Top 16 Feature Match: Zach Leverett(Hieratics) vs Ian Slobodianuck(Harpies)

Today we've got a pretty interesting feature match amid the flurry of Fire Fists and Mermails in the top 16. Ian successfully managed to a top 16 qualification with Harpies, while his opponent Zach is here with Hieratics. This match should promise some interesting interactions.

Ian started the match off by simply setting two and passing.

Zach kicked his turn off by using Upstart Goblin, drawing into a Vanity's Emptiness. He ended his turn by matching Ian's two set back row, but during the end phase Ian flipped up a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Cyber Harpie Lady.

Harpies Hunting Ground came down at the start of main phase 1 for Ian. He followed it up by summoning Harpie Lady 1. Then he ditched Harpie Queen to search Harpie’s Hunting Ground. Hysteric Party came next, discarding Harpie Queen as cost and with a flurry of woman birds, the game was over in a matter of minutes.

Game 2

Zach started game 2 off with 2 Dragon's Shrine, Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, Hieratic Dragon of Su and Enemy Controller. He activated the Shrine sending Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms and Labradorite Dragon.

Ian set 4, summoned Harpie Dancer, attacked with it and bounced it back to his hand in main phase 2. He finished his turn off by setting 4 cards to the back row.

Zach drew Reckless Greed. He played another Shrine, this time sending Flamvell Guard and Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos. He finished his turn out by setting one card to the back row.

Ian played Harpie Dancer attacked and bounced it back to his hand. He set another back row and passed turn.

Zach drew Wingbeat. And passed turn.

Ian yet again summoned the Dancer, attacked with it and bounced it back to his hand.

Zach drew Hieratic Dragon of Eset for turn, and then flipped up Reckless Greed drawing Skill Drain and Torrential Tribute. He normal summoned the Eset and Ian flipped Vanity’s Emptiness in response. Zach then activated Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, bouncing his Eset to hand, effectively clearing Ian's Vanity's Emptiness and 4 face downs. Pretty crushing blow. He passed turn.

Ian summoned Dancer once again, attacked with it and bounced it back to his hand. He set a card to his back row and passed.

Zach didn’t draw due to Reckless Greed. He normal summoned Eset and tributed it for Hieratic Dragon of Su. Eset's effect triggered, pulling Labradorite Dragon from the graveyard. Next he used Su's effect, tributing Tefnuit from his hand, targeting Ian’s face down Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Ian chained it, discarding Black Horn of Heaven to spin Su back to the top of Zach's deck. However, the Tefnuit effect triggered, pulling Flamvell Guard from the graveyard. Zach banished Eset and Tefnuit to special summon Tempest. Then synchro summoned Stardust Dragon via Tempest and Flamvell Guard. The Stardust struck for 2500, and Zach set one and passed.

Ian simply set a monster and passed.

Zach still didn't draw due to Reckless Greed, so he just swung over Ian's face down Harpie Dancer with Stardust and passed.

Ian set a monster, a card to the back row and passed.

Zach drew Su for turn. He tributed the Labradorite Dragon to summon Su. Stardust struck over Ian's face down Harpie Lady 1 and Su hit directly.

Ian set one and passed.

Zach drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He banished Flamvell Guard and Tempest to bring back Blaster. Tempest's effect triggered, grabbing Debris Dragon for Zach. He normal summoned the Debris Dragon, bringing back Labrdadorite Dragon. He overlaid the Su and Labradorite Dragon for Hieratic Dragon King of Atum. He detached Su for Atum to bring out another Su, and on the summon Ian flipped Fiendish Chain. Zach responded with MST. Ian scooped instantly

Zach drew su. Stardust attack over harpie lady 1.

Ian set one and passed. Zach drew mst. Banish guard and tempest, bring back blaster. Search debris off of tempest. Normal debris, bring back labra, overlay su and labra for atum. Detach su for atum, bring out su. Fiendish chain on the su when it was summoned, zach activates mst. Ian scooped.


Game 3

Ian started game 3 off by normal summoning Harpie Channeler. He discarded a Dancer to special summon Harpie Lady 1. He overlaid the two for Abyss Dweller, set 3 to his back row and passed.

Zach had a pretty mediocre hand of 2 Skill Drain, Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, Debris Dragon and Solemn Warning. Blaster came off the top for his draw. He set 4 to his back row and a monster face down.

Ian drew for turn and normal summoned Zephyros. He attacked with it into Zach's face down Debris Dragon, taking 400.

Zach drew Tidal for turn and passed, unable to do anything.

Ian detached Harpie Lady 1 for Abyss Dweller's effect, then flipped Hysteric Party discarding Hysteric Sign as the cost. Zach flipped up Solemn Warning in response, effectively shutting down the pseudo Return from the Different Dimension. In the end phase Ian searched Harpie's Hunting Ground, Harpie Queen and Harpie Channeler off of the Hysteric Sign.

Zach drew Eset for turn and passed.

Ian played Harpies Hunting Ground, and Zach activated Skill Drain in response. Ian summoned a Harpie queen and attacked over Ian's Debris Dragon. Abyss Dweller and Zephyros attacked directly. He set a card to the back row, played Hysteric Sign and grabbed an Elegant Egotist ending his turn.

Zach drew Compulsory Evacuation Device. He normal summoned Eset and Ian flipped Vanity's Emptiness. Zach ended by setting a card to the back row.

Ian went straight the battle phase and Harpie Queen attempted to attack over the Eset and it was met with a Compulsory Evacuation Device. Zephyros attempted to attack over Eset, but was shut down because it was 1900 due to Skill Drain. Zephyros died and Vanity's Emptiness went to the grave. Ian re-summoned the Harpie's Queen and ended his turn.

Zach drew Tefnuit for turn and during the standby phase Ian flipped Icarus Attack, tributing Harpie queen to destroy Zach's Skill Drain and Eset. Zach special summoned Tefnuit, and Abyss Dweller detached its last material in response. Zach flipped Skill Drain, and when Zach attempted to attack with Tefnuit, he was reminded that the not able to attack part of his effect, is actually a condition. In main phase 2 he banishe Debris Dragon and Eset to special summon Blaster. He ended his turn.

Ian drew for turn, normal summoned Cyber Harpie Lady, triggered the Hunting Ground hitting Zach's face down Wingbeat of Giant Dragon. He then activated Elegant Egotist, bringing out another Cyber Harpie Lady, triggering Hunting Ground once again. This time it hit Zach's Skill Drain. He overlaid the two Cyber Harpie Ladies for Ice Beast Zerofyne, used its effect and attacked over Tefnuit for game.

Ian Slobodianuck advances to the top 8 of ARGCS Charlotte with Harpies!