Thinking outside the box: A deck building perspective

bobby brakeHey Kaijudo Duelists! One thing that makes Kaijudo stand out more than any other Trading Card Game, in my opinion, is that there is almost an infinite amount of decks you can build and do fairly decent with. At any given time I always have at least 5 decks built that I play with and every day I have a new idea for another. That is a sign showing you that this is a great game, not a stale one that there are only 2 decks everyone uses and if you don’t use those you are bad.

What if you are like “Bobby, I am not creative at all and I have no original thoughts of my own.” I would say you should probably go on an isolated journey to find yourself, but seriously, just grab a whole bunch of random cards that no one really uses and pick one and try your best to build a deck around it. It is not the cards that make a deck good or fun, it is the player. Learn to think outside the box. If you are one of those people who complain about the “Meta”, change it! Build something different and show others that there are other options out there. You do not need all the Andromeda’s and Immolater’s in the world to win at this game. Here is an example of an out of the ordinary deck idea.

One of my favorite decks I built right now is based around a card I feel that many people just passed over, Baron Burnfingers, along with other cards that do not see play. Most people’s opinion of this card is that its effect is a weakness because it breaks a shield when it is banished, but I turn it into a strength in my deck. I am going to show you the deck list and then talk about how I do that while going over card choices.

Fire/Darkness: 8
3 [ccProd]Baron Burnfingers[/ccProd] 3 Lizard-Skin Puppet
2 [ccProd]Soul Vortex[/ccProd]*

Fire: 14
3 [ccProd]Blaze Belcher[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Gilaflame the Assaulter[/ccProd] 3 Jet-Thrust Darter
3 [ccProd]Comet Missle[/ccProd]*
2 [ccProd]Barrage[/ccProd]*

Darkness: 6
3 [ccProd]Bone Blades [/ccProd]*
3 [ccProd]Return from Beyond[/ccProd]*

Water/Darkness: 3
3 [ccProd]Grip of Despair[/ccProd]*

Water: 9
3 [ccProd]Cyber Lord Corile[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Rusulka, Aqua Chaser[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Veil Vortex[/ccProd]*

Total: 40
Creatures: 21
Shield Blasts: 19*

I started off with Baron Burnfingers on my mind and wanted to build a deck that he would be best suited for. The first card that came to me to combo him with was Cyber Lord Corile. With Baron,YOU choose what shield is broken. Just having those two cards in mind automatically laid out the blue print for the deck. It would be Darkness/Fire/Water simply because Baron is a Fire/Darkness creature and Corile is water. Now what cards should I use that compliment those cards and are from those civilizations? Obviously I knew the deck would have to be packed full of shield blasts. The reason I decided to go for a rush deck is because Baron costs 2 and being able to play him early and start attacking as fast as I can with him and fast attackers would generate a huge advantage for me because they have to get him off the board. Since they have to get rid of him quick, what cards would help me even if they try to banish him? The best shield blasts in the deck, Return from Beyond, and Soul Vortex! Soul Vortex has not really seen a lot of play in top tier decks, which does not mean it is a bad card. It is simply amazing when they Bone Blades Baron and I break one of my shields that is one of those two cards and I just get him right back. Using fast attackers also make both of those shield blasts even more deadly. In one match my opponent had a Star Lantern out with no shields left, to my Baron. I attacked with Baron, he was forced to block and banish my Baron along with his Star Lantern. I broke Return from Beyond with Barons effect and got back a fast attacker and attacked him for game that turn! I would also like to point out that all of the creatures in the deck are bait for those shield blasts.

Another card I want to highlight is Lizard-Skin Puppet. I love this card; it is so much fun when your opponent’s head shakes as they play a blocker of the field while I have him out. I call this little guy Blaze Belchers big brother. He is the exact same except he is a slayer, which makes a huge difference. It is devastating when I play Blaze Belcher turn 1 and him turn 2.You might be wondering why I use Barrage in the deck, it is simply to help in the rush mirror and if my opponent plans on dropping a lot of little guys to wipe me out it’s a great counter to that. Other than that everything is pretty straight forward.

The main reason I wrote this article is to inspire you guys to try new decks and new ideas. Do not be afraid to be different, sure at first you may not win, but Kaijudo should not be about winning, it should be about fun. Make this game different than all the other card games out there and actually try to enjoy yourself!

See you on the other side of the veil!

Bobby Brake

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