The Mermaids Reappear “G Clan Booster Academy of Divas” Part TWO

Hello once again card fighters, today I bring the second addition to my 3 part article series on the new Bermuda Triangle support. Now in the first part of the series I detailed some of the new cards from the set and introduced you to the new Harmony Mechanic which entitled you having two units in the same row or column in order to gain an effect. Also included was the new support for the PRISM and DUO sub-clans. Today we will go over a build for each and list out one or two combos in order to show the basis of the sub-clan’s abilities.

Let us first start off with the PRISM sub-clan. This sub-clan utilizes the synergy created from both returning your rear-guard units to your hand and superior calling multiple cards to the field from your hand. In the last article we went over both PRISM-Promise Labrador and her evolution card PRISM-Promise Princess Labrador. PRISM-Promise Labrador’s activate effect allows you to return multiple units to your hand only to re-call them when it attacks. It’s not difficult to set up a field to utilize the full potential of Labrador’s ability. There are several PRISM cards that obtain an effect if they are returned to the hand one example of which is PRISM-Promise Celtic and its evolution unit PRISM-Promise Princess Celtic.

PRISM-Promise, CelticPRISM-Promise, Princess Celtic

PRISM-Promise Celtic’s ability has a cost of Soul blasting 1 card, if it’s returned to your hand from a rear-guard circle, you can give +4000 power to one of your other Bermuda Triangle Units. While it’s Evolution Unit, PRISM-Promise Princess Celtic’s ability states if it is on either the vanguard circle or a rear-guard circle counter blast 1 unit with PRISM in its name, when this units attack hits a vanguard you pay the cost, return one of your other unit’s to your hand and if you do, you draw one card. This in its self becomes a good set up for a Labrador play. What we need is 2 more units that can bounce cards back to your hand or bounce themselves back to the hand. For starters, the PRISM sub-clan has a forerunner or beginning vanguard that has an ability that helps us in this event. Its name is PRISM-Smile Coro

PRISM- Smile, Coro

Her ability states that if one of your rear-guards is returned to you hand it can return itself to your hand as well. So now we are returning two units back to your hand by using PRISM-Promise Princess Celtics ability. So now we have atleast two units back in our hand plus the card we drew off Celtics ability. But this combo still needs a little bit more. For that we go to a break ride. Back in 2013 the PRISM build was considered a tier one deck, due in part to it being the first deck in the English Meta in order to have a Break ride. This card was PRISM-Image Vert.

PRISM-Image Vert

Vert’s ability states that if you are Limit break 4 (have four or more cards in your damage zone) if a card rides this unit draw a card and return two units to your hand, choose your vanguard and give it +10000 power. Ideally you would bounce back the original Celtic to give a boost to your Princess celtic after riding on Labrador. Now you’ve not only drawn one card but you’ve boosted your Princess Celtic’s attack power which means you can do it a second time by using Labradors Activate effect to return that same Celtic once again. But all this revolves around whether or not you are limit break at the time you use vert. No need to worry Bermuda has a Limit break enabler in the form of PRISM-Duo, Loretta.

PRISM-Duo, Loretta

She allows you to have your Limit Break enabled even if you aren’t at 4 or more damage. With this kind of set up it allows for large attacks. A Break Ridden Labrador with its effect active will easily be attacking for 31000 Power plus an extra Critical. Which if your opponent doesn’t have a perfect guard can easily be a fatal attack if you hit any triggers. Not only that but by bouncing and assigning power to your Princess Celtic you are also creating a large column that they would have to expend multiple resources in order to stop. Now if by some chance they do have the two perfect guards to stop this kind of attack. There is still another option for your next turn. STRIDE

Similarly to how you would set up a combo with The Vert/Labrador play you can set up with the Princess Labrador in order to have large columns attack that will return themselves back to your hand. But all this takes its toll on your resources. In the past you needed to be careful with how you would use Labrador since you could easily use up all your counter blasts in one turn but now there is a resource that can replenish your damage as well as your soul. This unit is named “PRISM-Promise, Princess Leyte.”

PRISM-Promise, Princess Leyte


PRISM-Promise, Princess Leyte, ability states, When this unit is returned to your hand from a rear-guard circle, if you have a vanguard with PRISM in its name, Counter charge 1/Soul Charge 1, choose one of your units, it gets power +4000 until end of turn and you cannot normal call PRISM-Promise, Princess Leyte for the rest of that turn. However it also stats that you may call this card by the effects of other cards. Now Counter charge is a new term to Vanguard it is a term giving to the un-flipping of a counter blasted unit in your damage zone. This card gives you the option to either Soul charge which is the term used for taking the top card of your deck and putting it into your soul, or counter charge. It is one of the best resources this deck could possible obtain. Primarily since it is such a counter blast/soul blast, heavy deck.

Well this will conclude part two of my three part Series on the new Bermuda support. In the conclusion of this series I will be talking about DUO and Harmony and going in depth into them the same way I have with PRISM. So until next time my Name is Scotch Janesek thanks for reading and keep on keepin on. And always remember once an effect is activated you must fulfil as much of the effect as possible.


PS, Here's a deck list I came up with that includes the new PRISM support.

Grade - 0

1x PRISM-Smile Coro
2x PRISM-Miracle, Adria       (draw)
2x Gunslinger Star, Florida    (crit)
4x Duo Love Trump, Chulym (crit)
4x PRISM-Miracle, Canary     (crit)
4x PRISM-Miracle, Timor       (heal)

Grade- 1

4x PRISM-Duo, Aria
3x PRISM-Duo, Loretta
2x PRISM-Image Clear
4x PRISM-Promise, Princess leyte

Grade- 2

2x PRISM-Promise, Celtic
3x PRISM-Duo, Slaney
3x PRISM-Romance, Lumiere
4x PRISM-Promise, Princess Celtic

Grade- 3

4x PRISM-Image, Vert
4x PRISM-Promise, Labrador

Grade- 4

4x PRISM-Promise, Princess Labrador
4x School Etoile, Olivia