Judgment of the Light (JOTL) Release Date Announced August 9, 2013


The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME introduces its next 100-card core [ccProd]Judgment of the Light Booster Box[/ccProd]. New Synchro Monsters make a BIG comeback, while fan favorites from past sets like Archfiends and Mecha Phantom Beasts see increased support. Based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL animated series; Judgment of the Light follows our heroes Yuma and Astral through some dark times but through faith and the help of some awesome monsters like Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory, pull through victorious. That’s not all – MORE Number monsters that go beyond the 100 limit make their way into this booster with easier ways to be summoned with all Read more


Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants Last year we launched Battle Pack: Epic Dawn to rave reviews from our gaming community but this year we are planning to build a set that’s bigger, better, and more bad-ass, we’ve assembled the largest and most powerful monsters ever created, in a carefully constructed tournament environment. Like the first Battle Pack, Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants is designed with sealed play in mind, where Duelists use only their new cards, right out of the packs. War of the Giants is designed to take tactical, skillful play to a level never Read more

Banisher of the Radiance
Level Limit – Area B
Rescue Rabbit

Previous years when the Ban List was released, I would have gone out to write about each popular archtype with some type of general prediction about how well it would perform in the following format. Last time I was pretty spot on about certain deck types, but the majority of my predictions came from a steady about of Theory-Oh. I decided to wait on writing an article about this because this time around I wanted a reasonable amount of play in the new format to have more of an accurate idea about how I felt the upcoming format would shape Read more