Feature Match Round 7: Joe Wagner(Dragon Rulers) vs Wesley Johnson(Dragon Rulers)

Here in round 7 we've got a mirror match. Joe Wagner who hails from Cleveland, Ohio is playing dragons, and his opponent Wesley Johnson of Birmingham, Alabama is piloting the very same strategy. Like many of the players here today, they've both opted for the generic Dragon deck over Dragunity Rulers. Typically the mirror match is decided by well timed Crimson Blader plays, or whoever draws Return from the Different Dimension, so we'll see if that ends up being the case today.

Wes won the die roll, so he'll be taking first today. His opening hand had Cards of Consonance,  Card Trooper, Vanity's Emptiness, Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, D.D.R.-Different Dimension Reincarnation and Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars. He opened up by summoning Card Trooper and milling for its effect. Blaster, Tempest and D.D. Crow were sent to the graveyard as the cost of Card Trooper's effect. Pretty good mills to start the game off.  He set two cards to his backrow and ended his turn.

Joe drew for turn. Fortune hadn't quite favored him as well opening up. He had Dark Hole, Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, Flamvell guard, Skill Drain and Raigeki Break.  He shuffled his hand a bit, set two to his backrow and ended his turn.

Wes drew Tidal for turn. He paid the cost of milling 3 cards from the top of his deck for Card Trooper. Blaster, DDR and Dragunity Corsesca hit the graveyard. He banished Tempest and Blaster to special summon Tidal from his hand. He searched Debris Dragon and a Flamvell Guard off of their effects. Wes entered the battle phase and hit for 4500 direct damage with Card Trooper and Tidal. Main phase 2 he activated Cards of Consonance discarding Flamvell Guard. He set one card to his backrow and passed turn.

Joe drew for turn and remarked, "that was not a good draw." Obviously frustrated, he checked his backrow and shuffled his hand in search of any play that might keep him in the game. He activated Dark Hole, netting Wes a draw off of Card Trooper's effect. Then he ended his turn.

Play was back to Wes. He activated Sacred Sword banishing Redox and drawing 2 more cards. He searched Redox off of Redox's effect. He banished Dragunity Corsesca and Flamvell Guard to Special summon Tidal from the graveyard. Then he activated DDR pitching his freshly searched Redox to the graveyard to resurrect his banished Tempest. He entered battle phase and when Tempest attempted to swing, it was met with a Book of Moon. Likewise, Tidal bit the dust due to a last ditch Raigeki Break by Joe, who discarded Blaster for the cost of Raigeki Break. Wes set one to his backrow and ended.

Joe drew for turn and attempted to special Redox by banishing Blaster and Guard. His efforts were met with a Vanity's Emptiness. He set one to his backrow and during the end phase had it spun back to the top of the deck via Wesley's Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.

Play was back to Wes, who was in a commanding position. He flipped up the Tempest who had been shut down by Book of Moon on his previous turn. After realizing Wes had more Dragons in the graveyard, Joe picked up his cards and dove into the side deck.



Game 2

Joe opened up game 2 with a hand of 3 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of the Infernos, Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms, Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and D.D. Crow. He summoned Tidal by banishing Blaster and Tempest from his hand. Blaster fetched a Flamvell Guard and Tempest grabbed another copy of itself. After searching for their effects, he passed play to Wesley.

Wesley had yet another strong opening hand. He had 2 Dragon Ravine, Blaster, Redox, Tidal and Torrential Tribute. He activated a Dragon Ravine and pitched Tempest to send a Trigon to the Graveyard. Then he played another Dragon Ravine on top of the previous one. He discarded Redox to send a Tidal to the graveyard. He special summoned Blaster from his hand banishing Tidal and Tempest from the graveyard. He searched a Debris Dragon off of Tempest and a Tidal off of Tidal. He then summoned Debris Dragon and activated its effect, targeting Trigon. Joe responded with D.D. Crow banishing the Trigon. In turn, he effectively shut off potential Ancient Fairy Dragon shenanigans. Blaster hit over Tidal for 200 and Debris Dragon struck for a whopping 1000. Wes set a card to his backrow and ended his turn.

Play was back to Joe, who drew a Dragon Ravine of his own. He played the Ravine and pitched Blaster to send Redox from the deck to the graveyard. He special summoned Blaster by banishing Tempest and Redox. He searched a Dragunity Brandistock and Redox off of their effects. He normal summoned the Brandistock and synchro summoned for Scrap Dragon. Joe thought for a second and responded with Torrential Tribute. Joe then banished Brandistock and Blaster to special summon Tidal, a play that would ultimately seal the game. Tidal swung for 2600 and Joe ended turn.

Wes drew to 2 cards in hand, to Joe's 3 in hand. He special summoned Tidal by banishing Redox and Blaster from the graveyard. He searched Flamvell Guard off of Blaster and Redox off of Redox. Joe immediately knew what was coming. Wes summoned the Flamvell Guard and synchro summoned for Crimson Blader. Crimson Blader attacked over Joe's Tidal and effectively shut him off for a turn.

Joe drew for turn, realizing that misplay may have cost him the game. He made the only play he could and pitched Flamvell Guard and Blaster to the graveyard to destroy the Crimson Blader.

Play was back to Wes. He banished Tidal and Debris Dragon to special summon Redox in attack mode. Joe responded with a Maxx "C." Wesley then proceeded to summon Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer. The bad beats just kept coming for Joe. As Wes attempted to enter battle phase, an Effect Veiler was dropped on the Kycoo to shut his effect off for the turn. Redox and Kycoo then proceeded to punch in 3400 direct damage.

Joe drew for turn. He pitched Redox to the graveyard to send Tidal from his deck to the graveyard via Dragon Ravine. He set a card to his backrow and ended.

Wes drew for turn and as he attempted to special summon Tidal, Joe flipped up his face down Royal Decree and offered the handshake.


Wesley Johnson moves on to 6-1 with Dragon Rulers!