An Article of Epic Proportions with Billy Brake

Hello Yugioh Community! I am back this week with an epic article! For those of you who haven’t already guessed it I will be talking about the newly released Battle Pack: Epic Dawn. This first of its kind set was released this past Tuesday and I know duelist all over the world went to their local card shops to play in sealed events and get their hands on the new reprint of Tour Guide from the Underworld! I also went to a local card shop and played in a sealed tournament. I wanted to talk this week about how my first full Battle Pack: Epic Dawn sealed event went and what my overall thoughts are on this new type of tournament.

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Going into my first full sealed event with the battle pack this afternoon I have to say I was somewhat excited. Playing with the same few decks and using the same cards over and over again can get pretty boring so having a chance to play with a random assortment of old and new cards combined is a welcomed vacation from the usual local grind. Since I was at YCS Philadelphia I had a chance to see a lot of the new cards and I have to say I am a fan of the new starfoil rarity. I do wish they had been able to include a super rarity because I think it would have looked awesome with the starfoil, but overall I am happy with the way they came out. Before the tournament started I looked over the spoiler list for the set on my phone and saw there were a lot of average cards in the pack that could end up being quite useful in the sealed duels like Prideful Roar.


Before I go into how my tournament went let’s take a look at the cards I had to work with. And if you haven’t been able to play in a sealed event yet you can get a look at what your deck may end up looking like with some generic pulls.

1 Jinzo(Starfoil)
1 Raiza the Storm Monarch
1 Cybernetic Magician
1 Power Giant
1 Buster Blader
1 Goblindergh
1 Bazoo The Soul Eater
1 Blast Sphere
1 Skilled White Magician (Starfoil)
1 Psi- Blocker
1 Goblin Elite Attack Force
1 Amazoness Trainee
1 Gagaga Magician
1 Gene-Warped Warwolf
1 Voltic Kong
1 Exarion Universe(Starfoil)
1 Jurrac Protops (Starfoil)
1 Ape Fighter
1 Exiled Force
1 Card Trooper (Starfoil)
1 Hedge Guard
1 DUCKER Mobile Cannon (Starfoil)
1 Sheild Warrior
1 Raging Flame Sprite
LEVEL 2 and Lower
1 Fabled Raven
1 Mad Reloader

1 Snatch Steal
1 Sheild Crush(Starfoil)
1 Horn of the Unicorn
1 Scapegoat
1 Fighting Spirit

2 Skill Drain (1 Starfoil)
2 Changing Destiny (1 Starfoil)
1 Fiendish Chain
1 Painful Roar
1 Damage Gate
1 Magic Cylinder
1 Miracle’s Wake

2 Number 39: Utpoia
2 Grenosuarus
1 Wind-Up Zenmaister
1 Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon (Starfoil)

SIDE DECK: 4 (The cards I chose not to use)
1 Pitch- Black Warwolf ( If I had more equip cards I would have made room over the Amazoness Trainee of if my opponent has a trap heavy deck)
1 Zolga (Come on really!?)

After I got my deck and sleeved it up I still had some spare time left over before the round started so I began to look through all my cards and come up with a general game plan. I first wanted to figure out what all of my power cards were so I could make sure to hold them for as long as possible until I absolutely needed them even if that mean making a worse play. I soon understood my only true power cards were Snatch Steal and Raiza the Storm Monarch. I had a good feeling that both of these cards were going to be fairly instrumental in deciding whether I was going to win the duel or not and had to be held until the perfect opportune moment. I also noted I had a decent amount of trap cards in my deck. I had a feeling that my two copies of Changing Destiny were going to be useful in stopping an onslaught from any of my opponents power monsters and I decided I would save them until my opponent put a guy on board I really couldn’t handle. I also made note of the Exiled Force in my deck as one of my few forms of monster removal and made a mental note he should be saved until there was something I was having a hard time getting off the field.

Instead of going over each round and trying to remember every detail about every round, which can be quite hard with so many obscure cards in the Battle Pack, I am just going to briefly go over my tournament experience.

Round one I faced a kid I could tell was fairly new to the game. He was one of those kids who draws and sets every single spell and trap he has even if one is a normal spell that he activates later in the turn. Despite him being new to the game he still took me all the way to game three. In game two he was able to take control and finish me off by activating a freshly drawn Creature Swap taking my Raiza the Storm Monarch in exchange for his face-up DUCKER Mobile Cannon. It was then I realized no matter what form of Yugioh we were playing, Yugioh is still YUGIOHHHH! I was able to take game 3 with a Snatch Steal that I held for most of the game until he summoned a Dark Magician of Chaos. I took his Magician and swung in for game! I was glad to see that Battle Pack: Epic Dawn gave even new players a decent chance at winning and I hope it brings more new duelist to this awesome game!


Round two I played a duelist who had a little bit more tournament experience. Out of his packs he was able to get cards like Tragoedia, Soul Exchange, Jinzo, Caius the Shadow Monarch, and Mirror Force. He dueled next to me round 1 so I knew his deck was pretty good. I win a long Game 1 after XYZ Summoning Number 39: Utopia three times! (One of them was returned to my extra deck by a Liberty at Last). In Game 2 he took me down quickly with a combination of Soul Exchange and Caius along with a copy of Kunai with Chain to make sure I had no chance at coming back. In game 3 my field consisted of a Number 39: Utopia and a Psi-Blocker to his face-down back row. I called Mirror Force with Psi-Blocker for a couple turns in a row and with Utopia to protect my Psi-Blocker he was in trouble. A few direct attacks later the game was over and he flipped up his face-down Mirror Force that I had luckily guessed he has and prevented him from using.


Round 3 showed an example of one of the only things I do not like about the Battle Pack sealed events. I won this match very quickly because my opponent had drawn all monsters both games 1 and 2 and wasn’t able to keep up. As you can tell from my deck list every deck in the tournament is going to have anywhere from 24 to 30 monsters in it which can lead to some really bad hands and nothing you can do to win. My best advice to avoid this is when you are taking out cards to get your deck down to 40 try and cut all monsters if at all possible. Most of the spells and traps in the Battle Pack are quite useful with a few exceptions such as Infected Mail.


Round 4 was the last and final round and I was fighting for first place. Unfortunately, my opponent probably had the best deck in the tournament, at least from what I had seen. I was able to win an intense game 1 with Raiza The Storm Monarch setting him back a turn and giving me an edge. In game 2 I drew very few traps and all of his monsters were able to slaughter me, him summoning a Beast King Barbaros while I had a Skill Drain face-up didn’t make things any easier for me. In game 3 he was playing like he was holding Gorz so I play pretty cautious until I draw into Snatch Steal and decide to make a move. He does end up dropping Gorz, I run over his token and pass to him. He simply attacks one of my monsters and passes back. I activate Snatch Steal and attempt to attack for game, but he also pulled a Battle Fader and dropped it to save his life. He begins to mount a comeback with a Caius the Shadow Monarch and I am not able to recover. I fall just short of first place, but still had a great time playing in this new format!

Conclusion: The new Battle Pack: Epic Dawn was released this past Tuesday and with it comes a new style of sealed play Yugioh has never have before! I decided to enter my locals first ever sealed tournament and try my luck in this new format. I have to say overall I really enjoyed the tournament and the chance to use all cards combined with new ones and get a chance to really enjoy playing Yugioh again. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing with my own deck every chance I get, but it is nice to have a change, it can really put your Yugi-Brain to work! I think this form of Yugioh will continue to be popular and hopefully we will have more Battle Packs in the future to keep this sealed play fresh or possibly see a Draft format somewhere in Yugioh’s future!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions about what you would like to see me write about in future articles feel free to leave it in the comments down below! Don’t forget to answer the question of the article located at the top!

-Billy Brake
-YCS Toronto and Columbus Champion