Top 8 Feature Match: Jacob Kingsbury Vs. Alex Keeler

Top 8 Feature Match

Here we go everyone. We have some Top 8 action here. We are winding down in this tournament and have 8 people left in this tournament and these two are going head to head. Alex Keeler from Tallahassee, FL playing Water. Jacob Kingsbury is a local player from Nashville, TN playing Fire Fist.

Game 1

Alex wins the die roll and opens with 2 Mermail Abyssmegalo, Torrential Tribute, Salvage, Effect Veiler and Mystical Space Typhoon. He sets 3 to his back row and ends his turn.

Jacob draws then activates Pot of Duality revealing Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Gorilla, Solemn Warning, and another Duality, he takes the Warning. Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Bear is Normal Summoned but gets hit by Torrential. He sets 3 and ends but his MST is destroyed by Alex’s own copy.

Alex draws Mermail Abysslinde for his turn. He Normal Summons the Linde and it’s gets banished by Bottomless Trap Hole. He passed back with that.

Jacob draws for turn and MST’s Alex’s set Salvage. He summons Bear and attacks for 1600-6400 to set Fire Formation-Tenki. Main Phase 2 Tenki lets him search a Coach Soldier Wolfbark from his deck to his hand he passes with that.

Alex draws Mermail Abyssteus for his turn. He discards Megalo for the Teus and gets hit with Solemn Warning 2000-6000. He passes with that.

Jacob draws for his turn. Wolfbark is Normal Summoned and gets stopped by Effect Veiler. Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Tiger King is summoned letting him set Fire Formation-Tensu with the effect. He Normal Summons another Wolfbark to attack with both dropping Alex to 2200. He sets one and passes.

Alex draws another Teus. He discards Megalo for the Teus to search a Linde to his hand. He summons the Linde and enters battle. Linde attacks into Wolfbark and in damage step Jacob activates Horn of the Phantom Beast to destroy the Linde dropping Alex to 1100, Horn lets Jacob Draw a card and linde brings out Mermail Abyssleed. Abyssleed attacks over the Wolfbark for 100 damage putting Jacob at 5900. Main Phase 2 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack is summoned using Leed and Teus. Leed is detached to Special Summon 2 tokens and Dracossack uses it’s effect to destroy Tiger King and with that he passes.

Jacob draws for turn and Normal Summons Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Dragon to send Tenki and Tensu to bring back Bear. Tiger King sets Tenki to search Wolfbark. Tiger king activates detaching Bear. Sets one and passes.

Alex draws Mermail Abyssgunde for his turn. He detaches to attempt to activate Dracossack but gets no tokens thanks to Tiger King. He attacks into Tiger King but in damage step Tiger King is boosted by Fire Formation-Tensen to bring it to 3200. After that Alex scoops up his cards knowing that wolf bark would just bring out more monsters to attack over the set Gunde for game next turn.

Jacob draws his damage step tricks to keep his monsters on the board. Alex will be going first in game 2.

Game 2

Alex opens with Chain Whirlwind, Mermail Abyssturge, Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, Abyss-Sphere, and two Atlantean Heavy Infantry. He sets the traps and passes.

Jacob plays Duality revealing 2 Tensu, and a Dimensional Prison taking one of the Tensus to his hand. Dragon is Normal Summoned to the field. Tensu is activated to trigger Dragon and allowing Jacob to set Fire Formation-Tensen. Tensu’s effect is activated to Normal Summon Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Gorilla. Sphere is activated to summon Abysspike to the field and using the effect to discard Infantry to destroy the Gorilla. Chain Whirlwind is activated to destroy the Tensu and Tensen. Dragon attacks over Pike for 200-7800. He sets 2 and ends.

Alex draws Torrential for his turn. He summons Turge for his turn and Bottomless is activated, Turge discards Infantry to target Infantry and gets it back to hand to destroy the Dragon. He sets Torrential and ends.

Jacob summons Wolfbark for turn to bring back Gorilla. Both are used to Xyz Summon Tiger King and the set Tenki gets him Dragon. He plays Tensu to Tensu Summon Dragon to the field. Dragon attacks for 2000-5800 and Tiger King attacks for 2400-3400. He passes with that.

Alex draws Teus for turn. He discards Infantry for Teus letting him search Abyssgunde to his hand and destroys Tiger King. Tidal sends Gunde to activate the effect to send Leed to grave. He Special Summons the Leed back from grave with Gunde’s effect. Leed attacks over Dragon for 700-7300. Teus attacks for 1700-5600. Teus and Leed are used to Xyz Summon Dracossack and Dracossack activates the effect to get tokens. He passes with that.

Jacob draws for turn and then concedes.

Alex draws a perfect string of cards to hold off Jacob’s field. Jacob will be going first in Game 3.

Game 3

Jacob starts us off with Tenki to search a Wolfbark to hand. Bear is summoned and 4 cards are set to the back row to end his turn.

Alex opens with Infantry, Atlantean Marksman, Megalo, Turge, and Torrential. He draws Abyss-Sphere for his turn. He activates Megalo sending Infantry for Marksman, Jacob chains Mind Drain paying 1000 going to 7000, Megalo resolves getting Sphere, Infantry destroys Bear and Marksman destroys a set Rivalry of the Warlords. Megalo attacks for 2400 taking Jacob to 4600. He sets the 3 traps to end his turn.

Jacob summons Wolfbark to the field and activates the effect to special summon Bear from grave and Alex Chains Torrential, Jacob chains lance on Wolfbark to keep it on the field. He attacks with Wolfbark but Alex chains Abyss-Sphere to Special Summon Abysslinde in Defense Position, Jacob stops his attack. At the end phase Linde is destroyed and Leed is special summoned. He sets one more back row and ends.

Alex draws Pike for his turn. Pike is Normal Summoned activating the effect to discard Turge and letting him search Gunde to his hand. He enters battle and attacks with Leed right into Dimension Prison! Leed is banished from the game and he activates Abyss-Sphere to get Megalo and attacks but in the damage step Tensen is activated to destroy the megalo and deal 700 damage taking Alex 5600. He passes with that.

Jacob draws for turn. He activates Wolfbark to bring Bear to the field. Both are used to summon Abyss Dweller and Dweller’s effect detaches Bear. Dragon is Normal Summoned to send Tensen and Tenki to Special Summon Bear. Dragon attacks for 1800-6200. Bear and Dragon are used for Bujintei Kagetsuchi milling 5 for the effect. He passes with that.

Alex draws Heavy Infantry for his turn and sets the Infantry to end.

Jacob draws for turn and summons Wolfbark to the field. He activates the effect to bring back Gorilla. Kagetsuchi attacks over the Infantry. Driectly with Dweller for 1700 and directly with Wolfbark to put Alex at 900. Mp2 he uses Wolfbark and Gorilla for Tiger King to end.

Alex sets Overworked and Gunde.

Jacob activates Duality for MST taking it. He uses MST on the Overworked which is chained but Tiger King is saved by Forbidden Lance and with that Alex concedes!

Jacob takes this Top 8 match using multiple Coach Soldier Wolfbark’s. He will be playing in top 4 in the ARG Nashville Circuit Series!