The Greatest Banlist of All Time!!!

My list does a few things, help promote simplified gameplay, makes people become more conservative with their counter cards (like Effect Veiler), makes OTK swings riskier, and gives Synchros a chance to compete with XYZ monsters.

Newly Forbidden:
Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Card Destruction
Final Countdown
Future Fusion
Gateway of the Six
Life Equalizer
Limiter Removal
Morphing Jar
Pot of Avarice
Royal Tribute
Self-Destruct Button
Ultimate Offering
Wall of Revealing Light

Newly Restricted:
Chaos Sorcerer
Goyo Guardian
Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World
Hieratic Dragon King of Atum
Imperial Order
Infernity Barrier
Instant Fusion
Inzektor Hornet
Judgment Dragon
Malefic Cyber End Dragon
One Day of Peace
Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Rescue Rabbit
Ring of Destruction
Sinister Serpent
Super Polymerization
Thousand-Eyes Restrict
Tribe Infecting Virus
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Upstart Goblin
Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen
Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaighty

Newly Semi-Limited:
Blackwing-Kalut the Moon Shadow
Charge of the Light Brigade
Debris Dragon
Gladiator Beast Bestiari
Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness
Mirror Force
Reckless Greed
Thunder King Rai-Oh

Archlord Kristya
Magical Stone Excavation
Necro Gardna
Summoner Monk
The Transmigration Prophecy

Cards that are coming off of the banned list:
Goyo Guardian
Imperial Order
Ring of Destruction
Sinister Serpent
Thousand-Eyes Restrict
Tribe Infecting Virus
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning- Too good of a card inherently. Too splashable and makes Chaos Dragons broken.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier- Can create continuous loops and is overall too good of a card, especially if Sinister Serpent is coming back.

Card Destruction- Nearly seals the game for Dark World, any card like that shouldn’t exist.
Final Countdown- Creates a solitaire deck that is completely unfair.

Future Fusion- Too good in Chaos Dragons, not to mention that it is also a good card in Heroes and makes stupid OTKs with Chimeratech Overdragon.

Gateway of the Six- If Six Samurais activate this card, there is a good chance they will be killing you within the next turn.

Life Equalizer- Leads to OTKs that shouldn’t exist.

Limiter Removal- Promotes OTKs out of nowhere.

Morphing Jar- Turns the game on a dime and that is too big of a threat. Another card that can seal the game for Dark World.

Pot of Avarice- Gives too much help to OTKs and decks like Lightsworn and even Wind-Ups (though I nuke them).

Royal Tribute- Gives Gravekeepers’ too much of an advantage. Any card that exists that allows you to not only gain knowledge of your opponent’s hand, but to discard the majority of it is too good.

Sangan- The best floater in the game. It also searches cards that I brought back that wouldn’t be fair. It also gives Tour Guide too much of a boost, so it has to go.

Self-Destruct Button- The cards concept alone is annoying enough to ban this thing.

Ultimate Offering- Becomes an absolute OTK card with all of the searchers and XYZ cards coming out (including Gadgets).

Wall of Revealing Light- Too good of a stall card, plus you shouldn’t be able to drop your life like that (even though I am banning Life Equalizer and Self-Destruct Button).

Chaos Sorcerer- Gives Chaos Dragons too much of a boost. Its to generic of a boss monster and can be dropped too easily with Effect Veiler floating around.

Cyber-Stein- Without Sangan or Last Will, this card is still amazing. However, by banning Limiter Removal and taking Megamorph to one, this card can be incredibly risky. I brought Gorz to 2 and with backrows and three Effect Veilers floating around, 5000 seems to be a hefty fee.

Goyo Guardian- Gives life back to synchros in some way. An inherently great card, but can force tuners other than Effect Veiler to be played. He is nowhere near as big of a problem as Brionac is.

Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World- The floater is too big. Even if you Bottomless one they can dump more and that is unfair. Once he is handled, he should not have a brother in the deck.

Hieratic Dragon King of Atum- This card causes Hieratics to OTK and they do so with poor gameplay. This card needs to be dropped down to one.

Imperial Order- Royal Decree exists just fine. The fact that it is optional makes this card a little busted, but it can help even out how broken and game changing so many spells are. It can also force the play of Dust Tornado and Royal Decree.

Infernity Barrier- If Infernitys get a chance to become good again, this card should be limited. It is one thing to fight against their OTK. It is another one to stop it and then have to deal with 3 free Solemn Judgments.
Instant Fusion- This card can speed the game up too much. Also, by bringing Thousand-Eyes Restrict back, it makes it amazing removal.

Inzektor Hornet- This will weaken Inzektors, which is arguably the best deck in Japan. This deck is too powerful once its combo goes off and can be just as bad as Wind-Ups.

Judgment Dragon- Too powerful of a boss monster. If Lightsworn wants some help, it will have to see this card take a beating.

Malefic Cyber End Dragon- Special Summoning a free 4000 attack monster seems pretty unfair if you ask me. To think that this card is fine with Limiter, yet Cyber-Stein is such a huge problem.

Megamorph- Cyber-Stein is back. Enough Said.

One Day of Peace- Single best stall card in the game. It promotes awful gameplay and solitaire decks.

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon- This card inherently is way too good. It is a problem in both Chaos Dragons and in Hieratics and therefore must be limited.

Rescue Rabbit- Can be obnoxious with Evolzaurs and Verz monsters. It isn’t quite as good as Rescue Cat, and that is why it isn’t banned.

Ring of Destruction- Remember ties? Not in a match, but in a game? This card brings that back. There are two ways to put pressure on your opponent: Card Advantage and Life Point Advantage. This one makes the second option much more real.

Ronintoadin- Can create an absolutely obnoxious stall in any Frog Deck. It should be limited for many reasons, including far too easily summonable God Cards.

Sinister Serpent- Makes advantage a little bit more fun. Can help give comebacks to losing situations and is easily searchable.

Super Polymerization- With the Dark Hero coming out, this is obvious.

Thousand-Eyes Restrict- Can make things interesting with Instant Fusion and Cyber-Stein.

Tribe Infecting Virus- It’s a weak card all around. It can also punish overextension and make people more conservative with their Effect Veilers.

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier- Makes plants and synchros more viable. It also makes lv9 synchros relevant again.

Upstart Goblin- With Megamorph still around and Exodia around as well, I don’t like this card one bit.

Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen- First turn Kristya can shut down a game too fast. It promotes a suicide bomber deck. One is enough.

Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaighty- And now the Wind-Up loop takes only one card. Congrats, you spent two cards to make an XYZ and take a card. Now what does your deck do?

Blackwing-Kalut the Moon Shadow- Lets give a little love back to Blackwings. There isn’t anything wrong with bringing back a type-specific, not quite as good Honest up to 2.

Charge of the Light Brigade- Let this card float at 2 and water down some of the cards that benefit from it (Judgment Dragon, Avarice, Chaos Monsters). A little love for natural Light Sworns.

Debris Dragon- This card can nuke the field with Black Rose Dragon or even make a Trishula while remaining reasonably balanced. This can make plants and Synchros viable again.

Gladiator Beast Bestiari- Giving a little love to Gladiator Beasts. The deck isn’t horribly overpowered and neither is this card. Gyzarus is good but so is Stardust Dragon.

Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness- This can make people think twice about attempting OTKs. It is a very good card inherently, but as long as everyone can play two, it makes all of the amazing trap cards I want to allow less amazing.

Mezuki- Why not make Zombies a little better as long as we are getting rid of Brionac. That seems just fine.
Mirror Force- A lot of decks don’t even play this card anymore. It is slow and allows floaters float. It also punishes overextension.

Reckless Greed- Stacking two is fine, three is game winning.

Thunder King Rai-Oh- As a sumonable monster, this card is overpowered in its own right. That goes double if we are going to try to slow the game down.

Tsukuyomi- Why the hell not? Gravekeepers are no longer unfair without Royal Tribute and Spell Books don’t benefit too much since it bounces back to the hand for any Secret Village lock. Lets bring back some flip effect fun. Super Nimble Mega Hamster anyone?

Archlord Kristya- Lets give Agents another shot. Plus it makes it reasonable to see Lightsworns play Shire.

Magical Stone Excavation- Without DDT being powerful, there is no reason to see this limited.

Marshmallon- Wouldn’t you rather play Spirit Reaper or even Gellenduo?

Necro Gardna- Allows for Lightsworns to be natural again.

Scapegoat- Promotes Synchros and allows for a reasonable defensive card that can also be used offensively with Synchros.

Spore- Bringing this back gives plants and synchros a chance. That was one of my goals.

Summoner Monk- The cost of this card is too high. If people won’t even play one or two, why would they play 3?
The Transmigration Prophecy- Lets give Wind-Ups a shot at sending their Zenmaightys back. Its not like they will be taking your hand anyways.

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