YCS Rhode Island: The Rhode I Took

Hey guys what's going on. My name is Chris Leblanc, I'm 15 years old, and I just won Ycs Provodence with my Karakuri Geargia deck. Going into this event I was going to play gadgets until one of my very close friends suggested to me that I should play geargia karakuri so I took his advice and went for it. I had built the deck at around 12:30 Saturday morning before the event so I had no time for play testing or any experience. After a lot of input from most of the people in my hotel room I knew my deck was ready for the YCS. I waited and waited for round 1 to start and it finally came my first match of the day here we go.

Round 1: I played against a player from my local tournament store that was playing wind-ups. He wasn't that great with the deck so I had the chance to beat him fairly fast and that ended round 1 with a 2-0.

Round 2: I played against wind-ups yet again I ended up 2-0 my opponent because of my great matchup against wind-ups so that ended round 2 with a 2-0.

Round 3: This round I shall never forget because this was my first ever feature match of any official tournament ever in Yu-Gi-Oh. I was playing against gladiator beasts, one of my many tough match ups. I started the duel off with a fairly good hand which have me a huge advantage. We ended up making it all the way to game 3 but in the end I was the winner.

Round 4: I played against a dark world player who opened up deck devastation virus which gave him enough advantage to win the game without me able to even summon a monster. The second game he opened up a similar hand and ended the game quickly with graphs attacking directly. I lost 1-2

Round 5: After my first loss I knew I had to step it up so I did. I played against machina gadgets and both games he opened up with ultimate offering but that didn't stop me from beating him 2-0 .

Round 6: This round was probably the most fun I had all weekend when I got to play against spellcasters, even though I had beaten him 2-0 he was a very respectful player who was there to just have fun.

Round 7: I played against machina geargia another one of my worst matchups. My opponent had all of the cards he needed to put out an OTK on the board so I conceded after not having Gorz in my hand, I lost 1-2

Round 8: This round was yet another feature match but this time against six samurais. In the first game I summoned Thunder King Rai-oh which helped me to the win 3 turns later since my opponent could not use any of his search cards to combo off.

Round 9: I knew I needed to win this round to be able to make it to day 2. I played against Hieratics which my side deck only had 2 cars for that deck in it, 2x copies of fossil dyna. But when he couldn't summon a monster game 1 because of my thunder king and then because of fossil dyna game 2 and I was on my way to day 2.

I went to my hotel room after day 1 had ended and went right to sleep since I wanted to do good going into day 2.

Round 10: I played against Rescue rabbit the first I saw all weekend. I opened up pretty well both games and was able to 2-0 my opponent.

It came down to this my last round of Swiss I had to win this round to make it into top 32.

Round 11: I played against yet another Rescue Rabbit deck my opponent opened up fairly decent with Rabbit and tour guide in hand. Although my opponent opened up well I opened up a pretty decent hand as well so I won game 1 with him not being able to attack over my karakuri Bureido. We were going into game 2 and I knew it was now or never to make it into top 32. So I went for the OTK while he had back row and ended up winning the match 2-0.

Now it's time to get down to the good stuff my top 32 match, the first time I had ever made it into top 32.

Top 32: I played against as another wind-up player which I knew this game was in my favor. As everyone as watching my match I noticed I could win the game by laying around Gorz since my opponent had a floating fiendish chain on the board. So I went for the OTK and won game 1. Heading into game 2 I didn't know what he was playing so I had to watch out. Game 2 started and I once again had a pretty broken hand in which my opponent didn't. So I won that game in a short amount of time. I won 2-0 and I was going to top 16.

Top 16: Another feature match but this time it was against another gladiator beast player. My opponent had a bunch of back row game 1 but overall I had the advantage with my searches from geargiarmor so I came out on top game 1. Game 2 started and I had a pretty bad hand while my opponent started with a monster and 2 back row so I knew I was in trouble. I had to use mst to destroy his starlight road which set me in a good position if I drew heavy storm. We were so far ahead in the game where I had 3 cards in hand and my opponent just set 3 back row and a monster. Lucky me according to the viewers of the feature match I had drawn heavy storm and quickly activated it and my opponent viciously throwing his 3 set cards into his graveyard and forfeiting the game. I won 2-0.

Top 8: This might have been the toughest games of Yu-Gi-Oh I have ever played. I was about to play against one of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh players. Game 1 started off with him attacking me directly with spirit reaper while I had dropped Gorz the emissary of darkness and that put him in a very tough position I ended up winning game 1 by him not having any out to my Gorz. Game 2 started with him running over my starting thunder king with a earth with honest. But I had Gorz for the second time when he attack next turn with earth directly so I had just won my match against Simon he with Gorz both games. I was heading to top 4.

Top 4: I was playing against the Columbian champion I was very nervous. I started game 1 with the OTK and beat him very fast game 2 also went very fast but this Time resulted in me losing. Game 3 started with us both setting 1 back row each turn eventually I had heavy storm and was able to kill him In one shot I was heading to the finals.

Final match: I was playing against chaos dragons. I opened fairly well and my opponent could not get over my steelswarm roach so he conceded. Game 2 started with me setting 3 back rows one of them being macro cosmos. Since he was not able to put lights in the grave I was able to get the cards I needed to win the match and play around Gorz. I had just won my final match 2-0. I became a YCS champion, something people have wanted to be since the beginning of time. My goal was complete.

My Decklist:

monstersgeargi steed
3 geargiarmor
3 geargiaexcellerator
3 geargiarsenal
2 thunder king
2 effect veiler
2 karakuri watchdog saizan
1 karakuri strategist
1 Gorz emissary of darkness
1 genex ally birdman
2 geargiano mk-11

3 mystical space typhoon
1 mind control
1 pot of avarice
1 heavy storm
1 forbidden lance
1 monster reborn
1 dark hole
1 book of moon

Trap cards
2 compulsory evacuation device
2 solemn warning
2 fiendish chain
2 Bottemless trap hole
1 torrential tribute
1 starlight road

Side deck
2 Gemini imps
2 fossil dyna pachycephalo
2 snowman eater
1 system Down
2 rivalry of warlords
2 trap stuns
2 macro cosmos
2 shadow imprisoning mirror

Extra deck
1 zenmaines
1 temptempo djinn
2 gear gigant x
1 maestroke djinn
1 #39 utopia
1 photon papiloperative
1 number 16: shockmaster
1 stardust dragon
2 karakuri shogun burei
1 karakuri shogun bureido
1 black rose dragon
1 scrap dragon

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed the article.

Chris LeBlanc

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