Top 4 Feature Match: Eaton Guo (Evilswarm) vs. Steve Klaus (Dragunity Rulers)

Both players met in the last round of Day One and are squaring off in the semifinals! Klaus won the die roll and began the rematch!

Klaus started the match with a modest three back-row cards.

Guo starts off with Reinforcement of the Army and adding Evilswarm Castor from his deck to his hand. He Normal Summoned Castor and uses its ability brings out an Evilswarm Ketos. attacked directly but met a Mirror Force and used a Pandemic to save them. He stacked both for Evilswarm Ophion but met a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Guo set two and ended.

Klaus summoned Dragunity Dux, but once he made a Vajrayana, Guo used Compulsory Evacuation Device to bounce Dragunity Knight Vajrayanaback to the Extra Deck! Klaus used Gold Sarcophagus and banished Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms and added another Tempest to his hand. He ended his turn while Mystical Space Typhoon killed a Reckless Greed.

Guo brought out Evilswarm Kerykeion, banishing Castor and adding Ketos to hand. Both Evilswarms attacked and dropped Klaus to 1150, and Guo ended with a second Evilswarm Ophion and used its effect to get an Infestation Infection from his deck to his hand! Guo had dropped Klaus to just 1150 in two turns.

Klaus skipped his draw and had four in hand, but it looked rough with Evilswarm Ophion on the field! He played Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing Tempest and searching Phalanx after drawing two cards. He then played Terraforming to add Dragon Ravine from his deck to his hand and played Dragon Ravine! He used its effect, discarding Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to dump a Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos in his grave. He set one spell and monster.

Once a Evilswarm Thunderbird hit the field, Klaus conceded game one to Guo and his Evilswarm army! Klaus needed a game three to beat Guo a second time in Columbus!


Klaus began game two with a Sacred Sword, banishing Blaster and snagged another copy from his deck. He used Gold Sarcophagus, banishing Tempest to get Dragunity Mystletainn from his hand to his deck! He followed up with Upstart Goblin and summoned Dragunity Phalanx and used Dragunity Mystletainn to combine both into Stardust Dragon! He passed after setting three.

Guo miraculously opened Dimensional Fissure like he did in Round Nine but elected to play his own Upstart Goblin first. He Special Summoned Evilswarm Mandragora and Normal Summoned Castor and made Evilswarm Ophion, but Klaus had a Solemn Warning to stop Gao’s dragon! Guo followed with the Dimensional Fissure and then played Mystical Space Typhoon on a facedown Reckless Greed, but Klaus chained it to draw two cards at the price of skipping two Draw Phases.

Next, Evilswarm Kerykeion banished Ophion from Guo’s graveyard to bring out Castor, but Xyz Encore sent away the Ophion leaving two meager Level 3 Evilswarms on Gao’s field. He passed.

Klaus skipped his draw thanks to Reckless Greed but used Mystical Space Typhoon on the Dimensional Fissure, and with Dux assisted by Vajrayana, he summoned a Scrap Dragon. Klaus brought out Tempest by banishing Dux and Dragunity Knight Vajrayanaand used Scrap effect, targeting Tempest and Guo’s one set trap! Guo had different plans though; he chained his Infestation Infection and returned his Kerykeion to get another Kerykeion! (side note: it was actually the same Kerykeion) Even after that play, Stardust Dragon destroyed Castor and Scrap Dragon attacked directly, bringing Gao back down to 6200. Klaus sat at 7000, and he ended.

Gao summoned his all star Kerykeion back to field, banish Mandragora and added Castor to his hand. He summoned Castor and brought out a Gagaga Cowboy and used its effect and destroyed Scrap Dragon! He set one trap on his field and left Stardust Dragon for Klaus to use.

During Klaus’ Standby Phase, he added his Tempest to his hand from the effect of Gold Sarcophagus. Klaus Special Summoned Blaster and Tempest, emptying his graveyard! Guo’s one back-row was a bluff, and Klaus used Blaster, Tempest and Stardust Dragon to attack over Guo’s Cowboy and take game two!

Guo’s Evilswarm monsters were not enough to overcome Klaus spells and traps, and it’s down to a game three to decide which duelist will be playing for the championship.

Guo opened Evilswarm Castor, two copies of Evilswarm Mandragora, Mystical Refpanel, Infestation Pandemic and Evilswarm Heliotrope. He used Heliotrope and Castor to make an Ophion and added Infestation Infection from his deck to his hand. Guo set three to end his turn.

Klaus started with an Upstart Goblin but could only set four to end his turn. During the End Phase Guo returns Mandragora with Infection to add Evilswarm Ketos to his hand.

Guo summoned Evilswarm Ketos and attacked with Ophion and Ketos and dropped Klaus to 3700. During Main Phase Two, Guo took a gamble with Ketos and tributed it hoping to hit a relevent spell or trap. Instead, he hit a Reckless Greed and Klaus activated both it and another copy to draw four new cards!

Klaus started his turn without drawing but had a whopping cards in hand. He used Terraforming to get Dragon Ravine from his deck. He followed up and used Tempest’s searching effect, pitching Phalanx, to add a Mystletainn from his deck to his hand. He then used Dragon Ravine, pitching Redox to send a Blaster from his deck to his graveyard!

Xyz Encore was activated and Ophion was sent away only for Heliotrope to get back to his hand. Klaus was ready to go off!

He Normal Summoned Dux and produced a field of Dragunity Knight Vajrayana and Phalanx before Guo flipped his set Gozen Match, preventing Klaus from using different attributes on the field. Klaus decided on Stardust Dragon tried to attack the Heliotrope, but Infestation got him Kerykeion. Guo went down to 6500 when Stardust redirected his attack to Guo directly.

Guo drew to three in hand. He Special Summoned Mandragora and followed up with Kerykeion, banishing Ketos to get Castor to his hand and then to the field! He brought out King of the Feral Imps and searched a Evilswarm Azzathoth and then used Infestation Infection’s effect to trade the Azzathoth out for a Heliotrope and used Castor’s effect to Normal summon the Heliotrope!

Guo stacked Castor and Heliotrope for Ophion to field and a Infestation Pandemic to hand! Stardust died at the hands of Ophion and the Imp King attacked directly, lowering Klaus to just 1350. Guo ended his turn with 6500 Life Points and a decisive field.

Klaus skipped his Draw Phase again because of Reckless Greed. He shuffled both cards in his hand and complained about Evilswarm Ophion more than 20 times before using Dragon Ravines’s effect to pitch Mystletainn to add Dragunity Dux from his deck to his hand. Klaus Normal Summoned Dux and brought Phalanx to the field, but since he was under Ophion and Gozen Match, he couldn’t do anything and had to pass back to Gao.

King of the Feral Imps brought Guo another Kerykeion thanks to Azzathanth and Infestation Infection. Guo summoned Kerykeion, banished Heliotrope to add his other Kerykeion to his hand from the graveyard! With all of his monsters on field, he activated Pandemic before the Battle Phase and then ripped through Dux, Phalanx and the rest of Klaus’ Life Points!

IMG_1051Guo’s Evilswarms prevail in a heated Top 4 rematch, and he is headed to the finals of the Circuit Series in the highly anticipated Evilswarm vs. Constellar match!