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bobby brakeBefore The 5 Mystics was released I did a review on each of them along with their spells. Now that the set is finally out, players get a chance to try them and see what deck they could fit best it. I love building fun decks whenever a new set is released so this time I built The 5 Mystics deck! I am using all of the 5 Mystic creatures and their spells because it does not seem right to use one without the other. Having fun is a reason why Kaijudo is a great game and it is okay to just build silly decks sometimes. Here is the list

[ccDeck=”Main Deck”]3 The Mystic of Light:3 The Mystic of Water:3 The Mystic of Darkness:3 The Mystic of Fire:3 The Mystic of Nature:1 Radiant Purification:1 Liquid Compulsion:1 Absolute Darkness:1 Absolute Incineration:1 Swift Regeneration:3 Oathsworn Call:1 Sawtooth Cyclone:1 Reverberate:3 Piercing Judgment:3 Terror Pit:3 Bone Blades:3 Drill Storm:3 Root Trap[/ccDeck]

How does this deck win?

            It has one main win condition and that is to get one of each Mystic from each Civilization in the battle zone! There might be some games where you are able to attack your opponent for victory but that is not the recommended or fun way to do it. I want this deck to focus on using Mystic Harmony in order to win. This is a very enjoyable deck to play with or against, I am sure you and your opponent will have a great time if you decided to try a deck like this out. I mainly built this deck for fun and was not really intended to use this in a competitive tournament, though there are ways to make The 5 Mystics competitive.

Building the Deck

            When I first thought about putting this together, I knew it was going to be a challenge. I knew I needed to use all 5 civilizations and I wanted it to be 40 cards to help the consistency. Out of all the civs I knew I would need more nature and water than the other ones because those are the Mystics with the lowest levels, 4 and 5. I wanted to try my best to play those creatures the earliest I could. That is why I am using 10 nature cards and 9 water cards. Outside The Mystic of Water, they do not tend to be too defensive so I wanted to use as many Shield Blasts as I could, which is 20. The best shield blast in the deck is Oathsworn Call. If my opponent breaks that in my shields it will help me accelerate my time table by playing another Mystic in the battle zone for free. I love having The Mystic of Darkness in the battle zone and my opponent breaks a Terror Pit, which triggers Contempt that minuses 2000 power to all my opponent’s creatures.

Spell Choices

            I pretty much tried to put all the best Shield Blasts from each civilization in this deck. There are some weird choices I had to make because of the mana curve and trying my best to keep the numbers distributed properly. I am using 1 Reverberate because it is just the best card to search for with The Mystic of Water on turn 5. The control matchup is actually not that bad because they normally do not have any early cards to play. One Sawtooth Cyclone may seem weird but I wanted a card that I can cast early and still be usable as a Shield Blast against many creatures. I tried out Waylay originally, but I either never drew it soon enough or I did not have the fire mana for it so I cut it out of the deck. The only fire Shield Blast I use is Drill Storm because I feel like if I play against Megabugs that is what will help me the most. I use that for the early game and Absolute Incineration for the late game. The reason that each of the Mystics spells are being used is because they are like the second half of the Mystics. It just looks strange not use them and they are also super powerful. This deck does go to late game a lot so it is good to have those cards to help banish my opponent’s creatures or put some Mystics into my battle zone.

Why even play this deck?

            You play this deck because Kaijudo was made as a fun game. Players can get all caught up in the competition that they forget what it is like to enjoy Kaijudo. It is okay to lose sometimes as long as you are having fun. I build multiple decks every week and many of them are bad but I still love playing with them. The other day I built a Soul-Devourer Black Feather deck and all I seemed to accomplish was banishing everything off the battle zone and decking myself out. I may not have won that much with it, but my friend and I were laughing so hard every time I used the deck. In the end this is a game that is meant to bring entertainment to people. This may sound strange but, I think I do well in tournaments sometimes because I just try to enjoy the most out of every game one at a time. It sucks to lose, but you cannot win every time and luck is a factor in card games. I quit Yugioh for Kaijudo because all I cared about was winning in Yugioh, but Kaijudo showed me how I can play a game while still having fun. The Circuit Series is coming to Richmond, VA on April 26-27, 2014! Click the pic below for more info!


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