1st Place ARG Regional Profile Parker Robinson DRAGON RULER

Interviewing the one and only Parker Robinson. You may remember Parker Robinson when he got 4th Place at YCS Indy last year piloting Hieratic. This time he is back and got 1st Place at ARG Ohio Regional playing Elemental Dragons.

Main Deck:

3 [ccProd]Blaster, Dragon ruler of Infernos[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders[/ccProd]

2 [ccProd]Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks[/ccProd]

2 [ccProd]Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets[/ccProd]

2 [ccProd]Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts[/ccProd]

2 [ccProd]Reactant, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Maxx C[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Effect Veiler[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Dragunity Corsesca[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Gold Sarcophagus[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Super Rejuvenation[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Sacred Sword of Seven Stars[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Card Destruction[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Heavy Storm[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Monster Reborn[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Forbidden Chalice[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Book of Moon[/ccProd]

2 [ccProd]Breakthrough Skill[/ccProd]

Extra Deck:

1 [ccProd]Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Number 11: Big Eye[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Mermail Abyssgaios[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Armory Arm[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Ancient Sacred Wyvern[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Black Rose Dragon[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Stardust Dragon[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Scrap Dragon[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Crimson Blader[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Red Dragon Archfiend[/ccProd]

Side Deck:

3 [ccProd]Vanitys Fiend[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Droll & Lock Bird[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ccProd]

3 [ccProd]Eradicator Epidemic Virus[/ccProd]