Top 4: Nate Forte (Madolche with Fire Fist) vs. Pedro Parreno (Madolche)

In our Top 4 we have a clash of delicious titans!  Both of these duelists have put their own spin on the Madolche archetype, but only one of them can advance to the finals.  Will Nate Forte have another miracle draw of Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One or will Pedro Parreno's strategy achieve victory?  Whose cuisune will reign supreme?  We're about to find out!

Game 1

Pedro wins the die roll and leads off in this savory and succulent mirror match. He starts off with a Normal Summon of Madolche Anjelly which is hit by Nate's Effect Veiler. He then lays down a Madolche Ticket and ends his turn.

Nate begins by Normal Summoning Madolche Hootcake and uses its effect to banish Effect Veiler to get Madolche Messengelato to get Madolche Ticket. Next he activates Ticket then hits the opposing Ticket with Mystical Space Typhoon. During the Batle Phase, Hootcake attacks over Anjelly and Messengelato gets in directly. He passes the turn without further action


8000 - 5900


Pedro Normal Summons Ice Hand and attempts to swing on Hootcake but is met by Dimensional Prison. At a loss, he just passes the turn.

Nate summons Normal Summons Anjelly and Pedro immediately scoops it up. A clutch Effect Veiler stops Pedro from ever getting anything going, and an onslaught of summons from Nate puts him up a game!


Game 2


Pedro starts game two by frustratingly setting five cards to his backrow before ending his turn.

Nate Normal Summons Anjelly which tributes itself and gets Hootcake. Hootcake banishes Anjelly to call on Messengelato, but Nate is quickly met by Pedro's Torrential Tribute.  He pauses a bit before setting three to his backrow and ends.

Pedro Normal Summons Messengellato, crashes in directly for 1600, and ends his turn.


Nate 6400 – Pedro 8000


Nate Normal Summons Madolche Magiliene and adds Anjelly to his hand.  He passes the turn without further action.


Nate 6200 – Pedro 8000


Pedro swings over Magiliene with Messengelato and proceeds to end his turn. During the End Phase, Nate flips up Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying Pedro's set Solemn Warning.

Nate goes and Normal Summons Anjelly. Anjelly successfully resolves and brings out Hootcake which then gets Messengelato to add Ticket to his hand which is immediately played. Nate attempts to have the Messengelato butt heads, but Pedro responds with a Mystical Space Typhoon on the Ticket, preventing Nate from gaining further advantage.  Hootcake connects directly before Nate passes it back to Pedro.

Nate 6200 - Pedro 6500

Pedro sets two backrow and passes.

Nate activates Madolche Chateau, Normal Summons Hootcake, and swings with his team.


Nate 6200 - Pedro 2500


In desperation, Pedro flips up Trap Stun during Main Phase 1.  Feeling safe, he Normal Summons Anjelly but again he's hit by Nate's Effect Veiler.  Pedro accepts his fate and offers the handshake.  Nate Forte will be representing Madolche in the finals!

Joe Soto