Top 16 Jason Zimmerman (Constellar) Vs. Jamal Niels (Evilswarm)

Top 16 Feature Match

Alright everyone we’re here on Day 2 with some Top 16 action. We have Jason Zimmerman from Centereach, NY playing for Brothers Grimm and he brought Constellars with some interesting tech choices. His opponent is Jamal Niels Brooklyn, NY and he’s playing Evilswarm with some extra Evilswarm monsters other than the standard ones we’re used to. There are only 5 non Dragon Ruler decks and we have 2 here but only one can move on to the Top 8. After a handshake and die roll Jason will be leading us off.
Game 1:
IMG_2905Jason starts us off with Constellar Algeidi, Constellar Pollux, Constellar sombre, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Forbidden Lance, and Book of Moon. He starts with a Normal Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh and 2 back row to end.
Jamal draws for turn and Normal Summons Evilswarm Heliotrope. He attacks Thunder King Rai-Oh but in the Damage Step Jason activates Forbidden Lance dealing 750-7250.
Jason draws Seven Tools of the Bandit and sets it. Then attacks with Thunder King Rai-Oh. Dropping Jamal to 5350 Lps
Jamal activates Dark Hole and summons Evilswarm Thunderbird attacks for 1650 dropping Jason to 6450Lps. He sets two to his back row and ends.
Jason draws Constellar Sheratan for his turn. Next Constellar Pollux is Normal Summoned giving him additional Normal Summon. Constellar Algiedi is Normal Summoned next and Constellar Algiedi comes down but Bottomless Trap Hole is activated and Evilswarm Thunderbird chains it’s effect to banish itself to that. Jason enters Battle and Constellar Pollux attacks directly for 1700 dropping Jamal to 3750.
Jamal draws and Evilswarm Thunderbird comes back to the field at 1950 attack. Evilswarm Heliotrope is Normal Summoned and he enters his battle phase. Evilswarm Heliotrope attacks over Constellar Pollux for 250 dropping Jason to 6200. Evilswarm Thunderbird attacks directly to drop Jason down to 4250.
Jason draws Mystical Space Typhoon for his turn. He Normal Summons Constellar Sheratan using the effect to search Constellar Kaus to his hand. He sets Mystical Space Typhoon to end his turn.
Jamal Normal Summons Evilswarm Mandragora and attacks with Constellar Mandragora which Jason sets with Book of Moon to set Constellar Sheratan making Madragora bounce off the Defense and causing Jamal to take 300 putting him at 3450.  Evilswarm Thunderbird attacks over the Constellar Sheratan and heliotrope attacks directly for 1950 dropping Jason to 2350. Main Phase 2 Jamal overlays Evilswarm Mandragora and Evilswarm Heliotrope to Xyz Summon Evilswarm Ophion whose effect gets him Infestation Pandemic to his hand. He sets one back row and ends.
Jason draws Constellar Algiedi for his turn. Constellar Sombre is Normal Summoned and he banishes Constellar Sheratan to add Constellar Pollux to hand. Constellar Pollux is Normal Summoned which lets him Normal Summon Constellar Algiedi, Jamal chains Maxx “C” to draw a card, and lets him Special Summon Kaus. Constellar Kaus uses the effect to make Constellar Sombre and Constellar Algiedi level 5’s. Next he uses them to Xyz Summon into Number 61: Volcasaurus, Jamal draws another card, and the Special Summon is successful. Volcasaurus uses it's effect on Evilswarm Ophion and Jamal chains Dark Illusion but is shut down by Seven Tools of the Bandit dropping Jason to 1350! Evilswarm Ophion is destroyed and Jamal takes 2550 dropping him to 850Lps. Constellar Kaus and Constellar Pollux are used to Xyz Summon Constellar Omega and Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger is Xyz Summoned using Volcasaurus, giving Jamal 2 more cards to hand from Maxx “C". Gaia Dragon attacks over Evilswarm Thunderbird and a direct attack from Constellar Omega ends Game 1 in this Top 16 match!
A huge Seven Tools of the Bandit seals the game for Jason and let’s him take the first game in his first ever Top. Siding and shuffling were thorough and Jamal will be leading us off in Game 2. A quick handshake and shuffle of each others deck and here we go.
Game 2:
IMG_2904Jamal starts us off with Reinforcement of the Army to get Evilswarm Castor from his deck to his hand. Evilswarm Castor comes down next to give him an additional Normal Summon and Evilswarm Mandragora is used with Evilswarm Castor to Xyz into Evilswarm Ophion. Evilswarm Ophion detaches Evilswarm Castor to grab a Infestation Pandemic from his hand. He sets 2 and passes.
Jason has 2 Constellar Sombre,Forbidden Lance, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Fire Formation-Tenki, and Torrential Tribute. Fire Formation-Tenki is activated to grab a Constellar Kaus from deck to hand. Thunder King Rai-Oh is Normal Summoned and Jason sets 2 to his back row to end.
Jamal draws for his turn. O’Lantern is Normal Summoned to the field and tributes itself to destroy Thunder King Rai-Oh. Evilswarm Ophion detaches to search another Infestation Pandemic to his hand. He sets 2 more to his back row and passes.
Jason draws warning for his turn. Constellar Kaus is Normal Summoned to the field next. He sets warning to his back row and passes.
Jamal activates Dark Hole and chains Infestation Pandemic to save Evilswarm Ophion. Evilswarm Kerykeion is summoned but Jason flips Warning paying 2000 to negate the summon and drop himself to 6000Lps. Evilswarm Ophion attacks directly for 2550 dropping Jason to 2450 and he passes.
Jason draws Dark Hole for his turn. He activates it and Pandemic is chained to save the Evilswarm Ophion. He passes back to Jamal with that.
Jamal draws then Normal Summons Evilswarm Heliotrope and Jason activates a huge Torrential Tribute to leave Jamal with nothing but 2 back row.
Jason draws Constellar Sheratan for his turn and Normal Summons Constellar Sombre banishing another copy of Constellar Sombre to add Constellar Kaus. Constellar Kaus is Normal Summoned and Jamal activates Torrential Tribute but Forbidden Lance is chained to Torrential Tribute to save Constellar Kaus. He passes back to Jamal after that.
Jamal draws a card and immediately sets it.
Jason draws Fiendish Chain for turn and Normal Summons Constellar Sheratan for Constellar Sombre. Constellar Kaus makes Constellar Sheratan a Level 4 to Xyz summon Constellar Omega, Jamal activates Bottomless Trap Hole but Constellar Omega stops that. He attacks directly for 2400 putting Jamal at 5600Lps. He sets Fiendish Chain and passes for his turn.
Jama draws for turn then sets it and passes right back.
Jason draws for Dust Tornado for turn and Normal Summons Constellar Sombre which is negated by Chaos Trap hole by paying 2000 dropping Jamal to 3600Lps and banishing Constellar Sombre from the game. He attacks for 2400 putting Jamal to 1200Lps. He sets Dust Tornado and passes but Dust Tornado is blasted away by Mystical Space Typhoon at the end phase.
Jamal draws for turn and ends his turn but just concedes because he has no monster to defend his life points.
Jason Zimmerman takes a 2-0 Victory in this Top 16 match and moves on to the Top 8 with Constellars thanks to Constellar Omega and Seven Tools of the Bandit!