy. Logically speaking, these 2 decks were not overly  powerful prior to certain cards being released. And now it seems like the mighty Mermails and ferocious Fire Fist have been seemingly forgotten, and that hardly seems fair.

Spellbook were always an "okay" deck prior to Judgment. It got a few tops here or there, but even with all of its searching power it still wasnt enough to combat Mermails and Fire Fist, however with the release of Judgment the tides turned and it was nearly impossible for any deck to battle against Prophecy. Except one.

spellbook of judgmentDragon Rulers is considered slightly better then that of Prophecy, as after Side Decking the deck gains a hefty advantage. This deck in Japan was pretty under powered prior to the Baby Dragons being released. It was good, but not great. Mostly, the Dragons worked best in decks of that specific attribute IE Tidal in Mermails.

Now than, since we all probably agree Judgment is the real problem logically speaking the card has to go. I mean, really, by limiting this card you also have to go and limit a whole bunch of other Spellbooks, like Secrets, Fate, etc,  and that's just annoying. Not to mention [ccProd]Spellbook of Judgment[/ccProd] is one of the BEST cards ever created. Yes, you heard me right. So forbidding Judgment would be best.

As for Dragons, there are many options. We could limit all of either Big or Small Dragons, or a combination of both. However, I believe hurting the Big Dragons isn't as fair. I view the big Dragons like [ccProd]Pot of Duality[/ccProd]; they make other decks better. And that's healthy for the game. So I'd prefer not to touch the Big Dragons. The Baby Dragons however are not needed for this game. It would be better if those were just Forbidden as well. The likeliness of this happening though is very lower, this is just what I would prefer to happen. Like I said earlier, in Japan prior to the Baby Dragons being released, Dragon Rulers was not a problem.

Now than, if we go ahead and take away power from the most powerful decks, that means the decks that were most powerful before will probably jump up. So this means we should probably balance Mermails and Fire Fist a bit.

dragoonsSince Mermails can use Tidal very well, they are easily more powerful than Fire Fist. [ccProd]Atlantean Dragoons[/ccProd] is an extremely powerful card, being an 1800 attack body and its effect to search for any Sea Serpent... it's very unbalanced, so I decree this card go to 1. As for Fire Fist, we all know that Spell card Tutors can never end well, and Fire Formation Tenki is no different. In the next set, premiering in 2 weeks, Fire Fist finally get Rooster (Aka Chicken).

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster
Fire/3/Beast Warrior/1500/100
When this card is Special Summoned by the effect of a "Fire Fist" monster: You can add 1 "Fire Fist" monster from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster" once per turn. Once per turn: You can send 1 face-up "Fire Formation" Spell/Trap Card you control to the Graveyard; Set 1 "Fire Formation" Spell/Trap Card directly from your Deck.

This EXTREMELY boost Fire Fist ability to search cards and do tons of other shenanigans with Fire Fist Spirit, as well as [ccProd]Rekindling[/ccProd]. So, I would also like to see Fire Formation Tenki go to 1.

Other than that there are obvious cards which continue to be problems like [ccProd]Monster Reborn[/ccProd], which shouldn't exist any longer as well as [ccProd]Card Destruction[/ccProd] and probably [ccProd]Pot of Avarice[/ccProd] . All of these cards can be very ignorant cards and contribute nothing good to the game.

With just a few changes, next format could be very, very interesting and straight up awesome. Memails, Fire Fist, Spellbooks (with some more support from Judgment of Light), and even new versions of Dragon Rulers would all be up for contention for some of the best decks in the format. Not to mention the possibility of things like Fire Kings now the Fire King Avatar Yaksha was announced as an OCG import for JOTL.

Fire King Avatar Yaksa
Fire/4/Beast Warrior/1800/200

If a face-up "Fire King" monster you control is destroyed by a card effect (except during the Damage Step): You can Special Summon this card from your hand. If this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard: You can destroy 1 card in your hand or that you control. You can only use this effect of "Fire King Avatar Yaksha" once per turn.

Of course, as we all know, what we all would like to happen usually doesn't. But as long as Prophecy and Dragons are taken down, I feel like next format could be great for innovators like myself, but of course we will have to wait and see. For all we know Dragons could just lose Big Eye and Prophecy get a Limited Judgment and Secrets (which really wouldn't solve anything but, hey stuff like that has happened before).

Anyways, next time I'll be back with some more updates on JOTL so make sure to stay tuned for that.

Until next time duelist, play hard or go home.




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  • Rollin Tanshoko

    Thank you jeff for an actual plausible list unlike other retard’s like Patrick Hoban’s #humanityrestored

  • Alfonzo Esquire

    Eh. All honesty its a bad list. You say fire fist need to get hit, when they won’t even be as amazing as people are going to make them out to be. If you really wanted to hit them, you’d hit rekindling. Hitting Tenki hurts more decks than just Fire Fist.

  • welcometointernet

    i can see:
    secrets/magician to 1
    rejuv to 1
    gold sarc to 1
    big eye to 1 or banned (depending on if its in a tin
    i doubt they will neuter dragons with the tin releases and all

    • welcometointernet

      as for stuff coming off, i would like to see book of moon to 2 (a little bit bias, i really like the card.)

  • AliasNorth

    I honestly think the babies should drop to 1, Dragoons to 2, Tenki to 2, and Secrets to 1.
    Babies to 1 keeps the deck playable but takes it off of the competitive circuit. With the Babies to 1, it will also decrease the effectiveness of Super Rejuvenation and Gold Sarcophagus late-game. The problem isn’t the boss monsters (Dracossack and Big Eye), it’s the consistency. This is why Judgment Dragon is at 3 and Charge of the Light Brigade is at 1 at the time of this writing..

    Dragoons and Tenki to 2 because searching is always… well, searching is so much more effective. Tenki to 2 instead of 1 because it can help other decks besides Fire Fist, like the upcoming Bujin (which are going to need as many Tenki’s as they can get until SHSP) and Glads (though personally I hate that build). Honestly though, Fire Fist are just not going to be hit the next list until they start doing some real work competitively. Secrets to 1 because searching is still too powerful. A single Secrets can lead into a Masters into a Tower, already resetting their combo. With only one Secrets, they have to run garbage tech like Toon Table.

    tl;dr. searching is too powerful, and I may be wrong about my idea on Dragoons. All in all though, Konami gon’ be Konami, so who knows? Anyway, I doubt they’re going to kill Dragons, Mermails, or Fire Fist this next list. Spellbooks have been around longer than dragons and are just as powerful, while Mermails, just as old, aren’t as strong.

  • Christopher Templin

    Semi-Limit the Big Dragons and Rejuv to 1, problem solved. That way “themed” decks can play with the Big Dragons.

  • Youreanoob

    I think instead of adding to the forbidden list we could see some cards being taken off? Might be in some dangerous waters with that comment.

  • Alex

    Jeff, I am very disappointed in this article. The information is genuine and the thoughts coherent, but it obviously hasn’t been proofread. You are letting me down as a professional, man.

  • Steven N. Ryan

    It seems that if anything off dragons it would be super rejuv. and gold sarc and if konami is ballsy they would semi limit the big dragons, as for prophecy limiting judgment is the obv. However I don’t think they will limit secrets it might get semi limit along with magician to screw with the consistency of the deck , as for mermails I’d have to say dragoons is the strongest but so are the other atlanteans if u wanna slow down a format make it so decks can play back row and players have to play around back row mermails are just ignorant in the way that they dont have to play around anything. Finally fire fist um hitting tenki is a good example of striking the decks consistency but if u hit rekindling and limit or semi limit spirit it won’t be as strong. Lol and either heavy storm or mst needs to go its dumb to keep both.

  • Joe Thompson

    Because spellbooks and dragons are so new Konami won’t wipe them off the banlist so quickly, so they should ban super rejuvenation because that card nets them a huge amount of advantage, but it leave dragons as still a viable deck. Konami always hits consistency over power (unless its just crazy powerful ie CED) so secrets will probably go to one along with judgement. They should focus just on that for the time being as both decks would still be pretty good and remain meta if this were to happen. I seriously doubt tenki getting touched, dragoons possibly but i wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Jordan

    I think putting tenki to 1 is a little too drastic. The deck hasn’t won any major events and I doubt that konami would want to cripple a deck right after they give it the support players have been waiting 6+ months for. As for dragon rulers, I would think that super rejuv, gold sarc, and big-eye would get hit, not the dragons themselves.

  • frank

    i honestly think they will just ban/limit rejuv and limit big eye; it is more likely for konami to hit 2 cards rather than 4

  • Nick Habeeb

    As for Dragons, there are many options. We could limit all of either Big or Small Dragons, or a combination of both. However, I believe hurting the Big Dragons isn’t as fair. I view the big Dragons like Pot of Duality. They make other decks better and that’s healthy for the game

    You sir are a fucking idiot! These cards are the epitimy of bad card designs. The big dragons are absolutely terrible for the game. There basically just skilless win more cards that act as an unkillable resource that just make decks more aggressive. Also, how the hell are the big dragons like pot of duality. Duality is a BALANCED card and even decks that SS alot still have the option to run if they really want to. The dragons are too exclusive and reward bad players who play an inferior deck that just happens to support them with free wins that they dont deserve. Hell, I dont even have to go into detail on the effect there having on this crumbling game as their own deck. Limiting them is the only true way to kill Dragon Rulers. The deck doesn’t have the right to exist.

    • Joe Thompson

      Limiting the dragons will hurt all the other decks they are played in (mermail, laval etc.) so that shouldn’t happen. Yes, allowing the dragons to banish other dragons and not just their elements was a bad design choice, but we’re stuck with it now, so quit whining. The deck only really hurts when someone good is playing it – a bad player with the deck can leave themselves in a weak spot really easily and waste a stupid amount of cards. I’m not saying the deck isn’t OP but until it gets hit we have side deck cards to deal with them.Yeah the game is in a slump, but in time it will get better.

    • Andrew Bergen

      This is such an ignorant comment. Duality gave a boost to other decks too, but the ones that it helped have been in the game and great decks ever since. Will Blaster in Fire Fist really be THAT much of a problem that Jeff Jones becomes a “Fucking Idiot”. Is Tidal that much of a problem in Mermail without its problem card (Dragoons).

      “There basically just skilless win more cards that act as an unkillable resource that just make decks more aggressive. ”

      They’re not just unskilled win-more cards. They promote more diverse gameplay, and the revival of older archetypes. It’s overwhelming for sure, but with time I’m sure that you’ll see that they are perfectly fair with the power of other cards that we have. They’re not by any means un-killable considering they literally return to your opponent’s hand at the end phase.

      “Duality is a BALANCED card and even decks that SS alot still have the option to run if they really want to. The dragons are too exclusive and reward bad players who play an inferior deck that just happens to support them with free wins that they dont deserve.”

      Duality is seen as balanced because it is slow. In reality, the card is definitely fair, but you still can’t forget that it’s a draw card for ANY deck. So you’re complaining here that dragon rulers are less fair because you can only use them in certain decks, which frankly makes zero sense. Also, what free wins are being had from giving a deck the ability do do extra damage? Sure, this sucks when playing against mermails, but they could usually do the damage without it. It sucks that we have to start worrying about being OTK’d more, but when duality came out we had to worry about staring down 5 backrows that your opponent got to pick one of like they never could before.

      The balance is seen throguhDragon Rulers can’t be played as a deck together any more because of restrictions, you can usually use one per deck, and two at maximum, and that’s probably clunky. If you’re playing Rulers after the list it will be a totally different deck, and I can promise that it will not be a one/two deck format because of its strength.

      “Hell, I dont even have to go into detail on the effect there having on this crumbling game as their own deck. Limiting them is the only true way to kill Dragon Rulers. The deck doesn’t have the right to exist.”

      Take money out of the equation for one moment. This deck led to the most skilled format since Tele-Dad, has actual great players winning/topping Nationals and you close off your argument with this deck “…doesn’t have the right to exist.”.

      I’m biased. This is considering I have spent hundreds of hours this format playing this deck, and I have found success with it because I simply couldn’t get sacked hard enough in the mirror match to lose a match because my opponent had one card to win (i;e Gateway, Card Destruction in DW, etc) that I started to really enjoy yugioh for the first time in a very long time. If you play with this deck on Dueling Network for 10 matches against someone who is better than you you will lose 9-10 if not all 10 times. That is what makes a great format, even if it’s only one deck, as long as it is the best deck.

      I can guarantee you did not play Dragon Rulers competitively this format. If you did you would have never made such an incorrect post. I usually wouldn’t write anything of this nature, but I respect Jeff more than almost any other player because of how on-point he is with the vast majority of his analysis – and what I read above was you starting off an argument by insulting someone who knows what they are talking about and simply ranting about how your deck couldn’t beat what was obviously the best deck in debatably the best format of all time.

      • Starter

        If you really think this format is remotely “debatable” for the best format of all time, then you clearly haven’t been playing that long. Harkening back to the era of Goat Control or Tele-DAD will show you the amount of actual skill it takes to play in a skill-based format. Formats where deck-builders thrive on original ideas (T-Hero is STILL one of the greatest original decks ever) are grand formats to play in. This format of Dragon Rulers/Prophecy is pretty sad.

        • Aaron Doucette

          Tele-Dad was hardly a skillful to play deck…. it came down to who used theirs more and got the hands they needed more then any other deck, that isn’t skill, that is time using the deck.

  • JDude042

    You forgot to mention Super Rejuvenation. That card is just horrible for the game right now and needs to go to 1 or be banned. If your opponent resolves more than one copy in a row, it’s pretty much game over for you and I’d say there’s less than a 5% chance of winning at that point. I don’t think they will ban Spellbook of Judgment so soon after it’s released either (I’d be more than happy if they did though), but they’ll probably just put it at 1 on the next list. It’s blatantly unfair, but it would be a bad move to outright kill the card and put Spellbooks back at being a mediocre deck again, which wouldn’t make any sense after they just released it.

    • Phychz

      If things went the way this article is suggesting, the banning of the babies would mean that Super Rejuvenation would no longer be a problem. If the babies are left in the game however, you’re absolutely right that it’s an incredibly unnecessary, sacky card that has no right to exist.

  • InfernityPro

    I truly don’t understand what the issue is with monster reborn i mean really it’s 1 card in a 40+ card deck i mean yeah don’t get me wrong it wins games definately but you people take it way too far implying it should be banned it takes a good duelist to know what card to monster reborn and an even better duelist to use it in combos when available monster reborn is just a card that you should get used to it’s damn near the symbol of yu-gi-oh. it’s not nearly as broken as other cards >.>

    • AliasNorth

      Monster Reborn is just a win-more card as of late. It isn’t needed, but it isn’t exactly a problem card.

    • Will

      There are lots of things wrong with this argument imo. One, the 1 card in a 40+ card deck. So what? Just because something is limited to 1, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be banned. That’s like saying we should bring Fiber Jar back because it’s just 1 card in a 40+ card deck. Two, a good duelist knowing what card to Monster Reborn? Ok, there are some situations where that might be true. But it’s not exactly rocket science to Reborn Black Luster Soldier and attack for game. Or Reborn Heliotrope to XYZ summon Ophion. There are times where Reborn requires smart plays, but a lot of the times, even an idiot can use it. Three, it’s “near the symbol of yu-gi-oh”? Lots of things can be considered the “symbol” of yugioh, but that doesn’t make it less broken. Like Pot of Greed, Brain Control, Crush Card Virus.

  • Chris Jerez

    I actually agree with the majority of this list #morejeffjonesarticles!!

    • Alex

      Edited beforehand next time, I hope.

  • Johnny Site Li

    Commence the heavy storm of comments