Video Streaming U/B Delver

Hey guys back this week with a video article on my U/B Delver list that I post on here a couple weeks ago in my article about St. Louis. I felt like the list is still strong and still a viable list it just needed some tuning and I think I got it down pat so I took it to a Modo (magic the gathering online) daily event and took a whack at it with this list. I went 2-2 and as that may not seem too good of a record, or a good record at all, the deck had its moments and I believe all of the footage you see is all very exciting. So I hope you guys enjoy! Oh, and sorry about the number of videos it was my first time recording live footage and posting it in an article so be gentle on me. I had to break them up because youtube would not allow me to post the full rounds, because they were too long and that is even after I activated my account. Either way the footage is awesome and there will be more, and the next ones will be more refined, until then enjoy. Also I was wondering what my readers would like to see from me more, like what you want me to talk about or go over, or see me live stream some more. Let me know and I'll be right there communicating with you guys.

Intro to the Deck Round 1 1/2 Round 1 2/2 Round 2 1/3 Round 2 2/3 Round 2 3/3 Round 3 1/3 Round 3 2/3 Round 3 3/3 Round 4 1/4 Round 4 2/4 Round 4 3/4 Round 4 4/4

Jeff Rasmussen
Name's Jeff been playing magic for at least a good 10 years now and was competative at one point and then when future sight came around i took a break. Came back in when scars of mirrodin dropped and have been playing competatively ever since. Lately i have been making a splash on the scene and got 3 top 8s back to back to back at star city opens. I look to play better and win more. I am a Constructed Standard, Modern and Legacy competitive grinder.
Jeff Rasmussen

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