Why Kaijudo is the Best Game

bobby brakeI have played many Trading Card Games since I was 12 years old. They all came and went and had their fun times and their boring, why am I playing this game times expect one, Kaijudo. I started playing Kaijudo in October of 2012. It has been non-stop fun ever since then. The Kaijudo R&D team knows how to always keep the game fresh and make players wanting more. I have never seen a company care more about a game and its players than Kaijudo. They are actively involved in listening and communicating with players. This article really goes out to all the people who do not know much about Kaijudo and what makes it different than any other card game. It is unique in all levels from, strategy, prizes, and experience. It is my opinion that Kaijudo is the best card game and here are some reasons why.

WotC Kaijudo Team

All the people who work on Kaijudo at Wizards of the Coast are awesome and some of the nicest people I have ever met. They literally put the game in the player’s hands. They introduced a Kaijudo Duel Day deck which stores can order, that are free demo decks that are actually really competitive and a couple of them, with minor changes, have topped multiple Kaijudo Master Challenges (Regionals). When it comes to previewing cards for upcoming sets they release some on their main website Kaijudo.com, but most of the previews are given to players to tell the community about. They have so much respect for the players that they let some of them guest write for the main Kaijudo website. At the beginning of each year they select a handful of people and fly them out to their headquarters in Seattle to show them what is going on for the future of Kaijudo and to get their opinions on options they might do in the future. They also love to play the game, whenever they are at an event they do not mind taking the time to sit down and play a game with you. The team really wants this to be the best game for the people that play. Their dedication is inspirational and contagious. If you are looking for a game where the people who make it put 110% effort into it, this is the one for you.

The Kaijudo Experience

            There is an event called Kaijudo Master Challege, or KMC for short. KMC’s are held all throughout the U.S. and Canada where the top 2 finalists get an invite the Kaijudo Championship, where people play for the title of North American Champion. If you win a KMC, then you will receive a full paid flight to the Kaijudo Championship. There are also other prizes in KMC’s such as packs, artwork, beanies, deck boxes, etc, but the fact that you can win a flight is pretty awesome. You also receive an exclusive playmat and promo card for just entering KMC’s! There are two Kaijudo Championships every year, one in the summer and one in the winter. These have been the best card game experiences I have ever had in the 12 years I have been playing TCG’s. At these events there is so much to do that you don’t really care about the actual tournament that is taking place. At the 2013 Summer Championship we were split up into two groups and were able to design are own cards as a group. These cards were released 7 months later and can be used just like every other card. There is nothing like being able to have an everlasting mark on a card game. You get to win so much free product like artwork, packs, giant cards, and uncut sheets. Kaijudo artists are also there selling artwork and are able to sign cards that they have done the art for. The prizes are also great, it is free for qualified players to enter, and when you do you receive a Kaijudo hoodie, playmat, deck box, sleeves, and packs, just for showing up! The top 8 players receive prizes with the winners getting custom Kaijudo engraved iPads and trophies. In my eyes the packs and iPads are not the prizes, just being there is. Being around such amazing people and community is how you know the experience will be great. They have also given out spirit awards in the past which have been iPad mini’s along with signed artwork. So you may not do so well in the tournament, but as long as you are still in high spirits you might have a shot at winning some awesome stuff still!

Kaijudo is different than other card games because it is not just a game where winning is the only way to enjoy the game. You get enjoyment from just playing and being at tournaments and participating.  It is not a win out or go home type of game. Kaijudo is what inspired my philosophy behind it’s not all about winning, but having fun because that is what I feel this game is truly about. This game is designed for fun. It is good to be competitive and want to win, but when all you care about is winning it will ruin the best part of any tournament you attend. The bottom line is that I have the best memories playing Kaijudo and the future memories will only be better. This is a great game and hope you share my enthusiasm as well!

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