Absolute Zero: The Past and the Future

What’s up guy, it’s your one and only Doctor Derp.  Today I am going to talk about the past and the future of Absolute Zero.  As all of you should know, the Dawn of the Xyz starter deck is coming out on July 12, and I think this deck will go back from being Tier 1.5 back to its original Tier One status.

I need to touch up on its past a little bit for those of you that did not play when this was at its Tier One status.  Back when Elemental Hero Absolute Zero came out, we had three Destiny Draw.  This allowed us to discard out Destiny Hero-Malicious, then summon Deep Sea Diva, remove Malicious to special summon another one, synchro summon into Stardust Dragon, then Miracle Fusion into Absolute Zero.  This combo was very devastating as we did have Heavy Storm.  The next ban list we lost two Destiny Draw and one Allure of Darkness.  This led everyone to believe that the deck was no longer playable, but then the release of Hidden Arsenal 3 made me and a couple of other people change their minds.  We got Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier.  This allowed us to play two Snowman Eater and two Debris Dragon.  That allowed us to do quite a lot of combo plays where Absolute Zero would be a 3000 beatstick and we got to destroy two cards on the opponent’s field each turn.  This combo was very devastating to the opponent because when they got rid of Absolute Zero we destroyed all of their monsters and could still destroy two of their cards.

The future of Absolute Zero still remains a mystery to certain people.  As all of you should know, on July 12th we get the Dawn of the Xyz Starter Deck.  There is a Rank 4 Xyz monster in there known as Number 39: Utopia.  This particular card will be game-breaking with many different decks and could affect Absolute Zero in such a way that it becomes Tier One status again.  With this card, we can now use Hydrogeddon, which allows us to summon another Hydrogeddon if it destroys a monster by battle, then Rank 4 Xyz summon into Utopia.  We can now negate their attacks by detaching Xyz material monsters and have a monster that has Stardust Dragon’s attack and defense (2500 attack and 2000 defense).

Some of the future combos I see with Elemental Hero Absolute Zero will involve Rank 4 Xyz summoning.  You can activate Future Fusion, target Absolute Zero, send Hydrogeddon and Destiny Hero-Malicious to the graveyard, summon Deep Sea Diva, remove Destiny Hero-Malicious to special summon another one from your deck, synchro into a Stardust Dragon, Monster Reborn your Hydrogeddon, Miracle Fusion into your Elemental Hero Absolute Zero, attack their monster with Hydrogeddon (let’s say that monster happens to be a Ryko), negate their Ryko’s effect with Stardust Dragon, special summon another Hydrogeddon from your deck, and, if they had two monsters on the field, then attack with the other Hydrogeddon so you can special summon another one, then attack with any of your other monsters, and when you are in your Main Phase 2, you are now allowed to Xyz summon into a Number 39: Utopia and, if you have a Plaguespreader Zombie in the graveyard, you are now free to synchro summon into a level six synchro monster, such as Brionac or Gaia Knight.  This combo will be very devastating to your opponent, and will more than likely cause them to extend the handshake so you can move on in the tournament.

Some potential cards to side deck against this match up can and will include Kinetic Soldier, Puppet Plant, Super Polymerization, Elemental Hero Absolute Zero (for the Super Polymerization), and Elemental Hero the Shining (if you are playing Lightsworn you can use Super Polymerization to fusion summon Elemental Hero the Shining).  Kinetic Soldier will be a 3850 defense wall when they attack into with Elemental Hero Absolute Zero and Number 39: Utopia, as Utopia is a Light Warrior-type monster.  Puppet Plant allows you to take the opponent’s Elemental Hero Absolute Zero, their Destiny Hero-Malicious so you can stop their synchro plays altogether, so they cannot bring out Stardust Dragon, or play their Miracle Fusion that turn, so you can now play your Dark Hole, and this will ONLY allow them to play another Miracle Fusion.  You can also take their Utopia with Puppet Plant, detaching their Xyz material monsters to negate their attacks, or they won’t attack that turn.  Super Polymerization will allow you to get rid of their Elemental Hero Absolute Zero and their Stardust Dragon into a Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste, and they cannot play their Solemn Warning or Solemn Judgment on your Super Polymerization, because they cannot chain ANYTHING to Super Polymerization.  Elemental Hero Absolute Zero is a GREAT side deck card when your playing against this match up because you can use Super Polymerization to get rid of their Malicious that they just summoned with your Gladiator Beast Murmillo to make Elemental Hero Absolute Zero, or, if you’re playing Fish FTK you can get rid of their Malicious with your Fishborg Blaster to make Absolute Zero.  Elemental Hero the Shining is for a theme-specific deck, such as Lightsworn or if you’re playing Miracle Gemini you can use their Zero with your Elemental Hero Neos Alius to fusion into the Shining.  With Lightsworn, you can use your Lumina with their Zero or their Malicious and fusion into the Shining and gain major advantage against them by now using Book of Moon against their Stardust Dragon, and special summoning Judgment Dragon.

In conclusion, I talked about one of my favorite up-and-coming decks, which is Absolute Zero, I talked about its past and its future, and I talked about some potential side deck cards that will come in useful against this match up.  I hope you found this article informative and learned something new from it.

Thanks for reading my article.

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