The Ultimate Clash: Gem Knights vs Elemental HEROES

Hello fellow Yugioh players and fans this is Eric Gray bringing you my third article for the Alter Reality Games contest about two archetypes who are very similar .With the release of Hidden Arsenal 5, Gem-Knights have received more support in the form of new Gem-Knight normal and fusion monsters, Gem-Knight floaters, their own unique version of Blackwing-Kalut The Moon Shadow as well as the signature card Gem-Knight Fusion. If you notice the Gem-Knight as a whole, they are similar to the Elemental HERO archetype but differ in key ways. In today's article, I will be talking about a couple of similarities and differences that Gem-Knights and HEROES share which are: Search Cards (Floaters), Fusion Monsters, and an overall determination of who is better and why.

Search Cards (Floaters)

The first key area that Gem Knights share with HEROES is the availability of search cards or cards that help thin your deck. GEM-Knights have Gem-Armadillo who upon Normal Summoning allows you to add one GEM-Knight monster from your deck to your hand, GEM-Turtle who has a flip effect that allows you to add one GEM Knight Fusion to hand, and they have GEM-Knight Alexandrite which allows you tribute himself to special summon a normal GEM-Knight monster from the deck. HEROES on the other hand use Elemental HERO Stratos and E-Emergency Call to search for other HERO monsters from the deck. From the searching element, if you take a look at the searchers for GEM-Knights you will see that GEM-Armadillo is not a GEM-Knight itself which to me shows that Konami learned from the mistake with HEROES allowing them to have a very effective searcher like Stratos and GEM-Knight Alexandrite is limited in his uses due to the fact that he can only special summon normal GEM-Knight monsters from the deck ( In my opinion, it was smart on Konami's part to limit GEM-Knight Alexandrite's effect because if it wasn't restricted it could end up being a mini Reborn Tengu in a sense). Due to my analysis on both archetypes , I will say that HEROES are superior in this category because of their diversity of what HEROES can search.

Fusion Monsters/ Fusing

Another key area that Gem-Knights and HEROES share is the availability of fusion monsters more particularly the omni-fusions. As most players know, if not all, HERO omni-fusion monsters require only 1 Elemental HERO and one monster of a certain attribute. However, GEM-Knight omni-fusion monsters require one GEM-Knight monster and one monster of a certain type. When I analyzed both archetypes in this category. I was leaning toward HEROES because of the fact that they have a multitude of ways to make fusions with cards like  Miracle Fusion, Fusion Gate, and Parallel World Fusion. The only problem when trying to decide who was better in this category is the fact that GEM-Knights for the time being  only have GEM-Knight Fusion but we don't know what other fusion support, if anymore, that will be given to GEM-Knights in the future so I will say for the time being I will say that it depends solely on Konami.

Who will be better overall: GEM-Knights or HEROES

Probably the most anticipated part of the article, who is better overall GEM-Knights or HEROES. Before I get to that however, there are a few questions that I left unanswered such as:

Why did you not mention Rescue Rabbit or Reinforcement of the Army?

Answer: The reason why I did not mention those 2 cards is because of the fact that I'm focusing more on the cards that GEM-Knights and HEROES have within their own archetype.

Why did you not mention Super Polymerization?

Answer: The reasoning behind not mentioning Super-Polymerization is realistically the same as in the first question, however, there is a notable difference is the notable potential that GEM-Knights have to abuse Super-Polymerization better than HEROES since they take advantage of types of monsters which are more plentiful than attributes in this game. With this in mind, I wonder if Konami will actually allow GEM-Knights to have omni-fusions to facilitate every type of monster in the game.

Overall the archetype that is for the time being is the HERO archetype since it is more consistent than Gem-Knights right now since with Gem-Knights players usually tend to run a high amount of normal monsters. Also, this is evident in the area of Search cards/Floaters since HEROES have Elemental HERO Stratos and E-Emergency Call and unlike GEM-Knights in this category, HEROES are not limited to specified search options. Earlier I said that in the category of fusing it depended on what further support that Konami will give to GEM-Knights, but for the time being I will say HEROES are better in this category due in large part to the fact that unlike the current GEM-Knight fusions we have here in the TCG, the Elemental HERO fusions that are popularly played are not as specified as the current Gem-Knight fusions are as all the popular Elemental HERO fusions require one Elemental HERO and any monster of a particular attribute.

In this article, I have talked about two similar archetypes in GEM-Knight and Elemental HEROES in the areas of search cards/Floaters as well as fusion monsters/ fusing. Within these areas I have gone into detain explaining to the reader the various options available to each archetype within their respective archetypes themselves. Also, I have answered one key question and a potentially debatable question. Finally, I have given my synopsis on who is the better archetype currently by restating evidence from the areas I started with when I wrote the article.

To conclude, I'd like to thank Alter Reality Games again for allowing me the opportunity to write an article for their site. Also I'd like to give a special thanks to the players and fans of the wonderful game of yugioh for taking the time to read my article and commenting is and will always be appreciated.

As they say at Alter Reality Games: "Play hard or go home!!!!"


Eric Gray