Why Open AND Standard Formats are good for Kaijudo

bobby brakeWith the release of Quest for the Gauntlet, coming out May 30th, Kaijudo is going to have two new ways to play the game. It is important to realize that we are going to have multiple formats to play with competitively, not just one like we have right now. There are good things about each format and I expect to see a lot of support for both of them. This is a huge change for Kaijudo and some people are a little apprehensive because they do not like change but change means progress. By having multiple formats it means that the game is in for the long haul and will not be going away anytime soon, which is always great to know when getting into or playing a trading card game. When you look at the big picture there is almost no downside to having these formats in place because it can appeal to every type of player. You can go to this link to find out all the exact details of the new formats if you are unsure what exactly they are: http://www.kaijudo.com/new-play-formats-for-kaijudo

Open Format

            Open Format is essentially what we are playing right now. It is a format where you can play cards from every single card that has been released; with the only restriction being you can only use 1 Bottle of Wishes in your deck. I think people freaked out with Standard being announced that they must have not paid attention to this format. I believe this will be supported competitively. Players are afraid they will not be able to use all the cards they have, including ones from past sets, but that simply is not true. You can still use all the cards you own. If you do you just have to play in this format as oppose to Standard and that is perfectly fine. I am a collector of Kaijudo and I own three of every card in the game except for Old Man Winter and look forward to still being able to use these cards I have collected since the beginning of the game. Some people have decided to quit because they are under the impression their old cards are useless but nothing could be farther from the truth. It is important to realize we will no longer just have to play in one way of Kaijudo but we have options now to play different ways which for some might be a hard idea to grasp. I come from Yugioh which does not really allow other ways to play the game so this is a new experience for me and I’m really excited for it. The main point, as you have probably figured out by now, is that we will still have the option to play with all the cards if we choose to at events that are Open Format.


Standard Format

Standard Format is where you can only play with cards from the latest 2 blocks in Kaijudo. A block is 3-5 sets that are released in the same product year. For example Dojo Edition through Dragonstrike Infernus is considered a block, and Clash of the Duel Masters through The 5 Mystics is considered a block. With the release of Quest for the Gauntlet on My 30th, that will start a new block, which means Dojo Edition through Dragonstrike Infernus will no longer in Standard Format because it is not the latest 2 blocks available. For more specifics, you can check the link at the bottom of the first paragraph for more details. From the perspective of wanting more skill in the game, this great way to play. It forces people to think outside the box and adapt to completely new strategies and using new cards in ways you never thought possible. It is hard for new cards to really shine if you can still use all your old cards that you are used to. It also keeps the game fresh constantly. Instead of saying, I am using Light, I guess I will need to put Lyra, Stormspark, and Andromeda in my deck, you have to actually play differently and not use the same cards over and over and over. It is also another good point to bring up that do you want to play against cards like Herald of Infernus and Andromeda forever? Because that is what will happen if we did not get multiple formats. I am a huge supporter for saying that any deck can win and Kaijudo but when people have no reason to just use the same cards and never use anything new that statement becomes untrue. Another bonus is it helps R&D design cards because they do not have to worry about making cards better than Eternal Haven and Keeper of Laws, they can just make different cards because those cards will be rotated out at some point. They also do not have to worry about a card combo with a card from a new set and a card from 30 sets ago. It is also great for new players because they do not have to spend all that money to hunt down old staple cards from sets that are no longer in print.

Some players are complaining about having to invest money into a new set every time it comes out, but isn’t that what you are supposed to do in a trading card game? It is okay though because if you do not want to, you can always play in the Open Format and just use the old cards if you would like, even though without new cards you might be at a disadvantage. This is intended to be a skilled format and to encourage deck building. There will be so much skill to see how people can take completely new cards and adapt and create new decks every time a new block comes out. The next block comes out in early 2015 so we will have May to sometime in 2015 until the Clash block is rotated to Open Format. So we will be given plenty of time to use the cards we have access to right now and the blocks will only change once a year.

Final Thoghts

            I hope this put some things into perspective for you and shined a light on the biggest change to Kaijudo, multiple formats. We have options in how we want to play the game now and all your cards are not worthless. Both of these formats will be really fun and exciting to play. I will be participating in events that utilize both of these strategies and I hope many of you will do the same. The Circuit Series makes its next pitstop in Charlotte, NC on February 8-9th!


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