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Hi Folks My name is Anthony and this article will touch on the subject that is referred too but not really talked about. In almost any yugioh related discussion rather on the internet or in real life with friends/fellow duelists, some how "pro" players and being pro is brought up. But what is rarely discuss is being a poor player.

My definition of being a poor player is a person who themselves or family are low-income and can not afford to buy all the high dollar expensive cards/must choose food and housing over yugioh. It been proven time and time again though that you don't need all the high dollar cards to top but they do help, so just because your poor doesn't mean you can't be good or even "pro" at this game.  This article is just tips to help out my fellow poor players who think there bad at this game and wants to get better at this game, have better cards, and over all have a great and fun experience.

  • Financial thinking: Just like any hobby or sport. Yugioh does cost time and money like we don't already know this. One way to help is to set a budget. A fund so to speak to where you put money away so when you save up you can buy the cards you need to make your deck better and stronger. For example within a weeks you have the money to buy your self the super set of Reborn Tengu and the ultra Glow-Up Bulb you wanted since the first time you saw it at the sneak peek you went to. A second tip is to find one self a better or second job. This has one draw back but can lead to a better advantage. Which are yes working so much you may lose the chance to play and practice at locals, but you can now afford cards you feel you need to make the best deck possible. Plus now you can afford to travel to regionals and more importantly any YCS (yugioh championship series) That could be in you state or even a few states away.
  • Making The Right Moves: Now making the right moves while not playing yugioh is just as important as making the right moves in a duel. First thing I will touch on is being creative/innovative. What I mean but this is if you can afford the best cards try random crazy techs that are just sitting in that box of commons. For example you always lose to few opponents that use tour guide from the underworld, Sangan, rank three xyz monsters, and/or level 6 snychros that are commonly made by using level 3 tuner and monster. A fun tech for you side deck or even main deck (if you know most decks you play utilize level threes and you know you can not side in a small event) is a common trap card called weed out. Weed Out states "pay 500 life points. destory all level 3 face-up attack position monsters".  If you draw this card at the right moment you can put your opponent at a huge disadvantage and set up to make a big play next turn. The second thing you can do it wait for reprint season. If your new to the game or coming back into the game recently you may here that some decks to be competitive you needed three pot of duality and two solemn warning with in its prime all around say $520 USD. Ya that is a lot of money for five cards now today you can get them as super rare for $50-$100 bucks. $50 or $60 for just the cards themselves. $100 for buying three tins that come with pot of duality and two that come with solemn warning. Doing so will provide with trade bait and if your lucky you can get that money card that can be traded for cards you really need/want. Another right move you can make is sell your random extra stuff you vendors or stores for store credit and get the cards you need. This happens a lot at ycs. For my friend and myself  we unloaded all are extra stuff we would never use and I got roughly $30 bucks in credit and got cards I need for decks and my friend had so much it added up to close to $80 in credit so he definitely got cards he needed to complete his decks. Last but not least stay up to date with internet sources mainly yugioh main site, youtube, and of course all the articles posted here on ARG.
  • Join a Team or be Sponsored: Being on a team or being sponsored has great benefits for being a poor player. For one if you need a card and a teammate that has that card and isn't using it. More then likely you can use that card as long as you take care of it. Another benefit of a team is as a group its cheaper to travel to ycs out of state and split cost on food hotel/motel, and gas. I will state I have never been sponsored but I have talked to people that have been or is by small stores or family members that want them to have fun and success. The plus of it can be but not limited/is pay travel, food, hotel, cards need for decks. Weather or not you join a team or find a sponsor a player can can benefit strongly from both.
  • What not to do: This is the last point I have to touch on. Whenever you go to regionals, ycs, or even your locals its not good to take all the cards you own with you. I don't how many people will not listen when people say do bring everything not all people are good spirited. If someone was to walk off with lets say the five-plus decks you worked on to make, your trade book, and your collection you wouldn't trade from. It is very hard to want to stay in this game. Let alone try to recollect everything you once owned. Last but not least I do not recommend playing for cards. As stated some players are not good spirited and ya you could win there tour guide, glow-up bulb,etc,etc. Yet the other end of this is you can lose all the cards you put up, or if you dont have a friend or two with you it has been known for not so good spirited players to be so much of a sore loser they would attack the winner and rob them of there cards. It is a sad fact that no one likes to talk about and hope it does not happen to anyone.  these what not to do also points out why being on a team or at least having friends around is a good thing. If your not by yourself. You become less incline to have bad things happen to you or your friends.

All in all, these are just some helpful tips to help my fellow "poor" players in this game we all love to play. Using just some of these tips can be a great benefit to any player/collector of any age, so I hope as anyone read this that it helps them in the long run. So remember financial thinking, making the right moves, maybe get sponsored or join a team, and what not to do should help make this game more enjoyable for anyone.

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