Top 8 Feature Match: Tahmid Zaman Vs. Darelle Lewis

Tahmid Zaman from Queens, NY playing Guu Dragons and Darelle Lewis from Waukegan, IL playing Karakuri Geargia! Darelle wins the die roll and will be going first in this Top 8 Feature Match.

Game 1:

Darelle opens with Maxx “C", Gozen Match, Mirror Force, Genex Ally Bird Man, Geargiano Mk-II and Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders. He sets Gozen and Mirror Force to end.

Tahmid opens with Sword banishing Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to search another Blaster and draw 2 new cards. He summons Mythic Tree Dragon and then special summons Mythic Water Dragon only to have Darelle activate Gozen Match! He sends Mythic Tree Dragon choosing to keep Water monsters on the field. He banishes Redox and Mythic Tree Dragon to Special summon Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, Searching Montage Dragon from the effect. Tidal attacks directly for 2600-5400. He ends with that.

Darelle 5,400-Tahmid 8,000

Darelle draws Upstart Goblin for his turn. He activates it to give 1000 to Tahmid and draws Geargiarmor. He sets the Geargiarmor to end his turn.

Darelle 5,400-Tahmid 9,000

Tahmid draws for turn. Sets one to his back row and passes.

Darelle draws Geargiarsenal for turn. He flip summons Geargiarmor and activates the effect to grab a Geargiaccelerator from his deck to his hand. He Special Summons Geargiaccelerator and uses both to Xyz Summon into Gear Gigant X. Gear Gigant X is spun back to the extra by Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Swift Scarecrow. Darelle thinks about his turn and then Normal Summons Geargiano MK-II to Special Summon back Geargiarmor. Redox is used to Special Summon back Geargiaccelerator. Both level 4’s are used to Gear Gigant X and search Swift Scarecrow. He attacks directly for 1000-8000 and passes.

Darelle 5,400-Tahmid 8,000

Tahmid draws to 5 cards in hand for turn. He activates Upstart Goblin to put Darelle back to 6400 and draw another card. Trade-In lets him send Mythic Water Dragon to grave to draw 2 more new cards. He sends 2 Tidal and a Redox to the grave to special summon Montage Dragon from his hand at 6300 attack! Swift Scarecrow and Tidal are banished for Redox and Darelle chains Maxx “C” giving him Call of the Haunted. Tidal searches a copy of itself from the effect. “If you have Mirror Force I’ll scoop.” says Tahmid. “Really?”, asks Darelle. He shows the Mirror Force and Tahmid scoops up his cards.

An early Gozen Match let’s Darelle take the advantage and control the game. Siding was quick and efficient on both sides with a little bit of talk about the sides. Tahmid will be going first in Game 2.

Game 2:

Tahmid opens us up in game 2 with Sword on Redox to draw 2 cards and searching another Redox for the effect. He sets 5 back row and passes his turn.

Darelle’s hand is Mirror Force, Geargiagear, Book of Moon, Karakuri Strategist MDL 248 “Nishipachi", MK-II and Gozen Match. He sets 4 cards to his back row and ends his turn.

Tahmid draws for turn and passes back but Darelle chains Geargiagear which resolves and lets him summon Geargiano and MK-II from his deck at level 4.

Darelle draws Maxx “C” for turn. He normal summons Nishipachi and turns MK-II to defense with the effect. He Synchros with Geargiano and Nishipachi into Karakuri Shogun MDL 00 “Burei" and Skill Drain is activated dropping Tahmid to 7000. He turns MK-II back to attack and attacks for a total of 3600-3400. He passes his turn with that.

Darelle 8,000-Tahmid 3,400

Tahmid draws for turn and then activates Reckless Greed to draw 2. Upstart comes down to give Darelle 1000-9000 and get another card to hand. Blaster comes down banishing Tidal and Redox, which Darelle chains Maxx “C” drawing Geargiarsenal, the dragon search copies of themselves. He attacks the Burei but is shut off by Book of Moon. He sets 3 back row and passes.

Darelle draws Mirror force for turn. He summons Geargiarsenal and attacks with Burei into Compulsory Evacuation Device sending it back to the Extra Deck. He sets Mirror Force and passes back play.

Tahmid can’t draw due to Reckless Greed. He Flip summons Blaster and attacks into Mirror Force. Tidal and Blaster are banished for Redox, searching Tidal and Flamvell Guard for the effects. Tahmid Normal Summons Guard and Darelle activates Gozen but it’s shut off by Trap Stun. Stardust Dragon is summoned and Tahmid passes back.

Darelle draws Solemn Warning for his turn. Sets it, turns Geargiaresenal to defense and ends.

Tahmid can’t draw again and attacks with Stardust into Mirror Force, which Stardust negates. At the end he tries to bring back Stardust but it’s negated by Solemn Warning.

Darelle draws another MK-II for turn summons it and Special Summons Geargiaccelerator. He used Geargiarsenal and Geargiaccelerator for Gem-Knight Pearl. Phoenix Wing Wind Blast is used on Pearl when he attacks. Darelle continues his attack dealing 1000-7000.

Darelle 9,000-Tahmid 7,000

Tahmid draws and Special Summons Blaster and attacks over an MK-II for 1800-7200.

Darelle 7,200-Tahmid 7,000

Darelle draws turns MK-II to defense. He sets Mystical Space Typhoon and Compulsory to end.

Tahmid draws and attacks over the other MK-II with Blaster then passes back to Darelle.

Darelle draws and sets Call of The Haunted.

Tahmid draws for his turn attacks directly and Darelle chains Call of The Haunted targeting Geargiaccelerator, Tahmid chains Trap Stun, Darelle Chains Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Tahmid Chains Return From The Different Dimension to end this Game 2 and taking us into Game 3!

Tahmid opens up with Skill Drain and lots of defensive traps to take Game 2 taking us into Game 3 in this Top 8 match.

Game 3:

Darelle opens Game 3 with 2 Gozen Match, Maxx “C", Mystical Space Typhoon, Geargiagear, Geargiaccelerator. He sets the 2 Gozen, Mystical SpaceTyphoon and Geargiagear to end.

Tahmid draws and activates Upstart Goblin giving 1000 to Darelle putting him at 9000 and drawing a new card. Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars comes down on Redox to draw 2 more and searching a Mythic Tree Dragon to hand. He sets 4 back row and passes back to Darelle. Darelle activates Mystical Space Typhoon hitting…Tahmid’s Return! He also activates Geargiagear getting Geargiano and MK-II at level 4 from deck to the field.

Darelle 9,000-Tahmid 8,000

Darelle draws another Mystical Space Typhoon for his turn. Gear Gigant X is Xyz Summoned but sent right back by Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Blaster. Mystical Space Typhoon is activated on a set Reckless Greed which is chained. Geargiaccelerator is Normal Summoned attacks for 1400-6600. He passes.

Darelle 9,000-Tahmid 6,600

Tahmid can’t draw due to Reckless Greed. He Normal Summons Mythic Tree Dragon and Darelle chains Maxx “C”. Tidal is activated sending Mythic Water Dragon from hand to send Redox from deck to grave. He passes back with that.

Darelle draws Genex Ally Bird Man for his turn. He Normal Summons it and Synchros into Burei. Burei’s effect lets him summon Karakuri Watchdog MDL 313 “Saizan" from his deck in Attack. Saizan attacks over the Mythic Tree Dragon for 500-6100 and directly for 2600-3500. He passes with that.

Darelle 9,000-Tahmid 3,500

Tahmid is on his last turn of Reckless. He reads Saizan reassuring himself of the effect. He banishes Redox and Mythic Tree Dragon to Special Summon Tidal, searching a Mythic Tree Dragon to hand. Tree is Normal Summoned and Darelle chains Gozen Match, Tahmid chains his set Mystical Space Typhoon but Darelle chains another Gozen! Mythic Tree Dragon is sent to the grave resolving Gozen. He attacks with Tidal crashing into Burei. He Special Summons back Blaster by banishing Mythic Tree Dragon and Mythic Water Dragon.

Darelle tops a Geargiano MK-II and summons it bringing back Geargiano. Saizan and MK-II are used to Synchro Summon into Burei. Burei’s effect brings Saizan to the field and Geargiano’s effect brings Geargiaccelerator back from the graveyard. Geargiaccelerator and Saizan are used to Synchro Summon into Scrap Dragon. Scrap Dragon’s effect is used to destroy Gozen and Blaster. Both of Darelle’s monsters attack directly for game!

Darelle Lewis draws Gozen Match all 3 games and it is the decisive factor in his win over Tahmid Zaman’s Guu Dragons. Darelle Lewis is moving to the Top 4 with his Karakuri Geargia deck!