There Is Always Another Way: Alternatives to deal with Special Summoning

Before I begin this article I would like to take this time to thank Alter Reality Games for this opportunity and honor to write and article for fellow players and fans of yugioh. My name is Eric Gray and I got back into the game September of last year. I am not a known player since I do not compete in  big events but I better known as ewade on Dueling Network and I test on there on a consistent basis. Now to the main point I have a  important message for all players: Maxx "C" is not the only method which can stop special summoning. There are other cards that I  have seen in the game that are cheaper and still get the job done against special summoning  and today I will be talking about few of these cards, what kinds of decks they are better suited against,  and their advantages and disadvantages to Maxx "C"  which are Black Horn of Heaven, Barrier Statues of the Attributes, and Summoning Curse.

Black Horn of Heaven

Negate the Special Summon of 1 of your opponent's monsters and destroy it

One of the oldest counter traps in the game and its value ranges from $9-$27 (depending on rarity). Black horn of Heaven is used as a tech choice for some decks as an added benefit to aid in stopping special summoning or as a replacement for Solemn Warning without the 2000 life point cost. However, it only stops inherent special summons so this card is a solid main deck option against decks that use a plethora of inherent special summons. Black horn of heaven has advantages over Maxx "C" due to the fact that it usually isn't expected and  it is a counter trap which is a spell speed 3 as opposed to Maxx "C" who is a spell speed 2 card. However, Black Horn of Heaven also has its own disadvantages due to a format where Heavy Storm is legal and Mystical Space Typhoon is at 3 you run the risk of your opponent destroying it before you can use it since it isn't chain-able and it doesn't totally discourage your opponent from special summoning as opposed to Maxx "C".

Barrier Statues of the Attributes

From my understanding, not many people have heard of these so I'll tell you how they work. Each of the barrier statues represents each of the attributes in the game (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light, Dark) and only permit you to special summon monsters of their respective attributes. This archetype of monsters can be found in CyberDark Impact and are no more than $1 each. The names of the barrier statues are the following: Barrier Statue of the Drought (Earth), Barrier Statue of the Storm-winds (Wind), Barrier Statue of the Inferno (Fire), Barrier Statue of the Torrent (Water), Barrier Statue of the Heavens ( Light), and Barrier Statue of the Abyss (Dark). The Barrier Statues are at best side deck options that are effective against decks such as plants and Rabbit or any other deck that uses different attributes for special summoning .The advantages the Barrier Statues have over Maxx "C" is the fact that they are more unexpected, not many people are knowledgeable about them and they make your opponent waste a card to get rid of your monster. A glaring disadvantage of the Barrier Statues to Maxx "C" is the fact that it has to be played on the field but each of the barrier statues only has 1000 atk so they will not survive long in battle as well as the fact that the statues are only limited to stopping monsters from being summoned that are not apart of the attribute which simply means that only decks that are centered around one attribute can use barrier statues effectively.

Summoning Curse

When a monster is Special Summoned, the controller of that monster chooses one card in their hand and removes it from play. During each of  your End Phases, pay 500 life points or destroy this card.

Another card that is  not well known to a majority of players but this continuous spell card did come out of Duelist Revolution and its price ranges from $1-$2. Also, it's effect is  a slap in the face for decks that special summon a lot and utilize hand advantage at the same time. This card can be a beneficial main deck for anti-meta and other typically slower builds or as a side deck card for select meta decks. If it isn't bad enough that this card by itself is banishing a card from your hand imagine if you had 2 or 3 active on the field as it would be a significant problem for your opponent to deal with. In addition there is more bad news to the player that has to deal with this card: even if you somehow manage to destroy this card, the cards banished from its effect are gone permanently. The key advantage that this card has over Maxx "C" is that instead of you drawing cards, you get to remove cards from your opponent's hand which will cause your opponent to think "Is it really worth losing cards in my hand  to special summon a monster(s)" ? In addition, Summoning Curse also has another advantage over Maxx "C" is the simple fact that if your opponent cannot banish cards from their hand to fulfill summoning curse, your opponent is not allowed to special summon ( think of this as a mini Royal Oppression that takes cards out of your opponent's hand and allowed at 3). A disadvantage to Summoning Curse as opposed to Maxx "C" is the fact that is must be activated immediately and with Heavy Storm and 3 Mystical Space Typhoon in the current meta, Summoning Curse will probably be destroyed by the time you used it. Also another disadvantage to note  is the fact that you must play a 500 life point cost for each Summoning Curse active which could make a difference in the game.

In this article I have talked about a couple of cheaper alternatives to help deal with special summoning outside of  Maxx "C" which are: Black Horn of Heaven, Barrier Statues of the Attributes, and Summoning Curse. As it realtes to these cards I have compared the pros and cons of these 3 choices to Maxx "C" and discussed what kinds of decks the 3 cards are best suited against.

To conclude, I'd like to thank Alter Reality Games again for allowing me the opportunity to write an article for their site. Also I'd like to give a special thanks to the players and fans of the wonderful game of yugioh for taking the time to read my article and commenting is and will always be appreciated.

As they say at Alter Reality Games: "Play hard or go home!!!!"


Eric Gray

Cape Coral, FL

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