Tyler’s Q&A Segment!

How’s it going on this wonderful Friday? Today for my article I compiled some questions from some of you on facebook and then answered them in the form of an article. If any of you know my personality then it wouldn’t be much of a surprise that not everybody took this very seriously. But I love to put on a good show and give some laughs, so enjoy some serious questions over the game along with some not so serious ones as well. For those of you who were looking forward to: Food For Thought Part 2, don’t worry, I will continue that series shortly. Anyways, enjoy!

Frazier Smith Asks: Where did you get this idea from? (winky face)

Answer: From a dark beautiful ARG doolist of course. Come to mention it, I believe it was you. Well that’s kind of a silly question, considering you already knew the answer! Frazier you’re silly.

Chris D. Jativa asks: Should monster reborn be banned?
Answer: That’s a pretty good question, and of course it’s only a matter of opinion. I personally don’t like the idea of fundamentally overpowered cards that can single-handedly change the course of a duel (unfairly) if drawn. Now the question comes to, in this current format, does monster reborn hold those capabilities? In the past, I would have to say yes, it should be banned. But honestly, reborn isn’t nearly as game changing in current meta decks as before. So my answer would ultimately be no. For now that is!

Mike Sanders asks: I know every player has a different way of paying for travel expenses, either it be work, school money, from selling cards, or they are lucky enough to have their parents pay for them. How do you manage to travel to so many events? or another Q would be are you ready to have an amazing time in Miami playing poker at the hard rock?  
Answer: In the beginning my parents would help out with travel expenses, and even gave me $5 a week for locals! But as I got better, went to more tournaments, started trading, winning, etc. they actually cut me off completely. I played for cards a lot and built up a decent collection which netted me enough to continually go to such events. When I first started to go to YCS’s however, I only picked ones within driving distance mostly and we’d drive 10+ hours if needed so it was fairly cheap, and my dad did pay for my flight out to YCS Orlando the other year. I also make deals with friends for hotel rooms and whatnot, so I never ended up paying too much.
As for your second question, you bet I am! I love to play poker if nobody could tell from my Facebook updates, and I’m excited to finally play in an actual Casino.

Alex Tripp asks: Are you gay?
Answer: Once again an amazing question from my viewers. I would hate to disappoint those of you who are my fan purely out of lust, but unfortunately, I am not.

Ben Ehmann asks: Are Trap stuns actually superior to royal decree?
Answer: I wish I had a bit more information to go on, as this is a pretty broad question. Not many cards are outright ‘superior’ to another, bit instead better in certain instances and sceneries. For example, in a deck such as Dragons, you would opt to play royal decree since you don’t play backrow and then you’re protected for the remainder of the duel. However, in a deck such as X-Sabers or Inzektors, you want to keep your backrow, but ‘stun’ them for a single turn where you can make some truly devastating plays. So to actually answer you, no, they are not. It all depends on the meta and your deck you’re playing.

Elijah Gersten asks: On a scale of 1-10, why am i the greatest duelist alive?
Answer: This was probably the most difficult question for me to answer, and I couldn’t figure out why. The first reason might have been the incorrect formatting of asking a question via scale with a “why” answer, but then I realized that couldn’t be it. And then it hit me. Elijah Gersten is not the greatest doolist. The reason being however is not due to lack of credentials, but because being a great duelist is all about image. And unfortunately, shirtless pic of flexing your biceps doesn’t exactly set the bar too high. On the bright side, I still think you’re adorable. Keep dueling little Elijah!

Cody Josep Fleming asks: How do you make Battery Man OTK consistent?
Answer: You don’t.
But if you would like to attempt to make it more consistent, I would suggest cards such as Trag for defense and Cardcar to speed up your deck. I haven’t really played with it much but that’s all I can really see.

Muhammad Gagas Yudistira asks: What do you think about deck that has 6 traps but mains 2 trags?
Answer: That’s actually not very uncommon. Again, it depends on the deck. However, 6 traps is not all too many and you can adjust your play-style depending on if you draw your Trag with or without traps and so on. Seems perfectly normal to me

Darby Johnson asks: How has Darby Johnson influenced your life?
Answer: Well… he’s made me the man I am today.  

Erik Cabrera asks: Do you think wind-ups stand a chance to winning a ycs in the U.S.?
Answer: Great question and my answer is without a doubt! It’s still a top contender in the meta and has more than enough capability to take down a YCS. Now, I believe decks such as water have that very same power, so I’m not going to necessarily make predications what will win, but Wind-Ups certainly stand a chance to win a YCS again.

Well guys that’s all the questions I have for today. I hope you enjoyed reading through the questions, and if you would like your question to be answered I’ll be doing another article like this next month, so stay tuned. As always, remember to play hard or go home!

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