What to do in the Competitve Scene Hiatus

Next week, thousands of players will travel to Chicago, Illinois to compete in the North American World Championship Qualifier. After that, there won't be any regional events, or even any planned YCS for perhaps the rest of the format. As a result, the competitive yugioh scene is somewhat in a hiatus. In order to keep you entertained, I have provided two different ideas to occupy your time! Enjoy!



  • Rick Asianman

    I see the fear in your eyes Mr. Escratorio

  • welcometointernet

    a lot of players at my locals are moving to MTG for a bit unti september/march

  • Descartes

    Hi, would it be possible for you to post a list of the cards you use in your draft?
    I thought about making one with my buddies, but I didn’t know what I should throw in it while keeping it varied and balanced.

    • Rick Asianman