Top 8 Feature Match Jordan Winters (Fire Fist) vs. Jono Ritzau (Fire Fist)

Top 8 Feature Match Jordan Winters (Fire Fist) vs. Jono Ritzau (Fire Fist)

Welcome to Top 8!

Winters wins the die roll and elects to take first.

Game 1

Winters starts off by playing Pot of Duality to add Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear to his hand of Trap Hole, Fiendish Chain, Call of the Haunted, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist -Gorilla. He elects to summon the Bear and set 4 before passing.

Jono opens with his own Duality to add another Duality to his hand. He summons Coach Soldier Wolfbark, but it’s met by Winter’s Trap Hole. He ends his turn after setting 4 cards.

Winters draws Forbidden Lance for the turn and attacks with Bear. Jono flips Fiendish Chain, but Winters has MST for the Fiendish. Bear connects and nets him a Fire Formation - Tenki and that lets him add a Wolfbark to his hand. He ends his turn by setting Lance.

Jono plays the Duality he nabbed last turn and adds Cardcar D to his hand. He sets his last card and summons Cardcar and uses the effect to end the turn.

Winters draws Bottomless Trap Hole for turn and swings with Bear. Jono flips Dimensional Prison, but Winters uses Lance to protect the Bear allowing him to get in for 800 and get him a Fire Formation – Gyokku. Gyokku gets flipped targeting the card closest to Jono’s deck, but Jono chains MST and the targeted MST to destroy Winter’s Fiendish Chain and Call of the Haunted. Winters summons Gorilla to send Tenki to grave and destroy Jono’s last set which is Lance. He ends his turn by setting a Bottomless Trap Hole and overlaying the Bear and Gorilla for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King that sets him a Tenki into a Bear

Jono draws and plays Wolfbark for turn but is met by Bottomless. He reluctantly sets a card and passes.

Winters draws another Wolfbark and summons Bear. Bear swings into Jono’s Book of Moon and King scores a direct hit.

Jono summons Gorilla and attacks over Winter’s set Bear to set a Tenki and add Wolfbark to his hand. He sets a card and passes.

Winters draws Dimensional Prison and summons Wolfbark and uses the effect to bring back Bear. After some consideration Winters overlays the two for Bujintei Kagetusuchi that attacks into Jono’s Prison with it and has King kill the Gorilla before passing.

Jono draws and summons Wolfbark to bring back Gorilla and the two are Overlayed into Number 101: Silent Noble Ark that takes King and swings in directly.

Winters draws Lance and plays Wolfbark to bring back Bear before setting two cards and passing.

Jono draws for turn and after looking over every card in Winter’s graveyard, decides to attack into Winter’s Wolfbark, but is met by Dimensional Prison.

Winters draws and uses Wolfbark’s effect and in response Jono flips MST to try and hit Winter’s last set, but when Lance was chained on Wolfbark, Jono picks up his cards and dives into his sidedeck.

Game 2

After a quick sidedeck, Jono elects to play first. He starts off his turn by summoning Bear, playing Tensu, and setting 3 cards.

Winters opens up with an Upstart Goblin to net him an MST. Duality is played to nab him Trap Hole to accompany his hand of MST, MST, Cardcar D, Gorilla, and Mirror Force. Winters Plays MST to destroy Jono’s MST and another to Destroy Jono’s Fiendish. He sets two, summons Cardcar and uses the effect before passing.

Jono plays Upstart, attacks with Bear into a Mirror Force and sets card before passing.

Winters draws Thunderking Rai-Oh, summons it and attacks before setting a card and passing.

Jono summons a Cardcar into Winter’s Solemn Warning and passes with no further plays.

Winters draws and pushes with Thunderking one more time and sets a card.

Jono summons a Bear into Winter’s Trap Hole sets his hand before ending.

Winters draws for turn, swings with Thunderking one more time and passes.

Jono draws and passes.

Winters draws and swings again with Thunderking before setting and passing.

Jono draws, sets a card and passes.

Winter draws and attacks into a Book of Moon, and in response to Jono’s Full House, and Winters flips his set Lance.

Jono draws plays upstart and sets 2 more.

Winter draws and on the back of Thunderking Rai-Oh advances to Top 4!


*Side note: Apologies for not having lifepoints down for this match*