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What's up duelists! We are back again with The Scoop! The realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the net right here on ARG! We are coming off the coattails of the most recent European YCS in Bochum. Luca Chetoni emerged victorious with Nekroz, with the deck taking the most spots yet again. Congratulations to Luca, but the story of the weekend was the streamed feature match between YCS Bochum runner-up, Eugen Heidt, and Federico Zoppini! If you didn't happen to see the feature match live, you can catch it here. Eugen was nice enough to take the time to do an interview with me just for you guys here on The Scoop! Without further ado, here's what we got the chance to discuss!

So first off, congratulations on your finish! You performed very well! How much have you practiced with Nekroz and why didn't you decide to play anything else?

Thank you I've been playing Nekroz since it got released and practicing online, in locals and regional tournaments. I tried out Burning Abyss before the Superstars pack, but Denko Sekka and Royal Decree are just too strong and you just lose to them.

The biggest topic of discussion was your feature match with Federico Zoppini and the last few insane turns, tell us about those and what was going through your head?

Well, I started like in the first game. But now I had no Book of Eclipse, so I was not only afraid, that he kills me like in the first game, but also that he make a Djinn lock with Valkyrus against Warrior Lady. Luckily he only summoned Senju or Manju, I dont remember, and yeah, i go for the OTK, he dropped the Maxx "C", I summoned Cowboy, he drew, smiled and turned the Veiler around and I just thought, oh my god, that can't be true. I should've first use Valkyrus, in case he has the Veiler, because I drew into the Book of Eclipse after that. So I set the Mind Crush and hoped for the best. Then he made his turn, clearing my field. A lot of people say, it was a mistake to clear my field instead of leaving Brionac on the field, but it was the right play. I had one turn to draw into something, and if not, he will win next turn. So I hoped to draw into something, topdecked the ROTA. He asked me if I drew Senju or Manju, I shook my head. While I looked in my grave to check if I have all the resources to summon Valkyrus, he asked me if I win. I nodded and flipped the ROTA and after a few seconds he realized that he lost and you can see in the video, what happened next. I was really relieved and at the same time shocked that this game was so close although I thought I have it in my second turn. Actually I'm just realizing that this game only took 5 turns!


Wow, an insane match indeed! A lot of us saw the look of anguish on his face when he realized that he had lost, but you also had a look on your face that was pretty mortified. Were you upset that you pulled out such a victory? Or were you making that face for a different reason?

No, that Topdeck wasn't that big. I had 2 Senjus, 3 Manjus, 1 Brionac, I think 2 Unicores, the other 2 ROTAs and a few more cards to win. That was just one of the closest and hardest matches I've ever had and I was just victorious.


I see! About as close as they come with that flurry of fortunate draws. And your finals match, was there any difference in plays that could have gotten you the victory that you can recall?

I think not in the first game. He made the Djinn Lock with Valkyrus and I had only a ROTA for the Warrior Lady. I drew no Books so I couldn't play. His Mind Crush in the second game was strong, I had to Djinn Lock him, but he drew the ROTA in the first turn. Maybe I could've won by Deck Out in the turn he used Maxx "C" and Shared Ride if I thought more about it, but we had only about 5 minutes until Time Out and he told me to play faster, because I was ahead in Life Points.


There's always a closet debate about North America versus Europe when it comes to the player base. Do you believe there is a big difference in players in Europe and players in North America? If so, what difference is that?

Yeah, thats a big argument between American and European players I've never been in North America and I'm not often watching the Live Streams, so I don't really know, but I guess there are differences.

The humble dodge at its fullest! What about your deck? Can we see your build? 


Would you change anything about the deck looking back? 


Well, the deck finished T16 and 2nd, only losing to the Djinn Lock, so it should be fine.

The Djinn Lock sucks but Nekroz must play it.

Agreed, its just the way the format was shaped! Alright, that's all I've got! Thanks for doing an interview for "The Scoop" on ARG! And always remember:

"Spiel hart oder geh nach Hause!"

Play Hard Or Go Home!!


Thanks for checking out the Scoop this week guys! Stay tuned and I'll keep you up to date with the latest and greatest in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! Got a question about something that's happened recently? Someone you want to see interviewed? Drop it in the comments section and if Shenron agrees, then your wish may be granted!


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