Top Tech for Battlin’ Boxers

chad walshHey YuGiOh Community! Chad here once again with yet another article about the Battlin' Boxer archetype. Over the last month or so, I've given you an introduction to the Battlin' Boxers and I've covered all of the new support announced for the Battlin' Boxers up to Shadow Specters. My topic of this article, as you can see by the tittle, is different tech cards you can put into the deck right now since we don't have shadow specters yet. To be honest, even if we had the new support I think I really wouldn't even use the new stuff. Anyways, without further adieu let's get right into the  cards I'll be covering which are cards that I've tested on Dueling Network, DevPro, and in reality, and then at the end of the article I'll show you guys the results of my testing with various tech cards and such. And now for the first card...right after this...

Quick Question: What's your play style like? Do you prefer summoning big guys and protecting them or comboing off and winning quickly? My personal play style is to summon big guys like lead yoke and protect them for a while, however I do like to experiment with other decks, and right now I'm also using wind-ups to experiment with the new combos and stuff. Remember to answer the quick question in the comments below if you want to.  Now for the first tech card...

PhotonThrasher-BP02-EN-MSR-1EPhoton Thrasher. Not very much to explain. pretty much standard tech for any warrior deck, and I have a picture to the left so with that we really don't need to go into much detail. All you really need to know is that with photon thrasher in your hand, if you open right, you can put a big monster on the field on the first turn, such as Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Star Cestus, Number C105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus, or even something like Shock Master or Utopia Ray/Utopia Ray V.


Anyways, the next card, to the right, that I want to talk about is Thunder King Rai-Oh. While this deck does search somewhat, it does have quite a hard time with match-ups like prophecy that search a lot and this could severely slow those match-ups down and possibly give you an edge against your opponent, and 1900 attack isn't bad either.

When you play thunder king in the deck you have to play really smart so you can slow down your opponent some what,, but you have to be careful not to shut down your searching with stuff like duality and reinforcements of the army.

The next card, is somewhat obvious why it's in the deck, but most people don't understand why it's in the deck. Take a look...


Yup, Circle of the Fire Kings, most people would expect it to be in something like a fire King or Hazy Flame or Fire Fist deck, but surprisingly it works really well in Battlin' Boxers because (ready for this) they are all FIRE attribute. One of the best ways this can be used to maximum advantage in a  Battlin' Boxer deck is to use it while you have Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw on your field. This will cause glassjaw's effect to go off, and you'll get a free special summon of another fire attribute, and you'll be able to add a Battlin' Boxer from your graveyard to your hand  such as switchitter, which if played right could get you a free xyz summon so basically for the price of two cards you get a free card to your hand and a new better monster on the field, and it could only get better from there.

Well, that's all the tech I've tested in the main deck other than hand traps, and honestly the only hand trap you really need depending on your build is Maxx "C". So with that, it's time to reveal the current build I've been testing

One final note before the deck list, if you guys have any ideas for tech cards or any comments or concerns, you can leave them in the comment's section below.


Battlin' Boxers 2.0

Main Deck: 41

Monsters: 17

3 Battlin' Boxer Switchitter

3 Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw

3 Battlin' Boxer Sparrer

3  Battlin' Boxer Counterpunch

1 Battlin' Boxer Headgear

2 Photon Thrasher

2 Maxx "C"


Spells:  14

Dark Hole

Heavy Storm

Monster Reborn

Foolish Burial

Reinforcement of the Army

The Warrior Returning Alive

Magnum Shield (Note: equip spell released in LTGY that depending on battle position increases that stat by the opposite. i.e  attacck added to defense)

Rank-Up Magic Barian's Force (side not about Barian"s Force: this can be used to rank up monsters one rank higher of the same type, however if you have a different monster on the field, you can still rank up. The xyz just won't have the additional effect. For example, ranking up a rank 4 warrior to a rank 5 like Utopia Ray V or C105. you can use any warrior such as blade armor ninja into comet cestus.)

2 Mystical Space Typhoon

2 Circle of the Fire Kings

2 Pot of Duality


Traps: 10

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

2 Call of the Haunted

2 Compulsory Evacuation Device (can be swapped for something like mirror force or threatening roar)

2 Fiendish Chain

2 Torrential Tribute


Extra Deck: 15

3 Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke

Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Star Cestus

Number C105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus

Heroic Champion - Excalibur

Heroic Champion - Gandiva

Blade Armor Ninja

Number 16: Shock Master

Abyss Dweller

Maestroke, The Symphony Djinn

Number C39: Utopia Ray V

Number 39 Utopia

At this point, we have two open spots in the extra deck for whatever you want, however I suggest a Gem-Knight Pearl and an Evilswarm Ouroboros until we get Number Hunters on Friday, and when we do get it, I would recommend Comics Hero King Arthur and CXyz: Comics Hero Legends Arthur.


You've seen my tech choices and my current deck list, not much else to talk about. If you have any ideas for other articles I can do about these guys leave a comment below. For example, an article about combos that can be done with Battlin' Boxers. Anyways (I'm saying that a lot, lol), that's gonna do it for me. So until next time duelist, play hard or go home!



  • your mom

    You are fucking retarded. Kill yourself

  • Andrew Bergen

    literally the worst

  • Anonymous

    Spellcheck. I stopped reading at ‘tittle’. If you’re writing for a professional site, at least do that much. SMDH.

  • Zach Cuddy

    This deck is missing some of its major meat. The deck lacks a true bossmonster that can be easly summoned so why not add one? It requires Blaster and as nice as Thunder king is against the meta choices it would be better to have other options. One of the largest weakness to this deck is how much Big Eye truly hurts it. If they take your Lead they will make sure you will not get the effect of your glassjaw on top of having a very hard to get over monster. Creature Swap fix’s this problem to the point that it will even allow you to plus. Creature swap while having a Glassjaw to not only add a monster from your graveyard back to your hand but to also (more then likey) get a free swing at them directly with thier own monster!. As for before when I mentioned boss monsters High Avatar fits it perfectly. You can ditch it with Blaster so having it stuck in your hand does very little to truly effect you. But my largest issue with your Article is that you are main decking 3 counter punchs. Counter Punch is a terrible card for this deck. Battle Boxers are not afraid of losing in a man fight against an opponents monster. Counter punch slows the deck when it could be a very Scary deck. Same with Magnum Shield. It seems you are putting all of your eggs in one basket praying your opponent has no backrow,but that will not be the case.

    -1 Brains force

    -2 Pot of duality (Has no purpose being in this deck.)

    -1 Magnum Shield

    -3 Counter punch.

    -2 Photons (should be sided for Shockmaster Turbo.Mixed with the new butterspy which allows this deck to first turn Shockmaster like crazy.

    Your Goal in this deck should be to play an xyz or boss monster and then wait as your opponent has to waste cards minusing themselfs to destory it then making your comeback with your hand that is sitll intact.

    • Dylan

      You’re right that running 3 counterpunch is pretty bad but your advice to drop all of them is even worse. He should just drop 1 of them, the deck won’t always be an advantageous position where it doesn’t need counterpunch.

      • Zach Cuddy

        Counterpunch is a waste of a card in this deck. As of right now what good does it do? Lead is a 2200/3000/3800 beater. Thier should not be a card in yugioh beating you on attack points that is played enough in the meta to call for you using a card that is a waste in your hand. Whats better in your hand a counter punch or lance (Lance). Whats better in your hand an Onslaught or a Counter punch…Im pretty Sure most players would rather have almost anything than the counter punch in this deck.

        • AliasNorth

          This is a good comment. Give you props. You’re right that nothing played in the meta is near Lead’s range. But instead of Lance, how about Dress to beat out Big Eye?

          • Zach Cuddy

            lance was just an example. Personally I use Creature swap to beat big eye. Summon lead 2200 attack They Big eye it thats fine Onslaught or any of my many board wipes. Attack over Bigeye/destory etc. Play Glassjaw or headgear preciede to plus then take my monster back with Creature swap attack the Glassjaw I summoned or headgear. Glass dies I add a card to my hand from grave, then I get a replay for direct Damage.

          • AliasNorth

            Creature Swap is a great idea but most of the time, if you’re playing against a good player and they summon Big Eye, it could either be game that turn or you’re going to get hit by EEV.

          • kaifeiyu

            why not MAIN deck imperial iron wall? You may have to take out bottomless or d-prison or counterpunch (but that’s bad anyways). In exchange you stop your opponent’s d-prisons, cripples dragons, and stop spellbook of fate. Why not?

          • AliasNorth

            Maindecking very specific hate for a single matchup has almost never been a good idea, since it weakens you in other matchups. So far, this format has no defined metagame, with T1 being contested by everything from Blackwings to Zombies. Those 2-3 spots for Imperial Iron Wall could be better used for Fiendish Chain, Mirror Force, or Maxx “C”, all effective in many more matchups than Imperial Iron Wall is. We have a side deck for a reason.

        • Alexander Boukal

          other better cards to have in hand are overlay regen and ufo turtle.

      • Alexander Boukal

        actually no he should drop 2 or all of them because yes it helps the player get over stuff but blaster would do better for it can be used more frequently.

  • Dylan

    Circle of the Fire Kings causes Battlin’ Boxer Glassjaw to miss timing.

    • Rio Fernando

      No it doesn’t
      Both eff (Special summon and destroy) happens simulatinously

    • Joel Lopez

      circle says “and if you do” it does not state “then” so it does not miss the timing

  • duelist12369

    can you stop writing for ARG?

    • Chad Walsh

      why you don’t like fun decks like Battlin’ Boxers? Are you one of those Meta Slaves who can’t stop playing Dragons or Prophecy? If you are then mind your own business.

      • Johnny Site Li

        I think it has more to do with the quality of writing rather than the deck choice

      • John

        Its pretty just your content. This article was just an awful awful write-up for Battlin boxers. It makes me wonder if you even bothered to test this deck at all before writing this shocking piece.

        You main 3 counterpunch when its pretty much the boxer you never want to draw. You play JUST ONE headgear when it pretty much critical to the success of any battlin boxer deck as it allows you to set-up your grave early game and use glassjaw to plus later.

        Honestly, does ARG have no-one to check the quality of the articles they put out???

      • duelist12369

        Meta slaves? Ok now just get the fuck out.

      • Alan Davies

        The fact that ALL THREE of your Yu-gi-oh articles have been about Battlin’ Boxers and the fact that all three are bad is hilarious. Maybe you should stick to writing about Cardfight Vanguard, whatever that is. At least I won’t know the difference if those articles are terrible.