A Few Hidden Gems in World Superstars

The World Superstars is almost upon us, and a lot of people have quickly decided that the set isn’t worth it due to the lack of Elder God Noden.  I would like to point out that this set holds a lot more weight than most people are giving it credit for.  While most of the cards I showcase are not going to single-handedly win a World Championship Qualifier, they are at least cards you should keep an eye out for or are what I think are the gems in this set.  I would also point out that almost everyone is already going to invest in Star Seraph Scepter and Star Seraph Sovereign, because those are fairly amazing cards, so I’m not going to include them in this piece.  I want to try and showcase the cards that are least likely to be noticed.  Without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling.

Gagaga SamuraiA Different Kind of Hero

While most people don’t see this set boosting the Elemental HERO deck outside of Elemental HERO Blazeman, I would like to show you Heroic Champion – Assault Halberd and Gagaga Samurai.  We already know that with existing cards like Goblindbergh and Elemental HERO Bubbleman, HERO decks already produce Rank Four monsters with absolute ease.  Assault Halberd makes this task even easier.  Not only is it a level four Warrior-type monster with a Cyber Dragon summon effect, but its 1800 ATK is paired with piercing.  On top of that, if Assault Halberd deals battle damage to your opponent, it also searches out another “Heroic” card from your deck.  This particular card can find a home in wide variety of decks, and is most likely a card that you should pick up at least a set of for yourself.

Anyone who already plays HEROs knows that summoning Masked HERO Dark Law feels pretty good, except when it gets run over by a monster that’s larger than it.  This happens far too often and is incredibly frustrating.  It’s not all to uncommon for a HERO player to open their first turn of the game with Elemental HERO Shadow Mist and the ability to summon two other level four monsters.  Those two extra monsters can be used to Xyz summon Gagaga Samurai.  So what’s so special about this card?  It’s kind of like Number 39: Utopia and Blade Armor Ninja had a weird offspring together.  Its first effect allows any “Gagaga” monster to attack twice this turn.  This effect paired with 1900 ATK isn’t all that bad.  The second effect is where this card simply shines.  When another one of your monsters is attacked, you can detach one Xyz material to switch Gagaga Samurai to defense position and force the attack onto it instead.  Buying your Masked HERO Dark Law an extra turn on the board is always a good thing.

Our last card in this category doesn’t necessarily boost the HERO deck, but it will promote play of Soul Charge in Satellarknights again.  Number 86: Heroic Champion – Rhongomiant is a unique Rank Four monster that can be summoned with two or more Warrior-type monsters.  Based on the number of materials it currently has determines how many effects are applied to it.  With one material, it cannot be destroyed by battle.  Two materials, its ATK and DEF are boosted by 1500 to become 3000.  It’s at three materials and up that this card becomes incredible.  Three materials, it is unaffected by other card effects.  Four materials, your opponent is unable to normal or special summon monsters.  Five materials, once per turn you can destroy every card your opponent controls.  The downside to this card is that during your opponent’s end phase, it gives up one Xyz material.  So the best way to take full advantage of this card is to use Soul Charge for as many materials as possible.

Galaxy-Eyes CloudragonSupreme Cosmic Power

With the Dragon Rulers now on the Forbidden List, it seems like using Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon is just awkward.  To which I agree with, but at least we have a little bit of Galaxy support to hold us over until we receive the new Red-Eyes support down the road.  One of these cards is Galaxy-Eyes Cloudragon, who is an adorable level one monster being released in World Superstars.  This seems to be a thing with Konami as of late, every iconic creature from the anime and comics needs to have a baby form for some reason or another – Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is no exception to this.  You can tribute Cloudragon to summon any “Galaxy-Eyes” monster in your graveyard; this can range from any of the Xyz monsters to Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon itself.  That seems fairly subpar at first, but if Cloudragon is in your graveyard, once per duel you can attach it to any “Galaxy-Eyes” Xyz monster you currently control.  Reviving that bulky Dark Matter Dragon and allow it to attack twice is rather impressive.

Another interesting card is a counter trap for this theme, Tachyon Transmigration.  If you control a “Galaxy-Eyes” monster, you can negate all of your opponent’s card effects that previously came before it on the chain.  As if that wasn’t enough, it then shuffles the negated cards back into the deck if they happen to be on the field when they activated.  Did that Burning Abyss player try to put you in a Fire Lake loop?  Nope, your fire and brimstone can go back into the deck to be seen another day!  Considering most Galaxy decks already play Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, this new trap has another activation requirement that is most definitely worth mentioning as well.  If you happen to control a Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, you can activate Tachyon Transmigration directly from your hand.  While the deck has been crippled, this could potentially see play in a Hieratic Dragon deck, as they are the one deck that can produce Rank Eight monsters with the most ease.

While this last card may not find a home in a Galaxy deck, it will see use in a Cyber Dragon deck.  Galaxy Soldier is a level five LIGHT Machine-type monster that can be special summoned by sending one LIGHT monster from your hand to the graveyard.  Then whenever Galaxy Soldier is special summoned, you can search your deck for any “Galaxy” monster.  You can only use this search effect once per turn, but that’s okay.  What’s important is that you can potentially throw away a Cyber Dragon Core for use on future turns and that you have one component to summon Cyber Dragon Nova.  While summoning Cyber Dragon Nova may not be a difficult task, Galaxy Soldier provides you with another method of summoning it as well as fuel for an Overload Fusion should you decide to play it in your build.

Number F0 Utopic FutureMy Utopia is a Robot with Wings

Back when a Bubble Beat was popular is when we last saw Number 39: Utopia being played in competitive decks.  Players would intentionally burn their own life points to under 1000 so they could use Number C39: Utopia Ray as an alternate win condition.  Once Effect Veiler became commonly used, plays involving Utopia Ray became far too risky to even attempt.  So what’s changed?  We now have Number S39: Utopia the Lightning to abuse.  Just like Utopia Ray, Utopia the Lightning just drops itself on top of an existing Rank Four Utopia monster you control.  So long as Utopia the Lightning has a “Utopia” monster as an Xyz material, its ATK will become 5000 during the damage calculation by giving up two Xyz materials.  On top of that, your opponent cannot activate card effects during any battle that involves Utopia the Lightning.  This card effectively allows any two level four monsters to take down any large monster your opponent can throw at you, including Obelisk the Tormentor.  Okay, so maybe that last point is irrelevant, but it’s still cool to think of an Egyptian god being taken out by a winged robot.

Number F0: Utopic Future is a unique card in that it’s an Xyz monster without a rank.  It’s summoned by overlaying two non-Number Xyz monsters with the same rank.  So for giving up your two existing Xyz monsters, you get a 0 ATK and DEF monster that is immune to battle.  Doesn’t sound like much, does it?  When Utopic Future battles, any battle damaged is reduced to 0 and you then gain control of whatever it battled until the end of the battle phase.  Now you have our attention.  As an added bonus, whenever Utopic Future would be destroyed by a card effect, you can detach an Xyz material to protect it.  You could play this card in decks like Burning Abyss or Satellarknights, but the OCG puts this card into their Infernity combo decks.  For the sake of making space on their fields, they overlay their multiple Lavalval Chains and then destroy it with something like Diamond Dire Wolf.  Anyone who watches the videos posted by Yu-Gi-Oh Singapore on Facebook knows what I’m talking about.  With Igknights on the horizon, Infernity will see continued play even in their crippled state.  Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink.

While this last card may not seem like it’s related to Utopia, it’s still worth mentioning in this category any way.  Ghostrick Angel of Mischief is a Rank Four monster that can be Xyz summoned by overlaying it on top of any Ghostrick Xyz monster you control.  This Xyz monster has two effects that are exclusive to the Ghostrick deck.  You can detach one Xyz material to search your deck for any “Ghostrick” spell or trap card or you can attach one “Ghostrick” monster from your hand to Angel of Mischief as an Xyz material.  However, the last part of this card is an alternate win condition and is not an effect.  If Angel of Mischief has ten Xyz materials, you win the duel.  At a first glance, this card seems just horrible and too silly to even use.  For a while, there was a Utopia deck that focused on Stoic Challenge and Xyz Change Tactics as its primary win condition.  Angel of Mischief can be used in this deck if you run one Terraforming, one Zombie World, and one Scroll of Bewitchment.  Just make your tiny Utopia Roots into a DARK Zombie-type monster and use Rank-Up-Magic to summon Ghostrick Alucard and suddenly you win the game.  Adding these three cards to this rather hilarious deck may seem bad, but it really doesn’t hurt the deck’s overall performance at all.  Also this deck is fun and cheap, so give it a shot at your locals.

In Conclusion

As all of you are opening your boxes of World Superstars, I hope that this helps you pick out cards that would be otherwise skimmed over because they’re not named Star Seraph Scepter or Star Seraph Sovereign.  If you feel as if there’s any card that should have received a mention, feel free to discuss it in the comments below.

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