Tyler Tabman’s YCS Philadelphia Top 16 Report: A Take on Final Countdown

How’s it going guys, I don’t think many of you know me so I’ll take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Tyler Tabman and I’ve been playing this game for about 3 years now. After starting to attend YCS’s May of last year and after 3 YCS Bubbles I got my first YCS top at YCS Chicago with Gravekeepers! Proceeding this, I took Final Countdown to YCS Philly and went undefeated in Swiss ending in 1st place taking the deck all the way to top 16 to get my second top - back to back. I know many of you have been very curious over this deck and how it did so well, and I will try to address most of what I can in this article. First off I’ll go over the tournament report, followed by some deck analysis, reasons for playing it and so on, lastly finishing the article off with defending the good name of people who play these “Cheesy” or “Unfair” decks. I can’t really tell until it’s actually posted, but this article seems VERY long, so be forewarned.

Here’s my report, read it all before you hate.

Before the event:
After my top with Gravekeepers, I still felt like the deck was a good meta call considering it could consistently stand up to rabbit and dragons, with a fairly decent Inzektor matchup. However, I soon realized this would no longer be the case with the release of two cards in GAOV: Cardcar D, and Inzektor ladybug. Cardcar D would allow my opponents to gain too much advantage for me to fight back, and Inzektor Ladybug created way too much versatility for the Inzektor deck. Having to account for a first turn Tiras Keeper of Genesis as well was more than I could handle – forcing you to keep in suboptimal cards such as Gravekeeper’s Guard or Compulsory Evacuation Device just to stand a chance.

With nothing really else to go on, I desperately turned to Inzektors myself, finding Safe Zone and Call of the Haunted along with Inzektor Ladybug a very strong deck of choice. Alas, I found myself not being able to win more than 60% of the time vs Dragons or Rabbit, or even the mirror for that matter. Wednesday at locals I sit down and tell a fellow local and friend Jesse Choate my dilemma, his reply is “Play countdown, it won Argentina nats, here’s the stuff”, and proceeded to throw down a bunch of commons and rares on the table. It seemed like a good deck in theory, why not! I go home and look up the decklist to the guy who won in Argentina, I find that the decklist could be a lot better then what it already was – and if he won nationals with that, why couldn’t I do just as well after making some improvements?

The way the meta was forming, it looked like Inezktors, Dragons, and Heros would more or less be an auto-win with Dino Rabbit being the only true contender. Decree is the only thing in other decks that can stop me, so 3 mst’s and a heavy should handle that nicely, and just pray I don’t play against Samurais or Karakuri! After basing every card choice on theory alone with literally 0 playtesting, I ran around all day Friday and Saturday morning to pick up the missing pieces from my deck (which are very hard to find when it’s all old commons and rares). I made sure to write down and keep my lifepoints this time to help better recall my matches – but honestly with countdown not every match was very interesting!

To start off, here’s my decklist
Monsters: 9
3 Cardcar D
3 Swift Scarecrow
1 Sangan
1 Morphing Jar
1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
Spells: 16
3 Final Countdown
3 One Day of Peace
3 Gold Sarcophagus
3 Upstart Goblin
3 Pot of Duality
1 Dark Hole
Traps: 15
3 Threatening Roar
3 Waboku
3 Thunder of Ruler
3 Frozen Soul
3 Hope for Escape
Sidedeck: 15
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm
3 Lava Golem
3 Golden Ladybug
3 Secret Barrel
2 Poison of the Old Man
Extra deck: 2
1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
1 Elemental HERO The Shining

Round 1: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. ( Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: I stall for 20 turns – Dragons have no maindecked answers.
Life points : 8000-6000-5000-4000-3000
Game 2: He sets a monster and 3 backrow. A clutch heavy storm turn 1 saves me the game as I hit an Eradicator Epidemic Virus which would have been trouble next turn!
Life points: 8000-6300-4700-2700-1700
Record : 1-0

Round 2: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. (Inzektors)
Game 1: After using both of his Mystical Space Typhoons turn 1 in the endphase, I’m able to comfortably set one trap stall at a time without fear of getting blasted by MST and attacked for game. Although I try to hurry it along my opponent takes a very long time per move and the game goes past 20 minutes.
Life points: 8000-6000-4000-3000
Game 2: I activate countdown with 17minutes on the clock, so even if he takes 2 minutes per turn (8 of his turns x 2 = 16 + 6 turns for time = 22) I should still be able to win. I don’t remember the facts of the actual game, but I know I had this game won the entire time, however he was somehow able to stall out a good 15 minutes on only turn 12. I couldn’t risk him taking another 2 minutes for next turn so I quickly scooped up the game and went to my sidedeck with 2 minutes on the clock.
He never presented his deck so the match went to a draw. Oh well.
Life points: 8000-6000-5000
Record: 1-0-1

Round 3: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. Joe Bogli – 2011 Worlds Qualifer (Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Once again, chaos dragons is my easiest matchup, especially game 1. I believe I get off a pretty big hope for the escape in the game considering my low life points.
Life Points: 8000-6600-4800-3800-1800-800
Game 2: I believe he hit something with reaper turn 1 which got me kinda worried, but he couldn’t capitalize much. He got out Dark Armed at some point, but I had more cards then he had darks in the grave anyway so I was able to comfortably fill up my backrow and win the game.
Lifepoints: 8000-7700-5700
Record: 2-0-1

Round 4: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. (Chain Burn)
Game 1: He’s playing chainburn.. I obviously lose. I actually came somewhat close to winning this game because he dead drew a bunch of cylinders and dimensional walls. But I lost on like turn 16. First game one I lost all day until t16!
Lifepoints: 6000-5000-4200-1400-0
Game 2: I knew chainburn would be hard so I made sure to side properly, 2 poisons and 3 ladybugs. I opened with a ladybug, eventually drew a second and there was no way he could deal 14000+ damage. A triple just deserts play for 6k just brought me back to full. He actually sided into inzektors and took out some generic stuff, so I had to deal with the threat of inzektors attacking/otk PLUS the constant threat of being chain-burned. Very scary matchup.
Lifepoints: 8000-8500-9000-7000-7500-9200-10200-11200-12200-13400-14400-8400-9400-10400-8000-9000
Game 3: We started the game with about 3-5min on the clock and I knew it would be a grind and obv would have to win in time. He has a bunch of burn + inzektors but if I could get a ladybug loop going quick I could take it. I turn one Gold Sarc for ladybug and he couldn’t put on much pressure. I was able to get off 2 secret barrels for 1800 then 2200, and after drawing the second ladybug it sealed the victor in time. I actually had gorz in hand too on his last turn in time which could of reflected some of the burn damage if I needed to.
His lifepoints (since it’s relevant) : 6200-4000
Record: 3-0-1

Round 5: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. Christopher Flores – 1st place SJC Durham (Dino Rabbit)
Game 1: I don’t really remember much, other than he didn’t open rabbit so I was fine.
Lifepoints: 6000-4100-2200-1200
Game 2: I’m in complete control the majority of this game and have 3+ stall cards by turn 8 or so plus dark hole and some other stuff. He has a zenmaines and scrap dragon. Next turn he goes laggia, I lava golem zenmaines and laggia, then dark hole. I dead draw another countdown and something else for 2 turns so I really need to draw another stall in a turn or two. I Gold Sarc for scarecrow. He has 3 backrow on turn 13 and I heavy. Next turn he draws, uses avarice, goes into dolka and sets 2. He flips decree unfortunately, after I used my heavy the turn before. I set a scarecrow, draw a trap, and he drops BLS to finish me next turn. We have like 45seconds on the clock so I side quickly.
Lifepoints: 8000-6000-5000-100-0
Game 3: I reveal ladybug turn 1.
Lifepoints: 8500-9000-9500
Record: 4-0-1

Round 6: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. (Heros)
Game 1: Turn one he solemns countdown, putting me in terrible shape. My hope for escapes and frozen souls are dead, and now I need another countdown. I’m at 3800 and Gold Sarc for countdown, I consider Gold Sarcing for 2 of them to play around bribe just in case, but realized I couldn’t pay 4k so if he had bribe then he had bribe I guess. He didn’t have it and he wasn’t able to clinch an endphase MST on me.
Lifepoints: 8000-6000-3800-1800
Game 2: He didn’t have solemn this time and it went pretty smooth.
Lifepoints: 8000-6000-4100-3100
Record: 5-0-1

Round 7: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. (Chaos Dragons)
Sorry the rest of my matches vs chaos dragons are going to be pretty boring. I don’t remember much.
Game 1: Countdown > Dragons
Game 2: See game 1
Record: 6-0-1

Round 8: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. Andrew Martin – Ended up getting 2nd place (Chaos Dragons)
Real nice guy, glad he did as well as he did.
Game 1: I resolved a Cardcar D and drew into another. He made a bounzer knowing that bounzer is the only thing in his deck to remotely stop me. Unfortunately it didn’t matter and I had a lot of other stall cards.
Lifepoints: 6000-5000-4000
Game 2: I turn one Gold Sarc for countdown to his set monster. I hated wasting stall cards when I knew it was a ryko or I’d get lyla’d, so I thought for once I’d chance not setting it. Of course I get punished for it and he drops me down to 400 so I scoop having no win condition.
Lifepoints: 8000-400
Luckily game one went quick enough that I could scoop game 2 and actually win with countdown g3. I could of tried stalling out g2 so g3 would go into time, but I knew we could have a fair g3 so opted to let the 20minutes left on the clock play out.
Game 3: He didn’t even play a monster until his 3rd turn and couldn’t draw decree.
Lifepoints: 8000-6000-5000
Record: 7-0-1

Round 9: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. (Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Nothing too special happened.
Lifepoints: 8000-6000-4300-3300
Game 2: About the same, I showed him a few stall cards around turn 14 and he scooped. He didn’t side decrees so he kinda gave up when he saw he was playing me lol.
Lifepoints: 8000-6000-3500-2500
Record: 8-0-1

I was ranked 4th at the end of day one and I knew who I was playing round 10 since we were the only x-0-1’s left and there were only 2 other undefeated’s. This was the best I’ve done at a YCS so I was pretty excited to see how my next 2 rounds went. Even though ranked 4th, I wouldn’t top actually if I lost my next 2.

Round 10: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. (Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: It came down to me topping dark hole, a dead countdown, gorz, then Gold Sarc almost all in a row when I needed a stall card badly around turn 12. I top another Gold Sarc and cry.. then Gold Sarc for a second one day of peace. He has 2x pulsar, Red eyes, and a tour guide. He goes into leviathan, and attacks.. I almost had a heart attack. I drop gorz and he can’t kill both the token and gorz with 2 pulsars. Had he gone ANYTHING other than leviathan, or even went into bounzer I would of lost that game.
Lifepoints: 8000-6000-5000-2500
Game 2: I turn one Gold Sarc for scarecrow. He goes tourguide and I cry on the inside. He goes gigabrilliant and I just let out a huge sigh of relief. Next turn he goes into another tourguide! And yet, goes for leviathan.. thank god he never went leviar. He flips decree but I dig for mst after stalling with a one day of peace and duality/scarecrow ect and proceed to win.
Lifepoints: 8000-6000-3900-1900-900
Record: 9-0-1

At this point I’m guaranteed to top and so is my next opponent (who’s 10-0), but I really wanted to win – coming 1st in swiss with countdown would be awesome.

Round 11: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. (Inzektors)
Game 1: I drew pretty good with at least one scarecrow and one day of peace. I think he used an endphase MST at one point but I had the scarecrow.
Lifepoints: 8000-6000
Game 2: I drew 2 scarecrows and one day of peace. It was pretty shaky after he used solemn, but luckily I didn’t dead-draw anything so I had the 2 scarecrows to protect me from his endphase ragieki break and MST. Out of all the people I played this weekend he was probably the most knowledgeable on what to do vs countdown decks. I just happened to have all the answers, props to him.
Lifepoints: 6000-5000-3200
Record: 10-0-1

Yes! 1st in Swiss! Having bubbled 3 times before and then finally winning on the bubble at Chicago, I never would of thought I would top going undefeated. It felt pretty good but I knew there was still all of top32 ahead of me.. I almost wanted to lose r11 knowing I’d be placed against somebody who barely made 32nd, and thus would probably something rouge that would beat me. WHAT DO YOU KNOW, I go against probably the ONLY person who happens to maindeck 3 confiscations! Not really, but he played inzektors with 3 smoke grenade, so close enough!

We talk about how it really comes down to the draws, and if he doesn’t draw it I win and if he does he wins. I pretty much agree, there’s not much I can do to that type of hand disruption at the wrong time.

Top 32: Tyler Tabman (Final countdown) vs. (Inzektors)
Game 1: He wasn’t able to put on any pressure and after resolving some +1’s my hand consists of 3 one day of peace AND 3 scarecrow. I ended up setting cardcar D because there it was pretty useless… he scoops by turn 14.
Lifepoints: 8000-6000-4400-3400
Game 2: He solemns my countdown turn 1 and it’s all downhill from there. I’m able to survive for another 10 turns or so but I can’t get enough resources back and lose fairly swiftly.
Lifepoints: 6000-5700-3200-2200
Game 3: There’s about 5minutes on the clock so obviously I sided into “win in time”. As soon as he saw that I sided into lifepoint gain he instantly stared down the clock. I ended up getting a secret barrel off and that sealed the game once I revealed scarecrow and one day of peace.

Top 16: Tyler Tabman (Final Countdown) vs. Oliver Tomajko (Dino Rabbit)
Game 1: He opens laggia sets a few. I Gold Sarc into countdown and set threatening, which gets MST’d. He goes second rabbit into dolkka. Next turn I draw another countdown... great. I use it to bait laggia’s negation and it works. I use dark hole – but he has the lance for dolkka. I have a hope for the escape play and another countdown so I could stall out another 10+ turns probably, but my life was too low to use the 2nd countdown so I scoop no longer having a win condition.
Lifepoints: 8000-5600-3600-1700

Game 2: I open countdown and stall cards so I’m pretty confident I have this game. Around turn 10 however he flips up decree after summoning dolkka, and hope is looking pretty bleak. I use my one day of peace, have to set both my scarecrows, and don’t draw an out as I get beat down around turn 16 or so. It was a good run.

Thought it was kinda funny how I get 1st out of 1501 people, and end up losing to probably the youngest person there (11 years old). Definitely not mad about it though, he’s a smart kid and a good player. If I was going to lose I knew it would be to Dino-Rabbit.

For my decklist, I thought everything was pretty much solid. The only things I would change is cardcar D for either battle fader or jar of greed, cardcar d got hit by warning AND veiler, while fader would only be subject to one, and jar of greed (or legacy) wouldn’t be hit by anything. I don’t really know which at this point. Other changes would be probably main 1 lava golem and move gorz to the side. Other than that, everything did it’s job pretty well, including the side deck.

Now, to the second part of this article! I could separate them but I don’t think this is very stand-alone.
So first off, you need to know how to play the deck in order to be successful with it. I’m not saying somebody can’t ignorantly go into a tournament and beat you, but to actually top that event – they need to know what they’re doing. Rulings such as frozen soul and thunder ruler you need to make sure you know before the event. As Frazier Smith said “It takes skill to BEAT it maybe but certainly not skill to play it”. While his statement has its merits, I certainly disagree. Being the person playing countdown, you must for one know how to beat your own deck, and then play around the holes that they might exploit. For example, one could say it takes ‘skill’ to conserve your MST until the right time in the endphase. Well in the same manner, I recognized that players would conserve their MST’s vs me and so I would have a few options: 1) Set thunder ruler/frozen soul combo if I expect an MST, 2) Conserve my scarecrows for ONLY MST’s, keep setting one until they MST, use scarecrow and repeat, and 3) Bait MST’s with dead countdowns or double-set when I can bait it with hope for the escape. It’s not that I’m saying any of these plays are terribly complicated, but I certainly had to think about almost every play I made. One wrong bluff or read and I lose the game. And that’s EVERY turn.

You must also judge the meta. I called this deck a meta call for a reason and I stand by that reason. I knew beforehand that the meta would consist of heros, dragons, dino rabbit, and inzektors. If I happened to play wind-ups or samurais, then so be it – I’ll take the loss. Dino Rabbit was probably the hardest out of the 4, but it was by no means an auto-lose matchup. However, the most popular deck – chaos dragons – was almost surely an auto-win matchup. If I took this deck to YCS Atlanta with wind ups and Rabbit running rampant, there’s ABSOLUTLEY no way I would have topped. Chaos dragons had changed the meta, and it happened to be one that favored a deck such as Final Countdown.

Those are two of the reasons I believe success with Final Countdown (and decks such as chain burn) should not be discredited. Unless of course they only top once it might just be a fluke, but don’t be so quick to judge. Next, playing this type of deck should not be frowned upon at all. If EVERYBODY played them, then a quick change of your sidedeck would turn those matches into easy victories. Either prepare yourself or risk the off chance you’ll play one – don’t get mad at the person for playing a deck, it’s just a card game guys. Given that I knew how to play the deck and I saw it was fit for the meta, why would I not play it?

Kristopher Perovic (Creator of Diamond Dude Turbo) sums everything up very nicely in his reply to Nizar
‎”Nizar, two things: 1. it takes some skill to know when to set dead Countdowns, Frozen Souls, etc. and bait removal. You have to know when to summon and bait Warnings so as to make sure Faders go through, depending on the build. (Tyler Tabman ran 3 CCD, Gorz, Hole, and MJar whereas I use 3 Metaion 3 Fader.) In this regard it really is all about outplaying your opponent. No one could have had success at PA with Countdown if they didn't do this. You also have to be patient enough to save Scarecrows and One Day of Peaces until the final turns. You also have to be aware of the card pool and rulings, i.e. Thunder of Ruler is cool to set next to a Frozen Soul, etc. In short, I think that it's about as much of an auto-pilot deck as Rabbit is, for what it’s worth. Nothing is complicated about summoning a Rabbit t1 in my opinion…”

That covers the base of the ‘skill’ argument, and the next part of his response justifies playing this type of deck extremely accurately, in my opinion.

“… 2. You can give your opponents a fair chance all you want and that's your right when you decide what to run for yourself. But to be honest, for me, I think that's a stupid mentality and I would never want to do that. If I could have a 90% win-rate against Dragons/Inzektors, why should I settle for anything less? Because they aren't going to shake my hand? That didn't stop me from playing DDT when everyone else was playing Monarchs, and it shouldn't have stopped Tyler from running Countdown.”

To emphasize the last part “That didn't stop me from playing DDT when everyone else was playing Monarchs, and it shouldn't have stopped Tyler from running Countdown.” I could not agree with this more. You’re always trying to get the edge on your opponent when you go into an event. Nobody goes into an event thinking “How can I beat my opponents successfully while still giving them a fair chance?” Triple Gateway sams, cat sabers, fish OTK and so on are all examples of decks that take almost no interaction with the opponent maybe 50% of the time. Just because my win condition isn’t attacking, doesn’t mean my deck is any more ‘unfair’ then any of the ones I listed.

In short, I gave you guys my tournament report, brief explanation on card choices and some insight on how to play the deck properly as well as my reasons for playing the deck. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. That’s all I got for today, I know it was long so congrats to you if you read through it all. I hope all of you enjoyed it, stay tuned ARG readers and remember, play hard or go home!



  • SlasheR22

    Surprised no one has noted this is the same guy that just topped the American WCQ with Wind-Ups!

  • Chris

    Can someone please answer my questions above? 😉

  • HEY DO U mind putting a match on youtube of u playing countdown for us to see we would all deeply enjoy it

  • damn congrats on topping with final countdown! i was really shocked this deck actually topped something lol

  • St.th

    My final countdown has trouble vs dark world….should i side any gemini imps or what? DD VIRUS does the most damage because i run mystic piper cyber valley battle fader swift scarecrow zero gardna etc

  • Chris

    Another thing which you also said in your deck profile videos is that you can activate frozen soul on endphase MSTs. I didn’t got the point. if I set a trap in my turn and the opponent activates and endphase MST in MY turn…i cant activate it. its a trap. traps cant be activated in turns when you just set them…
    excuse me if my question is not appropiate 😉

  • Chris


    congrats on your impressive top 16 at philly!

    but i want to ask you something about thunder of ruler and frozen soul.
    when you activate thunder of ruler your opponent cannot CONDUCT his next battle phase. frozen soul skips his next battle phase. so i can image that they stack on together. but you said that if you activate 1 thunder of ruler and 2 frozen souls they will stack together that the opponent cant attack the next 3 turns! but if you have 2 frozen souls – isnt there the effect like with 2 reckless greed. i mean that it is the same if you activate on or 2, they both aim the same?

    Thanks for your help 😉

    • until otherwise stated, the ruling is that both thunder + frozen and frozen + frozen stack with eachother, working differently than reckless.

      • Chris

        okay, all the better 😉

        it would be great if you could answer my next question: what are you exactly doing in game 3? If there are 5 minutes until the time out. are you siding out final countdown as it is reducing your lp? and you just want to get over the time because there is no chance to play 20 turns? with golden ladybug and poison of the old man you are increasing your lp; with secret barrel you decrease your lp…
        lava golem is i think a bad card in the main deck because its counterproductive as you are decreasing your opponents lp and then you cant use hope for escape and frozen soul. but its great for game 3 i think. when you are siding in lava golem for dino rabbit to get laggia down the well, are you siding then hope for escape and frozen soul out?

        thank you for answering my questions! 😉

  • Dan Walker

    Why no Heavy Storm in the Main Deck? It’s pretty good when used unexpectedly, furthermore if you save it and use it when you think they have a bluff MST it gives you a great advantage.

    Also, im sure you ran 1 Pyro Clock of Destiny. Thoughts on this card?

    • Chris

      I would say that Pyro Clock Destiny isnt that good for that deck… imagine if you would have another stall card like threatening roar on your hand. it would give you another turn to stall the opponents attack –> so you would move your turn count about 2!
      Thats just my point of view… 😉

      • It’s not only about turn count.. you need to stay alive. Pyro clock is terrible.

  • Colton Searls

    whats the purpose of elemental hero the shining? i saw no super polymerizations or heros or regular polys….. but i’m hoping to run this deck one day 🙂

  • John

    Hey Tyler,

    I feel like we have very similar philosophies about running rogue decks. Do you have any advice on running chain burn? Certain cards that I should run/not run? I seem to be on the bubble a lot but I just don’t think I have the “final” deck ready yet, but I think with a little help I can get there.

    • I don’t think I’d take chain burn to an event any time soon, hard to say. I don’t run the deck so you’re asking the wrong person lol.

  • RKO

    Hey man

    Congrats on the top 16. I love seeing a fellow FC player doing so well (the deck I run is similar to yours with the exception of running lava golem over gorz and 3 faders over the cardcar Ds….I did try out your idea with the 3 jars of greed…Honestly fader works better IMO. I just tend to use him before some of the better traps with one of them on the field cuz he can be solemned so easy.)

    I do have to laugh at all the negative comments about the deck you seem to be getting. takes no skill? These people really need to look up the definition of skill. This kinda deck makes you think outside of just what cards you play. You have to try to get a read on your opponent try to figure out when that decree is gonna hit or that endphase MST. Be ready to counter that. Have to manage your cards in your hand to always be ready to counter their counters. This deck while a pain for your opponent against a good player isnt the easiest to play…Which is why you doing so well with it was so impressive.

    People consider that mindless and autopilot when they consider “summon rabbit…laggia…oh look i win” or “Wind up loop…oh look you have no hand…hope you can topdeck like a champ” or even “Inzektors…Oh look you have no backrows no monsters and I have 8k worth of damage in one turn…Hope you got Gorz”…Those are considered skillful decks. These loops seems really complex but you can just read what to do of a bit of paper, true skilled people can play them better but they are by no means anywhere close to a deck that requires skill to use.

    Hmm I sorta went of topic there.. Just irks me when people kill this mindless and call the top decks the skillful ones.

    Nice work with a deck worth probably less than 100 bucks…Godda love taking out those people who spent 1000s on their decks.

    Grats again man

    • The funny thing is I own tour guides/zenmaines rabbits ect., I just chose not to use them.

  • Ehero87

    Does anyone know if for US nationals the ruling for frozen would and thunder of ruler stacking will still be true?
    Also does photon bouncer stop battle fader effect?

    Tyler gratz on the top. people have always put down these types of decks. Don’t see how 10 turns to figt back is worst than the good old’ days of last turn and stein otk. Stein was so out of control I’m sure you all remember the emergency ban. Anyway gratz and hope you do good at nationals. One question: what changes would you make for nats and what’s your reasoning? And if car car d is so susceptible to veiler and warning wha about reckless greed or yata/jar of greed in its place?

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if for US nationals the ruling for frozen would and thunder of ruler stacking will still be true?
    Also does photon bouncer stop battle fader effect?

    Tyler gratz on the top. people have always put down these types of decks. Don’t see how 10 turns to figt back is worst than the good old’ days of last turn and stein otk. Stein was so out of control I’m sure you all remember the emergency ban. Anyway gratz and hope you do good at nationals. One question: what changes would you make for nats and what’s your reasoning? And if car car d is so susceptible to veiler and warning wha about reckless greed or yata/jar of greed in its place?

  • I Play Yugioh On Motorcycles

    bah, open up two rescue rabbits. anyone can win with that.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you on topping, but basically, what you have effectively done is bring light to a deck that everyone hates playing against. Countdown is very different to the meta decks like rabbits/inzektors/dragons because they all win by getting their opponents lp to 0, not some degenerate strategy. Also, you can always stop meta decks plays, but countdown doesn’t even have any plays after they activate countdown and most of the cards in your deck become relatively useless(the number depending on the build of countdown). Also, I now have to give up 2 spots in my already amazingly tight side deck for these degenerate decks, and thats pretty annoying considering all the other decks there are to side against. So congrats on the top, and i think you are a good player and i even love gks right now, but, countdown is a deck that can ruin your entire event by versing it because of people stalling for time (along with the already stupid deck of course).

    • You proved my point entirely. You said the deck has a ‘degenerate’ strategy because my win condition is not reducing my opponents lp to 0. My point was: Why is that a degenerate win condition?
      You did not provide an explanation other than “the cards in my deck become usless”. Isn’t that what every deck is designed to do? Create something where the opponent has few answers. I know I do. I’m not sure how you build decks.

  • Anonymous

    How did you side in and out for the matchups you had?

  • Johnny Li

    Nice article. The one thing you said that I’ll nitpick on is that I don’t think the deck is a “fluke” just because it tops one event. Balan won Long Beach with DW and DW has never come close to winning a YCS since then? Was it a fluke? No. It was an excellent call. So if FC doesn’t win again, it doesn’t demote the deck being a fluke. You were just on the ball with identifying a meta full of dragons.

    And related to that issue, I don’t see FC topping again because the dragon players will be siding Plaguespreader and maining Tempest Magician. Billy told me he’s siding a Jinzo in Inzektors (lol Jinzektors). And yeah, just lots of examples of techs now to address FC, kind of like Synchrocentric did a few formats ago.

    • Anonymous

      I meant the person, not the deck. Obviously the deck doesn’t have to top again, due to the reasons I explained with a meta call and how it does not pertain to every event.

    • I didn’t mean the deck.

  • What exactly did you side out for each matchup? And if you were going into time, what would you take out to put inthe burn cards? Oh, nice article btw!

  • Zak

    I’m surprised you made it out of the event alive xD

  • Giancarlo Singh

    I like it deck congratulations man you are a good player .. 😀

  • Lee

    I dislike final countdown because at a regional a while ago there was this kid I played round 1 who kept skipping turn count and no matter how adamant I was on him being wrong he just kept pushing on about what the count was.

    • Sounds like the bone you have to pick is with stupid people.

  • Souvik

    great job topping with a deck full of “commons and rares” there is nothing wrong with playing such a deck at all. and honestly dino rabbit is almost an auto pilot deck whereas final count down is probably probably the furthest from auto pilot except probably infernities. but the play style isnt for me, like the slow games are boring but thats just me.

  • Just A Guy

    I saw in your deck profile on Youtube that you were tempted to remove the Cardcar D’s from your deck. If you were to do that, what would you replace them with and why?

    • I already said what I’d replace it with both in the video and article lol.

  • Lucas Ziobro

    congrats on both ur tops man!!! i love seeing “non meta” decks top!!! i hate it so much when people think their better because they use the “best” deck of the format. i think it shows real skill when players use “lower tier” decks to over power and out play opponents and do just as good or even better than others! 😀 great article and i hope u keep topping man.

  • Trevor

    What’s next lol? Exodia? Mist Valley Ninjas? Watts? Twice in a row topping with what many consider not to be “real” decks shows skill. Congrats Man.

    • Thank you. I’ve actually already tried watts.. you never know.

  • Congrats on back-to-back tops as well!
    Rogue decks are the best. Keep on winning, man!

  • Zach Burnz

    I highly doubt any of these haters here would run the deck as smoothly as you and this deck is super hard to play perfectly. I’m not saying its fun or anything because it isn’t but props to ya for using a very tough deck and piloting it well. I may groan when I get countdowned but if a good player plays their own deck well I can shake it off. Hand shakes always welcome hope to see ya at nationals.

    Zach Burnz

    • Even I don’t like playing against it lol, thanks!

  • Nick

    Congrats on doing so well. Between this and your GK top, im excited to see more from you in the future. The game could use a good player that tops with decks that aren’t meta, shows those that are ready to quit that just because a deck isnt popular doesnt mean they cant win.

    • I agree, thanks! Hopefully I can continue on the streak haha.

  • pend

    nice article tyler you did well.

    • Anonymous

      I think people are hating on it because it’s not very interactive with the other player. I understand it’s not fun to play against countdown but it’s not fun to play against turn 1 laggia set 4 follow up tgu. Or turn 1 dragonfly hornet sword. Or turn 1 tgu shark. Or turn 1 gateway dojo asceticism. Or turn 1 future fusion. Or …. Get my point yet? Your just mad cuz it’s not interactive and you just sit there and lose. Tyler take countdown to nats. Cut the countdowns and play 60 card stall deck out. Theyll really hate you then but it would be hilarious. Congrats on the top. Forget everyone who has to sit there for 10 turns getting mad cuz you gave them turns to live instead of playing somethin stupid and killing them on turn 1

      • Juan

        Haha I did that once at a regional just to troll. I went undefeated in Swiss and lost in the finals against a guy I beat in Swiss. I played a 60 card deck with my win condition being “I have more cards in my deck than you do” and just stalled out for 25+ turns. Got one handshake the entire day, and that was in the finals when I lost. So worth it 🙂

    • Thanks!

  • Michael

    Who was your rd 11 opponent?

  • Scott

    I can’t believe he topped…nor can i believe that ARG actually asked/let him put an article up…

    • Benson

      Why? Is it because he isn’t playing meta?

      • Scott

        I would explain it to you but I can’t. My comment was edited by ” someone ”. Since I can’t say what i want to say then I’m not gonna bother at all.

        • Wasn’t me, I don’t own this site so honestly I have no idea what you said.

          • jon

            Man people like u are so narrow minded just because he doesnt play rabbits or inzektors doesnt make him a baf player
            …i respect him for haveing orginality and not just copying a deck that toped of u asl me people like u are what bad for the game not original playrrs

  • LI

    This is perfect, Tyler. This is the perfect reason why decks like this can’t be allowed in this game – because not every player has the morality or respect for other players to play decks that exist within the spectrum. Thank you for this article, it was truly amazing

  • DrakonnasKaiba

    Way to go, Tyler!

    I play countdown / chain burn / inzektor myself, so it’s good to hear something positive about Final Countdown. ^_^

  • Jason

    Nice read and I think a lot of people are under estimating you.
    when i first saw your deck profile everyone was straight up hating on you but you play very well.

  • mike

    that deck is even more auto pilot the six sams and rabbits…. it takes no skill at all… sams you had a chance, sabers you have a chance… everyone who plays those stupid chain burn and your deck ruins the game. this game is meant to be fun, while just being stalled to death is stupid.

    • Daniel

      Because sitting turn 1 staring down and staring at 1 laggia and 4 backrows is fun, or
      staring down two LSS – Shien / Shien + Naturia Beast is fun.

    • Dans

      The epic irony of a 11 year old taking out this… “deck”.. what a joke, props to Oliver, geez

    • dude

      Then blame KONAMI. They did those cards, they want those win conditions in the game
      (if not, they would be banned already) stop whinning.

    • Benson

      You do have a chance a whole 10 of your turns of chance,
      compared to other meta decks where you lose in a couple of turns
      because of herp and derp brokenness. Don’t even get me started on first turn future
      fusion in chaos dragons.

    • Haha okay buddy. You got me, turn one gateway is pretty difficult.

      • Vozw

        So wait, 20 turns of stall is broken, while Inzektors can do instant-field-clear-and-8000-damage and they’re fine. This makes perfect sense of course.

        • Vozw

          Gah, replied to wrong message, but still. I don’t really see how this can be considered broken when lined up next to instantkill Inzektors and instantwin first turn Laggias.

  • Daniel

    Good job man, sucks that countdown didn’t win but oliver tomajko is a good guy(kid).
    I followed you since the t32 finish w/ keepers. You’re a very good rogue player.

    • Yeah for sure, I have respect for the kid. Thanks, I like playing unexpected things.