The Scoop: The Casuals’ Conundrum Pt. 1

Hello again, Duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! This is the realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report that you'll find, and of course it's right here on ARG!

We've reached a point in the game where there are options for competitive play that are not run by Konami Digital Entertainment(KDE). There are ARG Circuit Series events at a MUCH more frequent pace than YCS events and on pace with Regional Qualifiers. These events offer much more flexible prize support and offer much more to the competitive player than KDE does at the current time. So for the better, more competitive player, ARG Circuit Series events are a perfect way to showcase skill and poise while also offering great prize support and the ability to earn a Championship title in an alternate way. I highly support the ARG Circuit Series and everything that these events do for the community in this regard. This past weekend in St. Louis, however, there was an attendance of under 100 people. Why is that?

Before we answer that question, lets take a look at the upcoming World Championship Qualifier in Nashville, Tennessee. The last regional qualifiers for that event were run this past weekend, and a turnout of over 250 at the regional in Nashville, TN was teeming with players hunting for that last minute invite to the country's most prestigious tournament of the year. Everyone wants their fare shot, right? Right. So lets chalk some of the lack of attendance up to that fact. But the question still remains on why the attendance was just so low for another event that measures up in quality to a YCS, just not in quantity at the current moment.

Enter the casual player.

The casual player base represents a vast majority of the Yu-Gi-Oh community because, simply put, everyone can not be competitive. There are some casuals that THINK that they are competitive, but are actually not seeing as how they do not travel to events, and the events that they do travel to, they only perform at a level of mediocrity reserved for casuals. There are others that have no problem making it well known that they come to events not to specifically do well, but to have fun. Now before this all gets out of hand, it should be noted that there is nothing wrong with being a casual player. They are a necessity of the games progression and success and simply put, everyone can not be competitive in the game. Casuals have more fun playing, and wish to go to events to do just that; have fun! The conundrum that creates is that people who are affixed with this mentality know that outside events are generally loaded with the most competitive players, so they tend to shy away, right? Maybe.

That's what we're here for today. We're here to once and for all solve the "casuals' conundrum". If you play the game in any facet, I'd love to gather opinions and statistics on a few key topics. If your opinions and suggestions are intricate, well thought out, and are reasonable, I'll feature you and whatever channel/page you'd like to have featured on next weeks Scoop when I do a statistical breakdown. Also, every person that enters will be entered into a drawing to win assortment of Yu-Gi-Oh items! Could be playmats, sleeves, packs, or all of the above! So take the time, do the questionnaire, and hopefully win some stuff!

Without further ado, here's a short questionnaire that can be emailed to me at my email address which I will list on the bottom of the page.

1. What is your name and home state?

2. Do you travel to events often?

3. Do you travel to only Konami or only ARG events? Both?

4.  If you do not travel to one of the two, why?

5. Even if you do travel to those events, what could Konami do to make their events better for the players? And what about ARG?

6. Is the fact that entry packs are not provided at ARG events a huge deciding factor in your decision to attend or not?

7. What do you think of the prize support that ARG provides? What about Konami?

8. If you're unhappy with either, what would you change them to within reason?

9. Do you identify yourself as competitive or casual?

10. Would you like me to shoutout/link a page or channel at the end of next weeks article? If so, what is it?


The email address to send this questionnaire to is

Or if you're on Facebook, feel free to send me a message with the questionnaire filled out!

Here on the Scoop, I look to feed the needs of the players and organizers alike. I have my own idea about the statistics of the questions that have been posed above, but for the sake of the future of the game we play, I hope that my statistics are wrong. It'd be great to hear from each and every person that drops in and figure out one of the largest puzzles since tournament organization began.

That is it for The Scoop for the week ladies and gents! I hope you all involve yourself in this statistical analysis of what I believe is one of the issues that the game faces that is not beyond repair. Thanks so much for reading and I hope to see your feedback! As always, if you have news you'd like to see investigated or people you'd like to see interviewed, drop it in the comments and I'll make my absolute best efforts to bring it all right here to you! Until next time, Play Hard or Go Home!

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