Top 8: Luis Poma (Bujin) vs Jordano Ibrahim (Fire Trix)

Welcome to Top 8 Alter Reality Gamers! Jordano was a featured player from Day 1 where he dominated a Bujin deck in a quick 2-0 victory. Will he be able to pull out the same kind of game ending power that he did before? Or will Luis be able to show him just what the Bujin deck is actually made of? Let's get into the game!

Game 1:

Luis will start off the game by setting Solemn Warning and Kaiser Colosseum before summoning Bujin Yamato. In the End Phase Yamato added Bujin Mikazuchi to his hand before sending Bujingi Hare to the grave.

Jordano summoned Traptrix Myrmeleo but was stopped by Solemn Warning. He set 3 and ended his turn.

Luis 6000, Jordano 8000

Luis summoned Bujin Mikazuchi but fell into a Bottomless Trap Hole! Looks like Jordano didn’t need his Myrmeleo after all! When Yamato went to attack Jordano, Memory of an Adversary stole him away at the cost of 1800 life points!

Luis 6000, Jordano 6200

Jordano summoned Traptrix Dionaea, bringing back Myrmeleo in the process. Myrmeleo destroyed Luis’s set Kaiser Colosseum before attacking for 1700 damage and overlaying into Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk! Berserk used its effect to banish Bujingi Hare from the Graveyard.

Luis 4300, Jordano 6200

Luis summoned Bujingi Turtle and attacked over the berserking Rhapsody. In the end phase Yamato returned to Jordano’s field thanks to Memory of an Adversary.

Jordano played Fire Formation – Tenki and searched for a Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear. Bear came to the field and used its effect to destroy Bujingi Turtle. After attacking for 1600 and setting another Tenki he sent Luis’s own Yamato in to deal an additional 1800 damage, dropping Luis to 900 lifepoints. He then overlayed his two monsters for Daigusto Emeral and used its effect to shuffle back Rhapsody in Berserk and his two Traptrix monsters to draw a card. He set 1 to end his turn.

Luis 900, Jordano 5200

Luis drew Bujincarnation for his turn but watched it fall to Solemn Warning as soon as he played it. He banished Turtle to summon Bujin Hirume to the field before Normal Summoning another Turtle and overlaying into Evilswarm Exciton Knight! The Evilswarm monster blew up the entire field before Luis set 1 and ended his turn.

Luis 900, Jordano 3200

Jordano summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark and brought back Bear so he could overlay into Number 82: Heartlandraco and used its effect to attack directly for game!

Luis seemed to be in a pretty good position after that Exciton play, but a sneaky Heartlandraco stole away the day! Wolfbark being limited obviously doesn’t mean the end of the Fire Fist deck because Luis was just smashed by it! But that doesn’t mean he is down and out just yet as there is at least one more game to go! Perhaps the side deck is where the key to beating this +1 Engine lies.

Game 2:

Luis will start off by with a Tenki to add Yamato to his hand. He then sets one before sending Bujingi Hare to his Graveyard.

Jordano activated a Tenki of his own! Luis was ready though and activated Dust Tornado, destroying it and causing it to resolve without effect. He set 3 and passed his turn.

Luis Normal Summoned Mikazuchi, forcing out Torrential Tribute! Bujingi Hare took the fall for Yamato instead by banishing itself from the grave. Yamato then attacked for 1900 damage before sending another Hare to the grave in the End Phase.

Luis 8000, Jordano 6100

Jordano scooped up the game 2 turns in! Really not digging his hand, he decided its just better to move to game 3 and go first against a deck that needs its early game setup.

Game 3:

Jordano gets to start the duel for the first time this match by activating a Tenki and searching for Bear. He then uses Pot of Duality, revealing Soul Drain, Wiretap and Mystical Space Typhoon. After a short debate he decides on taking the MST before Normal Summoning Cardcar D and setting 4 backrow. He drew two cards to end his turn.

Luis started with Pot of Duality, revealing Ice Hand, Tenki and Hare. His decision took much longer than Jordano as he already had 3 Yamato in his hand, a Fire Hand and a Turtle. Too many monsters to be sure! He first turned away the Hare, then the Ice Hand before deciding on Tenki. He activates Tenki but loses it immediately to Jordano’s MST. He sets a monster before ending his turn.

Jordano summons yet another Cardcar D! He draws 2 more to end his turn with 9 combined cards.

Luis summons Bujin Yamato but falls into a Chaos Trap Hole at the cost of 2000 of Jordano’s life points!

Luis 8000, Jordano 6000

Jordano summoned Bear and used its effect to destroy Luis’s facedown Fire Hand. When Fire Hand tried to take its retribution, Debunk came down and stopped the play short. He then attacked for 1600 damage and searched for Wolfbark.

Luis 6400, Jordano 6000

Luis drew yet another monster for his turn, Mikazuchi, before normal summoning Ice Hand. He tried to start some shenanigans by attacking Bear, but lost out immediately to Dimensional Prison before ending his turn.

Jordano summoned Traptrix Dionaea and attacked for 3400 combined damage before searching for another Tenki and using it to grab another Bear. He overlayed his two monsters for Gagaga Cowboy and used his effect to deal an additional 800 damage before setting another card to end his turn.

Luis 2200, Jordano 6000

Luis scooped up the game after drawing yet another monster

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