Top 16 Feature Match: John Hubbard Vs. Juan Moroyoqui






Good morning everyone! The first match we have for you this morning is Juan Moroyoqui from Santa Ana, CA piloting his Water deck that we saw in a Round 9 Live Stream Feature match that he won against Patrick Hoban. His opponent John Hubbard from San Leandro is no stranger to these written Feature Matches as he has won both of his Features using his Water deck also. Who is the true Water Bender? Let’s get right into it and find out.

Game 1: 

Juan wins the die roll and opens with 2 Upstart Goblins, Abyss-Sphere, breakthrough, and squall. His draw for turn is another Sphere. 2 Upstarts come down to let him draw his 3rd sphere and Aqua Spirit and taking John to 10000.

John summons Mermail Abysspike and discards Mermail Abysslinde but the search is shut down thanks to Juan’s Breakthrough Skill. Pike declares in attack into Juan’s chained Abyss-Sphere that summoned a Mermail Abysslinde in Defense, the attack continues letting Juan Special Summon Mermail Abyssleed in Attack. 2 set back row cards to end for John.

Juan draws Atlantean Marksman for his turn, adding it to the 2 other Abyss-Sphere, Abyssquall, and Aqua Spirit. Abyssleed attacks over the Abysspike for 1100 bringing John to 8900. He sets his 3 traps and tries to end his turn but in Main Phase 2 John activates his facedown Abyss-Sphere to summon an Abysslinde in Defense. End Phase happens and both the Abysslinde and Abyss-Sphere are destroyed letting John summon an Abysspike from his deck in Attack Position. Abysspike’s effect is used to discard an Abysslinde and adding an Abyssgunde from his deck to his hand.

John summons Abyssturge for his turn activating the effect to discard Abyssgunde and adding back Abysslinde to this hand. Abyssgunde lets him Special Summon Abysslinde from his Graveyard. Next Abysspike and Abyssturge are used to Xyz Summon Evilswarm Exciton Knight! Exciton’s effect is activated to destroy the field, Juan chains both of his facedown Abyss-Sphere to summon and Abysslinde and an Abysspike, the field is destroyed and Juan Special Summons an Abyssmegalo and John Special Summons an Abyssleed from his deck. John attacks over the Abyssmegalo with Abyssleed. He passes back to Juan with that.

Juan draws Mermail Abyssgunde for his turn. After some graveyard checking he passes back his turn with that.

John draws then activates his face down Reckless Greed giving him two more cards. Abyssturge is summoned and activates the effect to discard an in hand Abysslinde to add a copy of Abyssgunde from his graveyard to his hand. He attacks with Exciton, Leed, and Turge to drop Juan to 2000. In Main Phase 2 he activates Abyssleed’s effect to tribute Abyssturge and sends Juan’s Aqua Spirit from his hand to the graveyard.

Juan draws another copy of Abyssgunde for his turn and concedes with that!

John’s timely Evilswarm Exciton Knight let’s him get rid of all of Juan’s Abyss-Sphere’s and follows it up with one of his normal summonable monsters to keep the advantage in his favor. Siding was quick and efficient on both sides. Juan will be going first in game 2.

Game 2:

Juan opens us in Game 2 with a hand of Mermail Abyssocea, Mst, Abysslinde, Abysspike, D.D. Crow and draws Debunk for his turn. He sets the Abysslinde, Space Typhoon and the Debunk to end.

John starts us off with an Upstart Goblin letting him draw a card and bringing Juan to 9000. Next Abysspike is summoned and activates his effect to discard Abyssleed from his hand to search Abyssgunde from his deck and adding it to his hand. He sets 1 card to his back row and ends and the set Abyss-Sphere is blasted away at the End Phase by Juan’s Space Typhoon.

Juan draws another copy of Abysspike for his turn. He Normal Summons it and activates the effect discarding Abyssocea letting him search and add Abyssgunde to his hand. Abysslinde is flipped and he proceeds into his Battle Phase. The Abysslinde attacks into the Abysspike dropping him to 8900, letting him Special Summon Abyssturge from his deck. Abyssturge’s effect lets him discard Abyssgunde and adding back Abyssocea from his Graveyard to his hand. Abyssturge attacks over John’s Abysspike for 100 taking him to 7900. Abysspike and Abysslinde attack directly leaving John at 4800. In his Main Phase 2 Juan uses Abysspike and Abyssturge to Xyz Summon into Abyss Dweller. He ends his turn after that.

John draws for turn and activates Mystical Space Typhoon on Juan’s set Debunk. Next he activates Mermail Abyssteus from hand discarding a Linde to let him search an Abyssturge from his deck. Genex Controller is Summoned and used with Abyssteus to Synchro Summon Leo, Guardian of the Sacred Tree. Leo attacks over the Abyss Dweller and Juan chains the effect, leaving Juan at 8000. John passes with that.

Juan draws an Abyssgunde for his turn. Abysslinde attacks into the Leo dropping him to 6400, letting him Special Summon Abyssturge from his deck in Defense. Abyssturge activates his effect to discard Abyssgunde and adds his other copy of Abyssgunde from his Graveyard to his hand. Abyssgunde’s effect Special Summons his Abysspike back to the field and he opts not to use the effect. Abysspike and Abyssturge are used to Xyz Summon into Lavalval Chain in Defense Position. The effect is activated detaching Abysspike to send Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to the Graveyard. He ends his turn with nothing else.

John draws for turn and Summons Abyssturge activating the effect to discard Abyssgunde to add back a copy of Abysslinde to his hand from the Graveyard. Abyssgunde’s target Abysspike is banished by Juan’s D.D. Crow! He enters battle and attacks over the Chain with Abyssturge then directly with Leo for 3100 putting Juan at 3300. He ends with that.

Juan draws Maxx “C” for turn adding it to Abysspike, Abyssocea, and Abyssgunde. Tidal is Special Summoned by banishing an Abyssturge and Abyss Dweller. Abysspike is summoned discarding Abyssgunde for the effect and adding another Abyssgunde to hand. Abyssgunde Special Summons Abyssturge without effect from the Graveyard. Abysspike and Abyssturge are used to Xyz summon another Abyss Dweller. Tidal attacks and crashes with Leo destroying both. Abyss Dweller attacks over the Abyssturge for 500 dropping John to 4300. He ends with that.

John activates Dark Hole to wipe the board clean. Next Abysslinde is summoned and attacks directly for 1500 putting Juan at 1800. He ends with nothing else.

Juan draws a Debunk for his turn. Abyssocea is summoned to the field and Juan activates the effect to target itself, Special Summoning an Abysslinde from the deck and sending Abyssocea to the Graveyard. Tidal is Special Summoned banishing an Abysspike and Abyss Dweller. Juan attacks into John’s Abysslinde with his own copy, letting John Special Summon Abyssteus in Defense and Juan Special Summoning Abyssleed in Attack. Tidal attacks over the Abyssteus and the Abyssleed attacks directly for 2700 leaving John at 1600. Tidal and Abyssleed are used to Xyz Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack in Defense, he activates the effect detaching Tidal and Special Summoning two Mecha Phantom Beast tokens in Defense as well. He passed back to John with that.

John draws for turn and then concedes not able to deal with the Dracossack and Tidal coming back next turn.

Juan plays smart in the mirror match controlling his searches,  letting Lavalval Chain and keeping Abyssocea in hand to set him up for his future plays that win him Game 2! John will be going first in Game 3.

Game 3:

John starts us off with a set Monster and 2 back row to end.

Juan opens with Abyssocea, 2 Abyssgunde, and 2 Marksman. He draws Aqua Spirit for his turn and summons Abyssocea. Abyssocea’s effect is activated to target itself, Special Summoning Abysslinde in Defense and sends itself to the Graveyard. He passes back to John with that.

John summons Abysspike discarding Abyssteus to add Abyssgunde from his deck to his hand. Abysslinde is flip summoned and Vanity’s Emptiness is activated. Abysslinde attacks over Juan’s Defense Position Abysslinde and Juan gets no Special Summon. Abysspike attacks for 1600 putting Juan at 6400. He ends with that.

Juan draws Atlantean Dragoons for his turn and Normal Summons it. He attacks into Abysslinde and Reckless Greed is activated letting John draw 2 and sending Vanity’s Emptiness to the Graveyard, the attack destroys Abysslinde dealing 300 damage to John putting him at 7700. Abysslinde lets John summon Abysspike from his deck. Abysspike’s effect is activated discarding Abyssgunde to add Genex Undine to hand. Abyssgunde Special Summons back Abysslinde in Defense Position. Main Phase 2 Juan Special Summons Aqua Spirit banishing Abysslinde from the Graveyard. Aqua Spirit and Dragoons are used to Xyz Summon Abyss Dweller. Dweller activates it’s effect detaching Dragoons to search Abyssmegalo to his hand. Megalo’s effect is activated discarding Abyssgunde and Marksman and John chains Maxx “C” , Juan searches Abyss-Sphere from the effect and uses Abyssgunde to Special Summon Abyssocea from the Graveyard. Abyssocea uses it’s effect to Special Summon Aybsslinde and Abysspike in Defense from the deck sending Abyssmegalo to the Graveyard. Abysslinde and Abyssocea are used to Xyz Summon Mechquipped Angineer in Attack Position. He sets Abyss-Sphere and ends his turn.

John activates Upstart Goblin putting Juan at 7400. Next Genex Undine is summoned to send Tidal from his deck and adding a Controller to his hand. Abyss Dweller is activated after the Tidal is sent. The two Abysspikes are used to summon Abyss Dweller. John attacks over the Defense Position Abysspike with Undine, over the Abyss Dweller with his Abysslinde dealing 300 putting Juan at 7100 and Abyss Dweller attacks into Angineer but it saves itself by turning to defense with its effect.

Juan draws Solemn Warning for his turn. He attacks with Angineer over the Undine dealing 100 to drop John to 7600. In Battle Phase Juan activates Abyss-Sphere and it’s shut down by John’s Solemn Warning putting John at 5600. Juan sets his own Solemn Warning. Abyss-Sphere is activated by John Special Summoning Abysslinde from his deck. At the End Phase Abysslinde and Abyss-Sphere are destroyed, Abysslinde lets John Special Summon Abyssturge. Abyssturge’s effect activates to discard Abyssgunde to target another Abyssgunde and adding it back from the Graveyard. Abyssgunde lets John Special Summon Abyssteus from the Graveyard in Defense Postion.

John can’t draw due to Reckless. Tidal is Special Summoned by banishing Undine and Abysslinde. Tidal and Abyssteus are used to Xyz Summon Mermail Abyssgaios right into Juan’s Solemn Warning! Juan drops to 5100 after paying for that Warning. Abyss-Sphere is activated to Special Summon Abysspike in Attack Position. Abysspike and Abyssturge are used to Xyz Summon Number 101: Silent Honor ARK in Attack Position, Juan activates his Angineer’s effect to turn it to Defense. He turns Abysslinde to Defense and ends his turn.

Juan draws Abyssturge for his turn and concedes with that!

Poor draws without discard outlets give Juan a big enough disadvantage for John to control the game with all of his trap cards. John is moving onto our Top 8 with a perfect 3/3 Feature Match record.