Winning YCS Guadalajara

Hello Yugioh duelists. My name is Oscar Armeria and I’m the latest YCS winner, which was held in Guadalajara, Mexico. Since I’m new here, I would appreciate any comments you can make after reading this.

So, let’s just skip ahead to the question that everyone wants to know: What was my tech for the deck I used, Six Samurai, and  what are the main reasons why I decided to run it in a tournament of the level of importance that a YCS has? I must mention that the deck I used is based on the Mexican build, which was used by both, Alejandro Reyes (2011 Mexican National Champion) and Uriel Mendoza (Central American Continental Finalist).

The first time I thought of Six Samurai as a strong deck for the format was at the second Regional (January 7th) held in Morelia, the city where I live. Dino-Rabbit was everywhere and obviously it was considered the most dangerous deck at the moment (I used to run a Synchrocentric deck, but I didn't feel comfortable using it against so many Laggias and Dolkkas), so I decided to try a new deck to stop Dino-Rabbit, which lead me to Six Samurai, as they are capable of having an opening field that even Rabbit can’t control. I got 5th place, after beating 4 of those aggressive Rabbits. My experience on that Regional made my theory possible, so I was ready to take it to the next level, Guadalajara, where Inzektors and Wind-Ups would be joining Dino-Rabbit on the top of this game according to the majority of players.

We all know how Inzektor and Wind-Ups work now, so I immediately started imagining of ways to stop them, being all of them possible to run in a Six Samurai deck, at least in my opinion. So I had my deck built, I’ll explain the key cards after the list.

So all the possibilities came to this final deck:

Monsters (18)
2 Elder of the Six Samurai
2 Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki
3 Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan
2 Grandmaster of the Six Samurai
3 Kagemusha of the Six Samurai
1 Hand of the Six Samurai
1 Legendary Six Samurai – Enishi
3 Maxx “C”
1 Effect Veiler

Spells (15)
3 Six Samurai United
3 Shien’s Dojo
1 Gateway of the Six
3 Asceticism of the Six Samurai
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Shien’s Smoke Signal
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon

Traps (7)
1 Double-Edged Sword Technique
1 Trap Dustshoot
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Fiendish Chain

Extra Deck
1 Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En
1 Naturia Beast
1 Naturia Barkion
1 Naturia Landoise
1 Ally of Justice Catastor
1 Orient Dragon
1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 Ally of Justice Decisive Armor
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1 Number 39: Utopia
1 Steelswarm Roach
1 Leviair the Sea Dragon
1 Wind-Up Zenmaines

Side Deck
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
2 Puppet Plant
2 Cyber Dragon
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Dimensional Prison
3 Rivalry of Warlords

Most of the cards in this build are obvious, so I’m just going to talk about my favorite and most important cards, which make this build different from others… I’m also convinced that you are by far, most interested about the build than the preliminary rounds of the event. So here are some of the key cards:

Legendary Six Samurai – Enishi
This, is without a doubt is my favorite and most useful card in my deck. If used wisely, this sometimes underrated monster can give you a “perfect control” against any deck out there, from Synchrocentric to Inzektors, as it completely shuts down your opponent’s combos.

Maxx “C”
Obvious choice in a lot of the actual top decks, but not so exploited by a deck like Six Samurai. If you think about it, Six Samurais will get an advantage here, not only by stopping your opponent from special summoning, but also swapping your Maxx “C” for more useful cards. It’s like playing Upstart Goblin with the possible plus you get when your opponent has to special summon another monster (Rabbit turning into a Laggia for example).

Effect Veiler
I mained it thinking about stopping Wind-Ups together with Maxx “C”, maining it meant I would be running 4 hand traps, something I felt extremely useful for the format. Also, it stops the infamous Inzektor combo and was perfect against Tour Guide (which is played in almost every deck).

Fiendish Chain
My second favorite card after Enishi. As you can see, I didn’t play defensive traps (BTH, prisons) in my main deck, I didn’t even wanted to test CED, as I feel it is not as aggressive as Fiendish Chain. This trap became one of the most hated not only by Inzektors and Wind-Ups, but all decks, as it stops almost every used monster and can even save you from a direct attack. Definitely, Fiendish Chain is the best trap card today.

Ally of Justice Decisive Armor
Easy to summon. Completely destroys Agents.

Wind-Up Zenmaines
Easy to summon too. It lets you improvise to get rid of any dangerous card you may find on your way.

Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
Best card against Inzektor decks. It lets you set other cards without worrying about the Dragonfly-Hornet thing. It doesn’t interfere with your deck, as you can always summon a Naturia Beast instead of a Shi En. As a plus it works against other surprise dark decks.

Bottomless – Prison
What I did here is just something not everyone expects, turning my combo-focused build to a kind of antimeta one. This is one of the main reasons why side deck against me didn’t work too well.

Rivalry of Warlords
Simply the best side deck card that a Six Samurai deck can run. I wasn’t completely sure about this, but I followed the advice that the 2011 Continental Finalist gave me, it proved to be the best card against Wind-Ups, Synchrocentric and a whole other bunch of decks. Excellent choice for Six Samurai players.

After explaining all those cards, I gotta tell you, this tournament was not easy at all, I played against 1 Lightsworn deck, 4 Wind-Ups, 2 Inzektors, 1 TG and 2 Agents. I got a 7-2 record on the first day of the YCS, this put me 25th for the second day, which was top 32.

Here’s a brief report of my games from top 32:

Top 32
Diego Barrera (DW)
Second time against him (2011 National), his deck exploited cards that let him see my hand, then control from there. This combined with Skill Drain and Deck devastation virus, made this match the hardest of all YCS. It took so long to define a winner; I got it inside the last four turns by having 500 LP more than him.
Excellent strategy for a Darkworld deck, I was really surprised after the game.

Top 16
Miguel Rios (Wind-Up)
Second time against him too (1st Morelia Regional). OTK with Kizans for duel 1. He took 4 of my cards on second duel’s first turn. I won it with a Monster Reborn and a Gateway on 3rd duel

Top 8
Barrett Keys (Wind-Up)
He is a really nice guy. He sent 4 of my cards to graveyard on first turn, nothing much to do there. Second duel was decided by a OTK after negating one of his important monster effects. Third duel was so closed until I got the marvelous Rivalry, I waited until he was just about to summon Zenmaity, he Solemned my Rivalry, but I had my own Solemn already set, from there I was just attacking with my Shi En for game.

Top 4
Saul Elizondo (Inzektor)
A nice person. This was one of the most exciting matches I got to play last weekend, really good plays were performed by both. For third duel he Foolished his Gorz, so I knew he had Monter Reborn, he used it and tried to attack my monsters, but Enishi did his Job. I attacked his Hornet and waited for a better play, as I didn’t have anything for the obvious in-hand Gorz. For my next turn, I drew ROTA, so I decided to attack directly, he summoned Gorz, then I used ROTA for Kagemusha and summoned a Trishula with my Enishi and Kageki on field. I banished Gorz, Hornet and 1 card from his hand. Finally I won.

Bruno Valle (Dino-Rabbit)
One of my friends from my city, so it was all for Morelia, something that was even surprising for us. But thanks to that, I was so relaxed and played for the title against a good friend.

First Duel: I started, used an United and got nothing good from it, so I only had a Hand and a Grandmaster, he summoned TGU and I discarded Maxx “C” so he only summoned Sangan and ended after setting cards, in my next turn, I used another united and got a second Maxx “C” from it attacked Tour Guide and ended, after some turns, he managed to destroy all my monsters and attacked me with a Sangan, Zenmaines and Dinosaur to get me to only 100 LP, I had gateway from the summon of Zenmaines that same turn so I was ready to go for it all, I summoned Elder, then Grandmaster, and searched kagemusha with Dojo, summoned kizan and synchro for Trishula, I removed Sangan and nothing else important (he had no hand), then I summoned a Brionac and searched 2 Monsters with Gateway, used Brionac’s effect on dino and Zenamines and attacked for game.
For the second duel he had a very bad hand, he summones Rai-Oh and ended, I killed it with a Grandmaster and ended. He summoned TGU and I used Maxx “C” so he ended, I started a OTK which he tried to stop with a Torrential, but I had a Double-Edged ready to do the job, Summoned Shi En, Grandmaster and Kizan to attack for game.

To conclude, I must say this is by far the best tournament I’ve ever been, not only because I won, but also because I met a lot of nice people. Also I was able to prove Six Samurais should still be considered a good deck. I hope you took the time to read this all, so you can understand the reason why I chose this deck. So my last advice is: Don’t give up on a deck, if it has the potential, then work on finding the way to adapt it to the actual format, prepare yourself, and don’t ever forget about having fun while dueling. Thanks for reading.

YCS Guadalajara Winner – Oscar Armeria Zavala

Oscar Armeria Zavala

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  • Aw, this was a really nice article.

  • jrechis

    Would you take a dojo out for the second signal..or is 3 dojo staple?

    • Kris2fst4u

      dont take the dojo out, is essential, take out the veiler vor the second signal ,or run 41 like he did because of the dustshoor being banned

  • Deadly Messiah

    Hey, first off, congrats.

    I do have two questions for you:

    1. What advice can you give to someone who cannot afford Fiendish Chains and Maxx Cs? What would you recommend in place of them.

    2. Would you update this deck with the recent ban list or keep it the same (outside of Trishula)?

  • Johnny Li

    Congratulations. I always knew the Asceticism build could still make Sams good this format.

  • Realmente inspirador, me agradó mucho que los six samurai se llevaran el YCS, una de las razones es que lo que realmente importa mucho la estrategia y el empeño del duelista en ponerle a su deck y no simplemente irse a las decks de moda, simplemente tener la estrategia correcta de acuerdo al formato en curso. Otra de las razones es que soy un jugador de six samurai desde que salieron por primera vez y he visto que son los mas subestimados ya que siempre les han dado en la madre, pero vaya que son guerreros resistentes xD con la formula adecuada rompen madres.

  • N

    Thanks so much Oscar. Sams have always been one of my favourite archetypes. Unfortunately, I can’t travel much so couldn’t come to somewhere like Mexico but think your innovative way of running The Six is great. All the best and this is the first deck i netdecked. I think it takes some getting used to ESPECIALLY Enishi and knowing when to use the effect but it’s an amazing tech. I find it particularly against Inzektor and Wind Up when they try to stall with Zenmaines but you OTK the hell outta them. Overall, very well done and I hopr you’ve ressurected The Sams against their ‘enemies’ Ninjas (i seriously hate there loose, reckless, 1 card reliant playstyle)

  • johnny johnson

    hey congrats,

    can u tell me why u didnt play any Musakani Magatama ? I thought it is
    a very good card in this format, but u diddnt play it.

    • It is not that good in the format. It doesn’t do anything against Inzektors or Wind-Ups.

  • jj23

    Oscar i wanna thank you fro bringing the Six Samurai back to the Top, you did an
    awsome job. You find awsome cards to beat this meta i the most important thing is
    that you never lost the fun for the game.

    Thanks man and CONGRATULATION !!!

  • Anonymous

    I really admit that you won a YCS with a deck that has only 5 cards difference to mine. Great Job and lucky draw.

    To your deck: I testet the difference a little bit and i felt as there are missing some important Samurais, cause of the ascetism i run Zanji and irou. There make the deck a lotter better cause you can kizan and enishi/kageki use for a better swarming.
    Why are you doesn’t running these both and instead running a second Grandmaster for deathdraw Danger?

    • A “only 5 card difference” is a lot to me… Even more when you tell me the monster lineup you run.
      I just don´t find Zanji or Irou essential, as i don’t consider Six Samurai as a swarming-only deck, we can always have a different opinion, but the monsters you mention were never considered for my build.
      Thanks for the advice anyway.

  • anonymous

    God Job, your deck rocks, Samurais rock. Mexico is a awesome place for Yugioh. Keep up the great job!

  • congrats on the win, hombre

  • Lucas Ziobro

    i love it man! great article and great job at YCS! i was so happy to see a lower tier deck take 1st! 😀

    love the build too. were there ever problem hands with say (dojos united, and other spell or traps)? like too much clumpage?

    • Those hands are always possible, as with any other deck. But I didn’t have that problem throughout the tournament, as the build is as solid as it can be.

  • Alex Hua

    I enjoyed your take-home message: find a way to make a deck you enjoy to adapt to current meta and make it work. Solid article, and congratulations on your win.

  • Kenneth1229

    Eso es lo que necesitavamos, un jugador con huevos para enseñarle al mundo que se puede ganar con cualquier deck. Felicidades desde Los Angeles , California.

  • joe

    You have proven my point and not matter what deck u use any deck can win just depends on the player

  • Daniel Solorzano

    Saludos desde venezuela amigo, aqui otro jugador de six samurais que te manda sus felicitaciones, dejastes a nuestro arquetipo en alto, enseñastes que seguimos matando a pesar de lo mucho que nos han jodido con la lista, y mas aun, que lo mas importante es el jugador, esta pagina solo lo confirma, se nota que tuvistes grandes duelos y que pudistes salir victorioso gracias a tu habilidad, vivan las fiendish chain xD yo tamb la uso con los mios, tenemos una deck list algo similar, veo que nuestro estilo debe ser algo parecido… de nuevo felicidades!

  • J

    I really don’t like six samurais, and I REALLY wanted to believe the rumors that you got lucky, or they ruled things wrong, but the moment I saw your deck profile on youtube, I could tell it was constructed extremely well and concluded that you must be pretty good. This article just confirms it.

    So congratulations. I’m impressed.

  • BananaHat

    There inst much difference from my build to this one you have made aside from the book and zenmaines. It goes to show that in the right hands any deck can go far. Gratz in the win and thanks for representing the samurais.

  • Robert

    Did you consider Six Style – Dual Wield? I know I have in my deck but what are you thoughts?

    • A very circumstantial card, I better get a solid field by having 2 monsters than relying on only 1.

  • celestial sword

    rewards over extending each turn

  • celestial sword

    samurai is good becuz no other deck in the history of teh game reww

  • celestial sword

    thanks for the build btw

  • celestial sword

    u sir have caused quite an upraor

  • Anonymous

    is there any truth to the rumour of shi en being ruled that it can negate hornets effect?

  • silentsaiyan

    Nice job representando all of us man!! you also had me doubt that six sams was able to top but iguess your proved everyone wrong… y ala verga a todos esos weis k dicen k esiste trampa para ganar
    You did us proud

  • noah

    You should have confirmed that the rumors that shi en->hornet were false. People are still saying you only won because of that.

    • Event’s HJ and AHJ (supported by Julia) already confirmed those rumors as false (on the facebook “Adjucation Conflagration” page). There was no need for me to talk about that.

  • Donnell Washington AKA D-Nasty

    As much as I hate Six Sams, congrats on winning. You showed true understanding and focus. Is there any deck choices or plays you regret or wished you changed:??

    • None… Puppet plant was the only card I never used. So it would be a change alternative for future tournaments, depending on the other players’ deck choice.

  • kuda

    Felicidades!!!! me sorprende la cantidad de gente que sigue confiando en Six Samurai en méxico y por tus resultados puede verse porque XD.
    Yo me quedo con la duda sobre Fiendish Chain, me parece buena, pero no lo suficiente, sobre todo por que permite el acceso al extra deck que BTH y DMP no permiten.
    Ojala puedas explicar un poco más el porque de la elección de Fiendish Chain y si es posible colocar el deck list del mazo dark world al que enfrentaste.
    Nuevamente felicidades.

    • Si la pruebas en tu deck, se explicará por sí sola. Créeme, es la mejor trampa actualmente.
      Intentaré obtener el deck de DW.

  • Hellen Keller

    What changes would you make to the deck? A second Enishi?

    • The build you see here, is centered on Enishi, as I think of it as the best monster card of the deck.
      You can Summon it with Dojo, Asceticism and even Kageki.
      If you open with Shi En – Enishi or even Grandmaster – Enishi, your chances at winning increase against any existing deck.

      • So no second enishi is needed. You just gotta make a good use on Asceticism and Dojo.

  • Jason

    Congrats on the win, I honestly did not think Samurais had a chance in a field full of Wind-Ups, Inzektors and Dino Rabbits. Well you proved me wrong!

  • Simon Parr

    Congrats on the win with a none-tier 1 deck :).

  • Cody Johnson

    i’m not so sure this deck will be as great for our meta. Especially since you have to worry about possible sides now, whereas in this event pretty much no one sided for Sams. Puppet Plant and kinetic soldier should show up in more slots in the side possibly.

  • I think me and the rest of the Yugioh world were shocked you were able to take Six Sams and beat Inzektors when they have such a bad matchup against them and you aren’t even running a build focused on stopping them. But why no Armored Ninja? He seems like a staple for Six Sams now. 2 x 2200 attacks is very nice.

    • It was all about well used resources, you must not let an unprotected field against Inzektor, so I never did risky plays against them, just think it that way. Also, Enishi, Veiler, Fiendish and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror were key cards against them. I thought of Armored Ninja, but wasn’t even needed, Six Samurai can OTK without it.

  • Karn Liberated

    Congratulations, amazing deck. You totally crushed the meta against all odds.