Winding up in top 64

Hello guys Jerome Porter back again after going 6-0 at ycs Philly then losing my last round on the bubble.. I am coming back to you with a top at NAWCQ. Cngratz to Tyler Tabman who also picked the perfect meta call for the event and taking the deck all the way to the top and winning the event. Shout out to Jessy Samek, Jerry Williams, and Shane Scurry for topping this event as well.

How it all started....

Thursday I arrived at the Red Roof Inn hotel around roughly 6 or 7 o'clock and I called up a good friend of mines Nizar Sarhan and he was staying in an hotel 8 miles away from me so I hopped in a cab and went there to playtest with my Wind-Up deck. Through the testing I decided I wanted to play Maxx C over Veiler. Every time I Veilered his Rabbit he set 3 cards and I could not kill it. Then he wins the game. I then came up with a theory. If I Maxx C a Rescue Rabbit for 2 cards then I have a chance in drawing 1 of the 2 Snowman Eaters I main rather than Veilering it and losing the game to 3 backrows. So we played a lot of matches and I won majority of them. On Friday I played a couple of games and lost to inzektors and heroes. My thought on that was I should side for them since they were my worst matchup. So after that I went back to the hotel room and I decided not to play in the main event, lol! But a good friend of mines named Alfonso Yamakawa convinced me to play and my brother Jb told me you can't just go to nationals with an invite and not play. Also, who knows with your type of budget the next event you'll be able to go to.  The two of them talked me into playing and I'm so happy they did.  Later in the day I saw alot of people were playing Wind-Ups in the Last Chance Qualaifiers so I know that Maxx C is the correct choice for the weekend.

Preparing the Side deck:
I knew Countdown was going to be a problem but not that big of a problem because I could get rid of there hand and then leave them top decking. However that is may not be enough because every top deck is a stall card expect 12 cards not counting the Upstarts or Pots.

So I chose Stealth Bird because if they play Countdown and pay 2000 life for the cost, all I have to do is wait 12 turns to win by flipping Stealth Bird 6 times. Its level is also 3 just in-case I want to hand loop them.

I also knew chaos dragons would be a hard match-up if they start milling, so I chose include 2 Dimensional Fissure.

Rabbit and Dragons can both be covered by 1 Soul Taker.

One extra Mystical Space Typhoon for every match-up except dragons.

2 Messenger of Peace for the Dragon and Hero match-up .

3 Veiler for the Inzektor match-up just in case.

2 Chalice for Rabbit, Ryko, and Snowman. I know people side Snowman against Wind-ups to catch an attacking Rabbit and it hurts Dolkka and Inzektors.

2 Level Limit for the Hero and Dragons match-up.

Top 64 tournament report

Saturday(Day One):

Round 1:

Jerome Porter(wind-ups) vs. Chaos dragons

Game1: He sets one and I go magician, shark, roach 3 cards and he is unable to recover.

Game2: He opens Recharge into another Lightsworn and another Recharge then Future Fusion.

Game 3: I go Magician, Shark then I throw a Roach on the board after hitting 3 cards and he is unable to recover


Round 2:

Jerome Porter(wind-ups) vs. Chaos dragons

I don't remember it at all.  All I know is that I won.


Round 3:

Jerome Porter vs. Wind-up mirror

Game 1: Magician and Shark get me the win.

Game 2: He gets advantage from Factory and from my monsters I lose.

Game 3: I open 2 Maxx C, Veiler, Wind-Up Rabbit, Heavy and Warning and control the game from there.


Round 4:

Jerome Porter(wind-ups) vs. Rabbit

This is where I play a good friend of mines Jessy Samek who was also my ride to the event.

Game 1: He plays macro which gives him no hand traps and I win.

Game2: He draws hand traps and wins.

Game 3: I outplay him with Maxx C for 6 cards.


Round 5:

Jerome Porter(wind-ups) vs. Rabbit

I don't remember.


Round 6:

Jerome Porter(Wind-ups) vs. Chaos dragons

I don't know what happened. I just know i 2-0'ed him.


Round 7:

Jerome Porter(wind-ups) vs. Chaos dragons

Game 1: My opponent mulls gorz and I win.

Game 2: I play D-Fissure and that wins me the game.


Round 8:

Jerome Porter(Wind-ups) vs. Wind-ups

I don't really remember but I lost.


Round 9 :

Jerome Porter(Wind-ups) vs. Rabbit

Game 1:I lose to Skill Drain late game and Card Car gave him advantage.

Game 2 I see him side out 15 so I guess he's siding into regular rabbit I loop him.

Game 3: It grinds out to a crucial play. I Heavy him and he plays Solemn Judgment so I read Skill Drain(because he sided a lot of cards back in) and I summon Tour Guide with a lance in hand. He flips Skill Drain putting him at 3000 so I Lance and make Acid Golem for the win.


Sunday Day Two:

I wasn't going to wake up because I thought I was going to lose and that it is a waste of time but I went and see how it turned out.

Round 10:
Jerome Porter(wind-ups) vs. Chaos Dragons



Round 11 :

Jerome Porter(wind-ups) vs. chaos dragons

Game1: Magician and Shark give me the win.

Game2: D-Fissure, Magician, and Shark give me the win.


TOP 64

Jerome Porter(wind-ups) vs Wind-ups

Game 1: Magician and Shark give me the win.

Game 2: He opens Magician and Shark for the win.

Game 3: It was a control game and I couldn't draw the last monster I needed.

Here's my list that got me to the top 64


3x maxx c
3 wind-up rats
3x wind-up rabbit
1x wind- hunter
2x wind-up magician
3x wind-up shark
3x tour guide
1x sangan
2x snowman eater


2x forbidden lance
2x space
1x heavy
1x pot of avarice
1x book of moon
1x dark hole
1x monster reborn
1x soul taker


2x solemn warning
1x solemn judgment
2x bottomless trap hole
2x dimensional prison
2x torrential tribute

Extra deck: 15

1x number 20
1x utopia
1x utopia ray
1x tiras
1x roach
1x zenmaines
3x zenmaighty
1x temtempo
1x djinn muzurath
1x acid golem
1x zenmaio
2x leviair

Side deck:15

2x dimensional fissure
2x forbidden chalice
2x messenger of peace
2x level limit area b
3x effect veiler
1x space
1x soul taker
2x stealth bird

So that's wat happened, lol. I had fun and got to chill with friends such as Tyler, Brian, Jared, etc..

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