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jordan w.Hello ARG readers! Before I start I’d like to congratulate all of my friends who managed to top YCS Chicago this past weekend! Unfortunately I myself fell just short of the top cut losing in the final round of swiss. With that event behind us, it is now time to focus on the future! As I’m sure you are aware, the ban list was revealed last Wednesday. While I’ve heard many different opinions on the list, I myself am I huge fan! In this article I will discuss the changes made in the list, and how it is likely to shape up the start of next format!

coachsoldierwolfbarkCoach Soldier Wolfbark - Limited

It should go without saying that this hit will be a huge blow to 4-axis fire fists. Without the coach, I find it hard to believe that the deck will be much of a threat next format. However, Fire lovers need not give up hope just yet!  The 3/4-axis deck list that I used to Top 32 YCS Atlanta only lost one card after the ban list! This means that the deck will be extremely viable going in to next format. Now that ¾-axis will likely be the focus of the fire fist community, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this deck innovated into an even more powerful version ofrekindling itself in the coming weeks.

Rekindling - Limited

Oddly enough, my first build of 3/4-axis fire fists that I used to top the Indy 1k was entitled “Rekindling to 1.” Despite this coincidence, I have to admit that I was very surprised to see the card on the list, seeing as how it has had next to no impact on the recent meta. Nevertheless, I’m happy to see this card go to 1, as it forces 3/4 fists to focus on a more consistent control version, as opposed to the sacky turbo version. Other than that, this change will obviously devastate  lavals, and combined with the mermailabyssgundeWolfbark hit, fire kings too are unlikely to see any event tops for the foreseeable future.


Mermail Abyssgunde- Limited

This marks the 3rd list in a row where mermails have been hit. Unfortunately, it seems that Konami's efforts are once again in vain. Though it will be forced to adapt, mermails are still going to be a force to be reckoned with going in to next format. I personally have little to no experience with the deck, but I have heard that perhaps a build that went back to using copies of salvage and deep sea diva could be effective. I’ll leave the mermail innovating up to everyone else though!  If this news upsets any other mermail haters out there, fear not! With all of the power house decks coming out of Primal Origins, water is unlikely to survive for too muchInfernity Barrier longer.


Infernity Barrier- Limited

I’ve noticed that the vast majority of all dark decks are degenerate, and infernitys are no exception. This deck is by far my least favorite to play against, and this blow was a long time coming. With their new support coming out in the form of “Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons”, this deck would have been that much more of a threat going in to next format. While I have heard otherwise, hopefully this hit will be enough to put this deck to rest once Hieratic Seal of Convocationand for all.

Hieratic Seal of Convocation- Semi-Limited

This hit I found kind of humorous, considering this card was just moved back to unlimited only a few months ago. I will say the same thing now that I did when the card first went to 2, I don’t see this hurting Heretics too badly. Regardless, I’ve never found this deck to be too out of control, and I wouldn’t expect it to be too much of a threat going into next format. Hopefully no one is able to prove me wrong (this is not a challenge!!)

Shuffle this card into the Deck. When this card in your possession is sent to the Graveyard by your opponent's card effect: Banish this card. If you have 3 "Jackpot 7" banished by this effect, you win the Duel.

Shuffle this card into the Deck. When this card in your possession is sent to the Graveyard by your opponent's card effect: Banish this card. If you have 3 "Jackpot 7" banished by this effect, you win the Duel.


Morphing Jar / Morphing Jar #2 - Forbidden

I believe these cards were about to see play in an OTK deck revolving around the card "Jackpot 7". Thankfully Konami was on the ball with this pre-emptive hit, and we didn’t have to deal with this nonsense for nationals format. Thanks to recent errata, Morphing Jar #2 also had great synergy with the Sylvan deck, so that also could have been a recent for its hit on the list.

Magical Stone Excavation/ [ccProd]Primal Seed[/ccProd] - Unlimited

While I have heard rumors about a deck somehow finding use of 3 [ccProd]Magical Stone Excavation[/ccProd], I personally don’t see either of these hits affecting the meta. It should be safe to chalk the changes up to Konami cleaning off the cobwebs on their ban list.

Geargias- Untouched

Admittedly, I was somewhat disappointed to see that Geargias were left untouched. This deck has been extremely underrated this format. This past weekend I saw a new build of Geargia up close and personal, and I have to admit it was rather reminiscent of Wind-Ups. With all of the other top tier decks being taken down a notch, I wouldn't be surprised if Geargias reigned supreme in the coming weeks. All of this is without taking into consideration the amazing support that they are receiving from Primal Origins in the form of Geargia Auger. Geargias will most definitely be the deck to watch out for next format!

With the incredibly small ban list we received this time around, overall I don’t expect to see too much of a shift in the meta. After all, the top 32 of YCS Chicago was filled with more decks than anyone could have imagined for the end of a format event. My advice to any new format innovators out there is to build your decks with Bujins, Geargia, Mermails,  and 3/4-axis Fire Fists in mind! I hope to see everyone with their new creations at ARG Richmond April 26th-April 27th, 2014! Click the pic below for details!



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