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Having been in the game as long as I have, I've seen the evolution of players, websites, and the community as a whole. One of the things I miss about Yu-Gi-Oh! in the older days was the presence of teams in the game! Compiled of magnificent players, teams like Overdose and Comic Odyssey would come in and completely WRECK Shonen Jump Championships! If you were sitting across from a member of one of those teams, you knew you had to play your absolute best game because if not, you were in trouble! Here today is the creator of a new team of great players as well as some up and coming players! His name is Kyle Jones and the team name is TheCardGuyz! You may know him from YouTube as "Spoofy". We got the chance to talk about some of the things that he plans to do as well as the current roster for this team that could assist in sparking the emergence of teams that dominate events. Without further interruption, here is Kyle "Spoofy" Jones!!

So, aside from my introduction, tell me a bit about you and the team. Who are you guys?

Well as you said, my name is Kyle Jones aka, Spoofy. It's crazy because I hardly ever respond to anything other than Spoofy. I'm the owner of the upcoming Card Player organization called, TheCardGuyz.

Awesome! I was telling the readers about the older teams like CO and Overdose, and how glad I am to see a new team with players who can take over events come into play. So how did the idea for a team come about?

I used to manage a Call of Duty eSports organization called, Meta eSports. While managing that organization of great players, an idea sparked to work on a similar idea for Yu-Gi-Oh! I've been doing videos on YouTube since 2010 and I felt with the knowledge that my group of friends have of this game could benefit the community as a whole.

That makes good sense! I've seen you everywhere from YouTube to multiple events, so I know you have a great purpose with this, tell me a bit about what you're doing, your purpose for the team, and what you're going to be doing to assist the guys on your team?

My sole purpose of starting the team was to help support players is any way possible whether by just giving them more exposure or reward them on their accomplishments & on top of all that, we want to help others in the competitive aspect of the game.

Fantastic! I know you'll do plenty in that regard and I wish nothing but the best for the team! Speaking of which, who is this team comprised of? Let the world know!

The roster of players goes as follows:

Noah Greene

Blair Hunter

Desmond Johnson

Chris Leblanc

Ben Leverett

Zane Lingerfelt

Koty Angeloff

Wes Allen

Mitchell Martin

More are to be announced soon!


Now with me being from the south, I know every single person on that roster! Some names are more popular than others, but I can guarantee all of the readers that these are some great players that you have on your squad and I hope to see some big things out of them going forward! Do you plan on expanding the team and incorporating members from other areas of the country?


I plan on adding members from all over the country. They would either add great content to our YouTube Channel or by representing us at all premier events and I would supply anything they needed to either create great Yugitube content or to compete at the highest level of competitive play they can.

You got anything in the works in order to get your name out a bit more? I mean besides being a part of one of the best article series' on the internet!

Right now a website is in the plans for the team in the future. I plan on giving the competitive scene a new outlook on anything and everything theory, play testing, and all around knowledge of the game.

I love it, man! I remember the older days of, something our newer generation won't know about, and how critical it was to the game at the time. You went to metagame for everything and it was always right there when you needed it. I really do miss that site, and I hope you can put something together that rivals the sheer force that Metagame was at that time in the game's history! Speaking of amazing sites with amazing players, what do you think of ARG? The business, the team? Any lessons you're taking?

Jim, in my opinion, is a very smart business man. He lowkey inspired me to actually pursue this with my small roster of players. I had the pleasure of working a little the ARG staff at ARG in Orlando where I had the privilege of recording the Youtube feature matches. Jim wants the opinions of all competitive players. That's something not other cards games have is someone who can listen to the people. That's something that makes Jim as great as he is.

He is quite the intellectual businessman, and I'm glad you're taking something from the way he does things. Take whatever knowledge you can obtain and apply it forward to create something great! The game really needs it, and I would love to see it happen. I hate it, but we're running out of time right about now, but before you go, is there anything else you'd like to tell the readers?

I'd like it to be known that one day I plan on opening my own store and continuing to do exactly what I'm doing today. Hopefully with the help of the current roster and the staff behind the scenes, we can make the next step of being the top team of America. If you guys would like to subscribe for some great Yu-Gi-Oh content definitely check out our great channel!

That's awesome, my friend! It's my hope that I can spread your name to a few more ears and get some commotion around your team! I'm expecting big things from you guys! I appreciate you taking the time to sit with me and give me some insight on what your plans are and who your guys are! It's my pleasure to have the opportunity to interview you and hear about this great upcoming team!

Before we depart, though, we have a question for the readers! Who do you think would win in an ARG vs. TheCardGuyz matchup?? The rosters would look like this:

Patrick Hoban

Frazier Smith

Rosty Elkun

Max Reynolds

And Myself


Noah Greene

Chris LeBlanc

Desmond Johnson

Ben Leverett

Blair Hunter


Let us know who you guys are taking in the comments below! Annndddd that's it for The Scoop for the week ladies and gents! I thank you all once again for checking out my sit-down with Spoofy Jones! As always, if you have news you'd like to see investigated or people you'd like to see interviewed, drop it in the comments and I'll make my absolute best efforts to bring it all right here to you! Until next time, as long as there is a next time, Play Hard or Go Home!!

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