Top 4 Feature Match: Larry Musgrove (Dragon Rulers) vs. Sean Mccabe (Constellar)

There's always those stories of the odd rogue deck tearing through a tournament's fiber as, for whatever reason, it manages to defy the law of the meta. From the shackles of oppressive attrition they struggle and rarely ever are they rewarded for it. So it is that we bring you a match unthinkable for many this deep into the ARG Circuit.



Musgrove started things off by banishing Blaster with Gold Sarcophagus to add Blaster. He then pitched Flamvell Guard with Consonance to draw two. This was followed by pitching Corsesca with Tempest to search Tidal. Finally, he banished Corsesca and Guard for Tidal before setting two backrow and passing

Mccabe ran through his hand over and over, taking the tie to consider the best course of action. He pulled out his extra deck and ran through multiple plays. Ultimately, he summoned Constellar Algiedi and activated its effect! When he did, however, Musgrove dipped to 7000 LP to activate Skill Drain. After much deliberation, Sean chained Forbidden Lance, to which Mccabe chained Effect Veiler to ensure that an Xyz would not hit the board this turn. Mccabe set 1 backrow and when he ended, Musgrove pitched Tidal to Raigeki Break it, revealing the card to have been Imperial Iron Wall.

Musgrove banished Tempest and Debris for Blaster which tutored him another Tempest. Larry declared he was entering battle, and when Tidal swung over Algiedi, stopped to ask, "damage step?" Larry sighed deeply, "yes." "Okay," said Sean before almost picking a card out of his hand and instead sending Algiedi to the grave. Mccabe dropped to 4200  and they both enjoyed a laugh regardless before Larry passed play.

Mccabe set two backrow, one monster and passed.

Musgrove added the Blaster he banished with Gold Sarcophagus two turns earlier. He then attacked over the set monster with Tidal before hitting direct with Blaster. Mccabe was knocked down to 1400 LP and play was passed.

Mccabe flipped Dust Tornado on Skill Drain! He followed up by summoning Constellar Pollux which brought down Constellar Kaus. Musgrove laughed, saying "Yup." Sean paused, sifting through his extra deck to evaluate the best Xyz for the moment. Finally, he went into Starliege Palladynamo and used its effect on Blaster to drop it to zero. Paladius swung over Blaster to drop Larry to 5000 LP. Mccabe passed and, in the end phase, Tidal returned to hand.

Musgrove banished Tempest and Redox for Blaster searching him identical copies and that was enough for McCabe to move the struggle to Game 2!

Game 1 goes to Larry Musgrove!



Mccabe opened by playing Fire Formation - Tenki to search Constellar Kaus.  He then summoned Pollux who brought down Kaus to go into Constellar Pleiades! He set 3 backrow and passed.

Musgrove banished Tempest with Sword to draw two and search Tempest afterwards. He set 4 backrow and ended. In the end phase, Sean considered making a play but decided against it.

Mccabe drew and summoned Constellar Sheraton who searched Constellar Sombre. Sheraton and Pleiades swung in to drop Larry to 4800 before play was passed.

Musgrove flipped a set Dark Hole! Sean chained Pleiades targeting Sheraton to secure a search next turn. Tempest and Tidal were then banished for Blaster which tutored identical copies in the process. He swung in direct with Blaster which dropped Mccabe to 5200. Larry then set one backrow and ended.

Mccabe summoned Sombre, to which Larry pitched Tempest to flip Raigeki Break! Sombre was destroyed and shortly thereafter Sean ended. In the end phase, Blaster returned to Larry's hand.

20131013_135314Musgrove flipped over Royal Decree! When Mccabe  confirmed that he had no response, Larry followed up by chaining Return From the Different Dimension! This time however, Sean chained Solemn Warning which put Larry at 2400 LP to Sean's 3200 LP. Card Trooper was summoned, who milled Corsesca, Fencing Fire Ferret and Raigeki Break. He then banished Blaster and Corsesca  to summon Tempest and add Blaster at the end. When Tempest attacked, Mccabe flipped Gozen Match and chained Mystical Space Typhoon on top targetting Musgrove's Decree! Larry declared Wind and hit direct with Tempest before ending.

Mccabe set one monster, one backrow, and passed.

Musgrove drew and as he did, Mccabe flipped Imperial Iron Wall during his standby phase. Musgrove played Ravine and pitched Tidal to search Corsesca. Corsesca was pitched with Tempest to search Blaster, and then Blaster was pitched with another Blaster to destroy Imperial Iron Wall!

Mccabe summoned Sheraton to search Sombre and ended.

Musgrove pitched Tidal with Ravine to dump Redox. He banished Redox and Ferret to summon Blaster and add Redox to hand. Blaster attacked over Sheraton but Honest got dropped in the damage step to destroy Blaster and put Larry at 1700 LP.  In main phase 2, he set a monster and then banished Redox and Tempest for Tidal which searched Debris at the end.

Mccabe summoned Sombre to which Larry reposponded with Book of Moon! He set 1 backrow and put Sheraton to defense before ending.

Musgrove pitched Tidal with Ravine to dump Debris and then banished Tidal and Debris for Blaster which earned him a new Tidal. Blaster attacked into the set monster but got hit by a Fiendish Chain! Musgrove paused to evaluate his options. He set a monster and a backrow.

Mccabe MST'd Larry's backrow which was a chained Raigeki Break!  Larry pitched Tidal with Break to destroy the set Sombre, but Mccabe summoned Kaus, made Sheraton level 4, and made Paladynamo to reduce Blaster to 0 and swing for game.

Game 2 goes to Sean Mccabe!



Musgrove drew to 2 Tempest, 2 Redox, 1 Blaster, and 1 Trooper. He dropped Trooper to mill Corsesca, Sword and Tidal. He then banished Tidal and Corsesca to summon Redox and add another Tidal before ending.

Mccabe opened with another Tenki into Kaus! He then played Reinforcements of the Army to grab Pollux which was swiftly summoned. Kaus was brought down to make them both five and overlay into Pleiades! Pleiades attacked over Trooper to drop Larry to 5900 LP and earn him a draw. Sean set 2 backrow and ended.

Musgrove asked for Mccabe's hand count before checking over his own. He pitched two Tempests to search Blaster and then pitched two of them to blast Pleiades. He then set two backrow before ending. Mccabe considered doing something in the EP but decided against it.

Mccabe played Tenki, but Musgrove pitched Tidal to flip Raigeki Break and destroy it.  He flipped MST on Larry's set Consonance, and then summoned Algiedi to summon Sombre.  Sean started crunching numbers, thinking of what to do with his play. Using Sombre, he banished Pleiades to add Pollux to hand. He played it, dropped another Sombre and attacked all out for game!

This round goes to Sean McCabe!