The Power of the Genius

Hello Yugioh Community! With the release of the new set Extreme Victory about a month ago a new Theme deck was introduced to the TCG Yugioh world. Of course I am talking about T.G.! This set contained many monsters, synchro monsters, and even spell and trap support. It doesn’t take a genius to know that these cards are actually quite good and will see some play in major events. In this article I am going to talk about my favorite aspects of these cool cards and which ones in particular are my favorites.

Discovery through Communication

Before I dive into the main subject I want to provide everyone with a little backround information on how I was able to come across these unique cards. One day I was texting back and forth with my friend and ARG Writer Jeff Jones talking about all the different decks that could win in this current format. He then sent me a list of a Hybrid deck that had a T.G. engine splashed in it. I am not going to lie, when I first looked over the list I could not tell you what all of the T.G. cards did so I had to go look them up and instantly after reading their effects I began to understand how these cards were actually pretty good. If it had not been for the communication between my friend and I, this neat set of cards might have gone unnoticed by me for quite some time. What I want the readers to get from this is that communication is key in making yourself a better player. Don’t ever think you know everything and are the best by yourself. Spit balling ideas off one another is a great way to find new things and perhaps get an edge on the competition. Communication is a key component that will lead to success.

The genius behind the T.G.

The three monsters that I am going to talk about all I have one thing in common, an effect that which gives this engine all the power. They all have the ability to search out any other T.G. monster from their deck during the end phase of the turn that they were destroyed and sent to the graveyard. For those familiar with XX-Saber Darksoul, they have similar end phase searching effects. XX-Saber Darksoul is one of my favorite cards since it gave power to one of my favorite decks so when I saw the T.G. monsters had similar effects I was already on board! This ability that they have makes them all floater type monsters, monsters you can summon a bunch of not having to worry about mass removal cards such as Mirror Force or Dark Hole since they will replace themselves with other cards.

Let’s take a look at the 3 specific monsters that are my favorite.

T.G. Striker



If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. During the End Phase of the turn this card on the field was destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can add 1 "T.G." monster from your Deck to your hand, except "T.G. Striker".

Thoughts: A 2 star tuner Cyber Dragon!?!? This card is actually pretty awesome he can allow you to do many different things. He combos really well with T.G. Warwolf to make an easy Level 5 Synchro monster without even having to use your normal summon. Of course if you draw a bad hand and this guy is your only monsters you can always just set him, wait for your opponent to destroy him, and search out a T.G. that will help your situation! It is pretty easy to see why I like this card.

T.G. Warwolf



When a Level 4 or lower monster is Special Summoned, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. During the End Phase of the turn this card on the field was destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can add 1 "T.G." monster from your Deck to your hand, except "T.G. Warwolf". Thoughts: Now you can see the combos with T.G. Striker I was talking about. If your opponent controls a monster you can special summon T.G. Striker to the field and with Warwolf’s effect you can special him from your hand and then you have an instant level 5 synchro monster! He can also do cool combos with many different decks that like to special summon level 4 or lower monsters all the time! He is one of my favorite! T.G. Rush Rhino Earth/Beast/LV4 1600/800 If this card attacks, it gains 400 ATK during the Damage Step only. During the End Phase of the turn this card on the field was destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can add 1 "T.G." monster from your Deck to your hand, except "T.G. Rush Rhino".

Thoughts: At first glance you might wonder why I think this card is good. His main power comes from his Darksoul like effect. He can be a 2000 atk monster that can run my opponents monsters over and when they do kill my Rhino I can just search my deck for a T.G. Striker or Warwolf and capitalize on the situation that I am in. He is a big monster floater which can be really helpful at times. He is probably my favorite out of the 3. The Other T.G. Cards While those 3 monsters are not the only T.G. monsters that have been released I think they are the best and most competitive. There are 2 other cards I want to talk about in wrapping up my discussion on the T.G.

T.G. Wonder Magician



1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner "T.G." monsters When this card is Synchro Summoned, select 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field and destroy it. When this card on the field is destroyed, draw 1 card. During your opponent's Main Phase, you can Synchro Summon using this face-up card you control as a Synchro Material Monster.

Thoughts: A LV5 Synchro Tuner for T.G. is just what they needed. LV5 being the easiest to make with Striker and Warwolf, this girl is fairly easy to bring out and she is also a tuner herself like formula synchron with the ability to synchro summon on your opponents turn! She also can destroy a backrow when she is summoned and if you choose to not synchro with her, when she is destroyed you get to draw a card! Wonder Magician is an all around amazing card and is essential in any deck packing tuners and a T.G. Engine!


Trap Card

Select 1 monster your opponent controls and 1 face-up "T.G." monster you control. Switch control of the selected monsters.

Thoughts: This card can be used for some really neat tricks. It is basically a Creature Swap that you can activate on your opponents turn and pick the monster that you get giving them one of you T.G. monsters. The best part is when the T.G. Monster you give your opponent dies you will get his effect since it activates in the grave! This card can provide many pluses while disrupting your opponents game plan at the same time. I like this card, but it’s only downside is that you have to have a T.G. monster meaning this card could possibly be dead at times.

Conclusions: When Extreme Victory was released I can honestly say I did not give all the T.G. support a second glace. I had heard things about it, but always disregarded it as being just alright. With communication between friends I learned that these cards can actually be pretty powerful when used correctly. These Darksoul/sangan like monsters can create some crazy combos that can leave your opponent in a daze and about to lose the duel. I think the T.G. are here to stay and can only get more powerful with the release of their big brother Hyper Librarian.

Thank you for reading if you have any questions make sure you go check out the ARG Forums or email me at

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