A National Decision; Tengu Plants vs. Doppel Plants

The 2011 World Championship Qualifier will be all about one of the most powerful cards to come out in ages; T.G. Hyper Librarian. Almost everyone has heard of this card by now, and once it is legal it is going to make changes to the game (On July 5th). This level 5 Synchro Monster immediately replaces 1 to 2 slots in your Extra Deck as its stats are above par for its level, backed up with a kick ass effect: allowing you to draw a card every times someone Synchro Summons.

Although every deck should have this card in their Extra Deck, some thrive off of Librarian more then others.  The deck that does it the most is my personal favorite deck since my second SJC win in New Jersey; Plants. Even though the amount of decent Plant-type monsters are limited, the ones you play all have amazing effects. Lonefire Blossom can instantly ditch 2 monster to the Graveyard to fuel the important Pot of Avarice, while also grabbing you any Plant-type monster you need for the situation. Spore and Glow Up Bulb are self-reviving Tuners, making your Synchro potential enormous. And finally, Dandylion allows you to get your Level 1 Tokens for Formula Synchron, as well as the best target for Debris Dragon.

Speaking of Formula Synchron, this is the card that Plant decks abuse most when combined with Librarian. This card has always been super easy for Plant decks to summon, but instead of drawing you 1 card, will draw you 2 cards each time you can Summon one.

Now then the only problem is, with T.G. Librarian's release, the current Tengu Plant deck is no longer the "go to" deck. Another Plant variant steps into the spotlight, and that is of course Doppel Plants. Where Tengu Plants plays fairly standard for a Plant variant, abusing Dandylion, Tokens, and making numerous Synchro's off of Reborn Tengu, Doppel Plants uses Doppelwarrior as its main Token creator and Synchro Material.

Whenever you Special Summon a monster from your Graveyard, you may Special Summon Doppelwarrior from your hand. This can be accomplished by using Glow Up Bulb, Spore, or the decks most common monster, Junk Synchron. Junk Synchron allows you to trigger your in hand Doppelwarriors, as well as allowing you to bring back Doppel  from the Graveyard. One of the most common and explosive plays includes 3 cards, all which are searchable in the Doppel Plant deck.

First off you need Doppelwarrior and Junk Synchron in your hand, with a Glow Up Bulb in Grave. By Summoning Junk Synchron and bringing back Bulb, you may then Special Doppel. Next Synchro Doppel and Junk into Hyper Librarian. This will trigger Doppelwarriors effect, bringing out 2 level 1 tokens. Synchro a token and Bulb into Formula Synchron #1, drawing 2 cards; 1 for Formula and 1 for Librarian. Next activate Bulbs effect, Special Summoning it back to the field to Synchro with the remaining token into Formula #2, drawing you again 2 cards. That means you've drawn 4 cards, and have 1 Librarian and 2 Formula Synchron on the field, by using only 2 cards from your hand. Quite an amazing turn if you ask me.

Now then, you may find your asking yourself (If you want to run Plants for Nationals that is) which variant do I go with? Well ladies and gentleman that's all up to your play style.

Tengu Plants can be much more consistent. Its bad hands are normally brought on by multiple Tengu draws and requires your biggest plays to have a Tengu already on the field before Summoning another monster to try and "combo off".  This can be fine, as to when this happens, the deck can easily make 2 Hyper Librarians, with just a Tengu and  Glow Up Bulb or a Lonefire to grab you a Bulb. And if double Librarian isn't the right play, you can go ahead and make a Librarian and level 8 Synchro, probably Stardust Dragon to protect your Librarian.

Where Doppel Plants might lack in consistent hands, it shines in explosiveness. Tengu Plants will normally revolve around one turn playing a Tengu and the next a tuner. Doppel just wants to Special Summon a monster from the Graveyard. Just by normal summoning a Junk Synchron you can make this possible, dropping your Doppelwarrior from hand and completely going off by Synchroing and drawing loads of cards. The only problem is getting the right cards to the Graveyard and the right cards to your hand. This can be easier to accomplish by running cards like Reinforcement of the Army to add Doppelwarrior and Junk Synchron to your hand. You can also play Tuning to grab Junk Synchron and mill a card, giving you a chance to send those important Junk Synchron targets to the Graveyard.

In Japan right now, Doppel Plants is all the rage. It's sweeping tournaments and has been for awhile now. The only thing is Japan doesn't have Reborn Tengu. That changes quite a lot seeing as Reborn Tengu is one of the craziest creatures to come into existence. It can be difficult to say what would do well if Tengu was legal in the OCG.

So now its up to us, the players to test the hell out of these 2 decks. The WCQ is right around the corner and it's going to be a history changing event for sure. For the first time in 10 years, Canada and the U.S. will compete together in 1 National event. 6 players will be sent to Worlds in Europe. This means there are 2 more spots, 2 extra chances for some great, and lucky players to play among the worlds elite. So its time for us all to start testing our asses off. You know what they say around here, "Play hard or go home". Who will you be? The Tengu player? The Doppel? Or someone else entirely?

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