Top 4 Jerry Williams (Dragon Ruler) vs. Andrew Paller (Dragon Ruler)

In a field of over 440 duelists, Jerry and Andrew sit amongst the final four. As the crowd starts to surround them, there’s nothing but silence as they shuffle up and deal.

Jerry rolls an 11 against Andrew’s 8 and here we go.

Game 1

Jerry chooses to go first and beings play with a Sacred Sword of Seven Stars banishing Blaster to net two new cards and add another Blaster with Blaster’s effect. He proceeds to play Dragons Ravine to discard Kidmodo Dragon to send Tempest to the graveyard and ends his turn by setting two cards.

Andrew opens up with 2 Ravines, Bottomless Trap Hole, Sword, Tidal and Tempest. He starts by playing Sword to banish Tempest to draw into Corsesca and Blaster while adding another Tempest to his hand. Ravine gets played and Tidal is discarded to send Redox to the graveyard. Blaster is summoned by banishing Redox and Tidal, but is met by a Maxx “C” from Jerry. Redox and Tidal were added to hand to place the ones banished. Blaster swings in for 2800 before Andrew set a card. Jerry at End Phase plays Sixth Sense calling 5 and 6 but Andrew only rolls a one! This forces Jerry to mill a Dragunity Darkspear.

Jerry – 5200 Andrew – 8000

He draws for turn and plays Dragons Ravine discarding Redox to send Tidal to graveyard. He summons Debris Dragon to bring back Kidmodo to the field and brings out Ancient Fairy Dragon that destroys Ravine to allow Jerry to add another to his hand. He plays that Ravine to discard Blaster to send Redox to the graveyard and Summons Redox by banishing Maxx “C” and Debris Dragon. Jerry Overlays the two for a Dracossack, but Bottomless is flipped, however Jerry has Forbidden Lance to protect the Dracossack! Jerry Summons Blaster by banishing Darkspear and Redox, and Dracossack attacks directly for 1800.

Jerry – 6200 – Andrew – 6200

Andrew draws Maxx “C” for turn, activates Ravine to replace Jerry’s, discards Tidal to send Tempest to the graveyard. He discards Tempest and Corsesca to add Flamvell Guard to his hand. He then discards Redox and Maxx “C” to special summon Corsesca and banishes Redox and Tempest to summon Blaster. Moving forward he Synchros with Corsesca to make Scrap Dragon. He summons Crimson Blader and uses Scrap to destroy Ravine and a token. Scrap Dragon kills token with and Dracossack falls to Blader.

Jerry – 6000 Andrew - 6200

Jerry draws for turn and hits Electric Virus! He takes Andrew’s Scrap Dragon and chooses to kill itself and the Blader.

Andrew draws for turn and banishes Scrap Dragon and Guard in order to Tempest. He summons Effect Veiler from hand to make Angel of Zera at 3300 att and Special Summons Blaster to attack for game!

They both agree to side out Sixth Sense and Return from Different Dimension before digging into their Side Decks and prepping for Game 2.

Game 2

Jerry takes first and opens up with a Sword banishing Tidal to draw two new cards and add Tidal to hand before setting 2 and passing.

Andrew opens with Tidal, Redox, Raigeki Break, Terraforming, D.D. Crow, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He plays Terraforming to get Ravine, discards Tidal but Jerry has the MST for the Ravine. He sets two and passes.

Jerry plays his own Ravine, discards his Tidal, but is met by Andrew’s mst!

Andrew draws Electric virus for turn, pauses for a moment and just passes.

Jerry banishes Tempest and Tidal for Redox and adds Corsesca and Tidal to hand. Jerry summons Corsesca and makes Stardust Spark Dragon and attacks for 2500 before passing his turn.

Jerry – 8000 Andrew – 5500

Andrew picks up a Ravine for turn and when he discards Redox, Jerry flips Phoenix Wing Wind Blast to put it back to the top! Andrew unable to make a play is forced to pass.

Jerry banishes Corsesca and Redox to summon Tidal letting him add Redox to hand. Jerry attempts to attack with Spark Dragon but is met by Swift Scarecrow.

Andrew draws and banishes Tidal and Scarecrow for Redox that catches Jerry’s Maxx “C”. He adds Tidal, plays Electric Virus to take Tidal, overlays Tidal and Redox for Big Eye, but Jerry flips Book of Moon to save his Stardust from being taken! Andrew plays Ravine to reluctantly discard Tidal to send Blaster to the graveyard and passes.

Jerry plays his own Ravine to discard Redox and send Blaster to the graveyard. Redox and Blaster get banished to summon Redox. Guard is added and is quickly Synchro’d with Redox to make Crimson Blader. Andrew just picks up his cards.

We’re off to a 3rd and decisive game!

Game 3

Andrew starts off with 2 Maxx “C”, Swift, Blaster, Ravine, and Break. He sets Break and passes.

Jerry plays his Ravine to discard Tidal and send Tempest to the grave. He banishes Tidal and Tempest to special Blaster and adds Tidal and Tempest to hand. Blaster swings in for 2800 before Jerry sets two and passes.

Jerry – 8000 Andrew - 5200

Andrew hits a Redox of the top and plays Break before rolling a dice to destroy Jerry’s Book of Moon. Andrew plays Ravine to discard Redox to send Tempest to the graveyard. Andrew banishes Tempest and Redox to summon Blaster, and Jerry plays Maxx “C”. Andrew adds Tempest and Tedox to hand before deciding to trade Blasters with Berry. He sets Debunk and passes.

Jerry summons Debris Dragon to bring back Maxx “C”, Andrew plays Maxx “C” to draw Tempest and Corsesca after Jerry makes Orient Dragon. Jerry banishes Tidal and Tempest to attempt to summon blaster. Jerry attacks with both and is met my Swift Scarecrow and just passes.

Andrew now with a loaded hand plays sword to banish Tempest to draw Mystical Space Typhoon and Debunk before adding another Tempest to his hand. He ditches the Tempest for Ravine to send Tidal to the graveyard and plays MST to destroy Jerry’s set Castle of Dragon’s Souls in which Jerry Chains Castle to banish blaster and make Orient Dragon 3000. He adds Flamvell Guard to his with Castle. Jerry puts Castle in the graveyard forgetting to Special a monster with Castle. Andrew plays another Ravine to send Corsesca to the graveyard to add another Corsesca to his hand. He discards Redox and Maxx “C” to special summon Corsesca from graveyard and brings out tidal by banishing Tempest and Redox. He turns both of those into a Crimson Blader before bring out Blaster by banishing Tidal and Guard. He makes Stardust Spark Dragon and protects Crimson Blader allowing Crimson to take down Blaster in battle and locking jerry for the turn.

Jerry sets one and passes.

Andrew draws Effect Veiler for turn and attacks Crimson Blader into Orient Dragon, but Jerry has Phoenix Wing Wind Blast from the top to spin it away! Stardust makes a direct attack and Andrew passes

Jerry – 7800 Andrew – 5200

Jerry plays Ravine to discard Tidal and send Kidmodo to the graveyard. He banishes Tempest and Orient Dragon to Special Summon Tidal, but Andrew has the Debunk to stop the Tidal. Jerry adds Debris to hand for Tempest and summons it into Andrew’s Effect Veiler! Jerry attempts to bring out Blaster but it’s met by another Debunk! Nothing seems to be going right for Jerry so far.

Andrew draws a Sword for his turn and only attacks over Debris Dragon

Jerry – 6300 Andrew – 5200

Jerry draws his card asks for a lifepoint count before taking out his phone to do calculations. He discards Flamvell Fuard to send blaster to the graveyard and shows his drawn Electric Virus to steal the match!

Jerry is off to the finals!