A Really Lost Sanctuary

The new YuGiOh structure deck Lost Sancturay is obviously the newest deck in YuGiOh. It contained some of the rarest Light and Fairy monsters including Honest, Marshmallon, Splendid Venus ,and of course the awesome trap card Solemn Judgement. The Agents are the main cards of the deck and there leader Master Hyperion. Not many people know that the Agents first appeared in the set Ancient Sanctuary and then appeared in the Dark Revelation sets. The set included most of the Agents like Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Mars. The cards were not very important until the Lost Sanctuary came out. The deck relies on its field spell card, The Sanctuary In The Sky which keeps your life points safe from attacks accept direct attacks. The main card Master Hyperion can destroy cards easily as long as you have Light monsters in your grave. The downfall of this deck is that it takes to long to unleash it's full potential.

I think it has to many cards that take to long to bring out exept Master Hyperion where he can be special summoned or normal summoned. With all the new and old cards it can be confusing for some people or someone may just buy the deck for a few new cards for there Twilight deck. The Shining Angel is always useful in a Twilight deck. There is also a few good things about the deck like the effects of the Agents like Saturn that can cause serious damage to your opponent. It's also a good way to finish off your opponent when they have low points. If you want to summon a seven star synchro like Ancient Fairy Dragon or Blackrose Dragon or any other synchro all you have to do is bring out Mercury and get Venus from your deck then when you bring out Venus you just have to bring out one Shine Ball. The downside is that it takes way to long for that to happen.

The deck seems to easy to play and beat all it takes is a good start and the rest is easy. Mostly alot of people have or want the deck is because of the Solemn Judgement. The card is the most useful trap card in the game and is fun to use. If you use a beatdown deck then I think Solemn Judgement is awesome for those decks. The beatdown decks can make it seem impossible to do anything to the opponent and what better card to stop anything then Solemn Judgement. It can stop normal summon, special, flip summon and can stop any spell or trap. But everyone knows that. But, is the deck Lost Sanctuary worthy in a tournmant? The deck itself is good and was a huge seller in Japan but I personally think the deck is not worthy to be in a tournmant. It is a great deck but takes to long to get your cards out, and Master Hyperion is the only monster to worry about if your only running the Agents and nothing else. Mars is the most useless monster in the deck, (in my opinion) because, if your life points are lower then its effect is useless and is only useful to play during the end or middle of the duel, not the beginning.

Even though The Lost Sanctuary structure deck might be useful later in the future other decks have not dissapointed. Structure decks such as Machina Mayhem or the Spellcasters Command which is now useful for an Exodia deck. The Machina Mayhem has been a pretty useful deck with all the new decks you can create with it like a Machina- Plant deck or just a simple Gadget deck. The Lost Sanctuary also has some cards that help create new decks but that's all it's really for. The deck is decent and on a scale of one to ten I give it a five because the deck is to easy for your opponent to understand. I seen some people use the deck on Saturdays the week it came out and they were not successful at all. Usually a new deck takes your opponent by surprise, but not this one as others soon realized. Good thing I was not one of them. The deck is not recommended to people who want to try to go professional and enter big events like the Championship Series in Indiana this year. The Lost Sanctuary is not the best deck in the world and is not the worst but I personally would not approve of it. Unless you have an obsession with fairies or just want the good cards I would not buy this deck.

That was my opinion until I decided to buy the deck myself and I am sort of impressed. Yea I know I just talked about how much this deck sucks and on how I'm crazy for saying all that stuff about it. The deck isn't just about the Agents it also is an easy way to do synchro summons due to the effects of Mercury and Venus. I recieved three decks recently and soon realized why this was Japan's best selling YuGiOh deck. It contains Solemn Judgment, which as I said earlier is one of the most useful trap cards. I regret talking bad about the Lost Sanctuary since I did not understand how good it really was. When I got the deck I went to my locals and did pretty decent with the deck myself but before I entered at my locals I did one thing I regret. I traded my Solemn Warnings for a Naturia Bamboo Shoot, Gateway of the Six, and a Hand of the Six. That was the most stupid trade I ever did in my life.

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