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Hello Yu-Gi-Oh Community!  My name is Jacky Huynh and this is my first article on Alter Reality Games.  I am also pretty excited to be writing for Alter Reality Games.  In this article I will be talking about "The Pros" in the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game (TCG).  In my opinion, I think that the pros in Yu-Gi-Oh are players such as Billy Brake, Jeff Jones, Frazier Smith, Patrick Hoban, and Robert Boyajian.  Those are the players I personally think are the "pros" in Yu-Gi-Oh.

Why do I think these players, I pick are "pros"?

Billy Brake - 2 YCS wins in a row, and consistent YCS/Regional tops.

Jeff Jones - Won 75th YCS Anniversary event, makes a bunch of decks that are top tier.

Frazier Smith - Consistent YCS tops and very intelligent with the game.

Patrick Hoban - Extremely intelligent with the game.

Robert Boyajian - Intelligent with the game, many tops, and a win.

But really, who are these so called "Pros"?

What is a pro?

After watching Prowinston’s video interview with Dale Bellido on YouTube; Dale Bellido said that the  "pros" back then (Upperdeck Days) aren't even considers pros anymore, they are legends.  I personally don’t consider them legends, sure I’ll consider them pros, but legends are just going a little too far.  But what really defines a pro? In my opinion, pros in Yu-Gi-Oh are players that top consistently at events. Why?  If you top at an event, it usually means that you are a good player, since you are able to  make the top cut out of all the players at that certain event.  But sometimes you get can lucky (since that Yu-Gi-Oh is partly and luck-sack game) and make the top cut, so you have to be able to make the top cut consistently; you have to have be able to make more one top cut.

So who are the pros now?

So who are the "pros" if we went with my opinion above?  I decided to find out based on the number of  consistent tops.  I wanted to give each player points according to their tops; Anyone who tops 16 will get 1 point, top 8 will get 2 points, top 4 will get 3 points, top 2 will get 4 points, and lastly the winner would get 5 points.  I think that this "method" works pretty well.  I started counting tops from the World Championship Qualifier (WCQ) Canada on July 10th, 2010 to the most recent event Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series (YCS) Kansas City, Missouri on November 20th 2011.  After all the calculations underneath, the players with 7 or more points are Lazero Bellido with 7 points, Frazier Smith with 7 points, Angel Flores with 10 points and Billy Brake with 16 points.  This seems to be mostly correct as these players are really good players.  Also if you guys wanted to know the players with 6 points were Stephen Silverman, Justin Delhon, Jonathan Weigle, and Courtney Waller.  While the players with 5 points were Aaron Noel and Alex Vansant.

Let’s start with this:

Aaron Noel: 5

Abel Carrasco: 1

Adam Corn: 4

Adam Moshinsky: 2

Adam Salas: 1

Adrew Jeffries: 1

Adric High: 4

Agustin Herrera: 3

Alberto Gonzalez: 2

Alex Mitchell: 1

Alex Vansant: 5

Alexander Martin: 1

Alexander St-Louis: 3

Ali Yassine: 5

Alistar Albans: 2

Andrew Bishop: 1

Andrew Fredella: 3

Andrew Salazar: 1

Andrew Scovern: 3

Angel Ascencio: 1

Angel Flores: 10

Anthony Alvarado: 2

Anthony Dignoti: 1

Anthony Meier: 5

Arnold Mitchell: 3

Austin Kulman: 2

Barrett Keys: 3

Ben Haynes: 1

Billy Brake: 16

Bo Tang: 1

Bobby Barone: 2

Bobby Brake: 2

Bobby Chambers: 2

Brandon Ogbonna: 2

Brandon Wigley: 3

Brenden Beckmann: 1

Brian Jones: 1

C.J. Lack: 1

Calvin Tahan: 2

Camden Keener: 3

Carl Waite: 3

Chase Simpson: 2

Chase Sly: 1

Chris A. Hurayt: 3

Chris Arantes: 4

Chris Bowlds: 2

Chris Bryson: 1

Chris Evans: 1

Chris Pittao: 2

Chris Schwarz: 3

Christopher Biswell: 4

Christopher Brooker: 1

Christopher Krause: 3

Christopher Ryan Miles: 1

Claudio Kirchmair: 1

Cody Gravelle: 3

Collin Berman: 1

Conrad Selig: 2

Courtney Waller: 6

Da Lee: 2

Dale Bellido: 3

Dalton Bousman: 3

Daniel Avila: 1

Daniel Carlos: 3

Daniel D. Rose: 1

Daniel Farina: 1

Daniel LaMartina: 5

Danny Rose: 2

Darkien Martel: 1

Darryl Huang: 1

Darwin Pocasange: 1

Dave Duran: 1

Derek Rouse: 3

Deryck Rothenberger: 1

Desmond Boyd: 2

Devin Djuricin: 1

Devon Patterson: 1

Devon Schwartz: 1

Dustin Dalton: 1

Edward King: 3

Elijah Gersten: 3

Evan Towler: 1

Fili Luna: 3

Frazier Smith: 7

Frolian Salvador: 2

Gary Garcia: 1

Gary Miotke: 3

Geody Susano: 1

Glenn Lightfoot: 1

Grant Kelly: 3

Guillermo Morales: 3

Gustavo: 1

Hector Heras: 2

Henry Su: 1

Henry Williams: 1

Hunter L. Morgan: 2

Ivan Anamaria: 3

Ivan Cortez: 2

Ivan Edward Cahuana Oropeza: 1

James Neumann: 4

James Wilcox: 2

Jarel Winston: 1

Jason Hoang: 2

Jay Hornung: 2

Jeff Jones: 2

Jeffery Paura: 1

Jehanzab Siddiqui: 3

Jerry Williams: 1

Jesse Gallet: 2

Jesse Jackson: 1

Jessy Samek: 2

Jibri Thomas: 1

Joe Mooney: 1

Joe Torres: 1

Johnathan Harrison: 1

Jonathan Barber: 2

Jonathan Cortez: 2

Jonathan Weigle: 6

Jonhathan Sebastian: 1

Joseph Franzo: 4

Joseph Parchman: 2

Josh Graham: 3

Juan Antillan: 1

Juan Carlos Flores: 2

Julian Wong: 1

Justin Crespo: 2

Justin Delhon: 6

Justin Reyes: 1

Justin Wong: 3

Kareem Obrien: 2

Karl Arbeiter: 2

Keanson Ye: 1

Kenny King Yee Lam: 1

Kenny Kwan: 4

Kevin Silva: 1

Kris Ferber: 1

Kyle Kuhn: 1

Lazero Bellido: 7

Leantre Ingram: 1

Levi Nissen: 1

Louis Hong: 2

Luis Aldama: 2

Luis Zambrana: 2

Luke Mattingly: 2

Majid Khan: 3

Marc Carisse: 2

Marcus Allen: 1

Marcus Spanier: 1

Mario Cordova: 2

Mario Matheu: 1

Mark Alan Johnson: 1

Mark Garcia: 4

Mark Parternoster: 2

Matt Hoey: 1

Matt Peddle: 2 Matthew Aldoosh: 1

Matthew Bishops: 1

Matthew Hoey: 4

Maurice Brantly: 1

Michael Anderson: 4

Michael Arimas: 3 Michael Bonacini: 2

Michael Boyd: 3

Michael Guzman: 2

Michael Tsui: 2

Nareg Torossian: 1

Nathan Soowal: 1

Nathaneil Jadotte: 3

Nick Anderson: 1

Nick Ristoski: 1

Nickolas Anderson: 2

Nicky Lacaille: 9

Nizar Sarhan: 1

Nizar Sarhan: 7

Omar Beldon: 6

Oscar Olmedo: 1

Oscar Renderos: 1

Patrick Hoban:  8 Paul Blair: 1

Paul Cooper: 3

Pete Navarro: 3

Peter Cheng: 5

Peter Nguyen: 3

Reinaldo Lainez: 4

Rex Mendoza: 2

Rob Cedar: 1

Robert Boyajian: 5

Robert DiMartino: 1

Robert Nguyen: 2

Robert Russo: 3

Rodrigo Togores: 1

Ronald Mack: 3

Roy St. Clair: 9

Rudy Munoz: 1

Russel LaParreL: 2

Ryan Machaso: 1

Ryan Spicer: 1

Samuel Jones: 2

Samuel Tse: 4

Satoshi Kato: 5

Scott Roberston Page: 2

Sean Coovert: 5

Sean McCabe: 8

Sean Montague: 7

Sean Turner: 1

Shane Seuring: 1

Simon Phoenix: 1

Soo Yeem: 1

Sorosh Saberian: 1

Steffon Rice: 2

Stephen Carella: 1

Stephen Silverman: 6

Steven Do: 1

Steven Harris: 4

Thanh Nguyen: 5

Theodore Stamelatos: 3

Thomas Luebke: 3

Tommy Cecil: 3

Travis Gibbs: 2

Travis Terrell Massgengale: 4

Tristan Gonzalez: 4

Tyler Kobrofsky: 2

Tyler Nolan: 3

Tyree Tinsley: 5

Vincent Mireles: 1

Vincent Paglia: 3

Will Erker: 1

Wilson Tsang: 1

Ending this article, I just wanted to ask you guys a few questions on who you guys personally think are "pros"?

- Who do you think are the "pros" in the Yu-Gi-Oh game today?  Why?

- Do you think that my opinion on "pros" are correct?

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