ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Finals, Patrick Hoban vs Scott Page

And here it is folks the moment that we’ve been waiting for all weekend…The Finals of the first ever ARG Circuit Series! These two players have beat out all 318 others and it comes down to this. We have Scott Page from Dallas, Texas who we’ve featured twice this weekend and he’s won both of his matches with Vanity’s Fiend and Vanity’s Emptiness in his Dragon Ruler deck. We also have the reigning National Champion and ARG player Patrick Hoban who’s here with his signature Dragunity Rulers decks. Both players are determined to take home that ever so sweet prize money. Here we go with the Final match of the weekend…Scott Page VS. Patrick Hoban.


Patrick Hoban

The dice roll dictates that they tie twice and then finally Scott will be opening up by going first in the Finals. He draws for 6 and activates Tempest, Dragon Ruler of the Storms effect sending Debris Dragon and itself to add Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to his hand. Scott sets 1 to his back row and passes.

Patrick opens with 2 Blasters, Cards of Consonance, Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, Terraforming, and Vanity’s Emptiness. He activates Terraforming to search Dragon's Ravine from his deck and adds it to hand. Next comes Sacred Sword to banish Blaster to draw his 3rd Blaster and a Tempest. Blaster sends itself and another Blaster to destroy Scotts facedown Book of Moon. He activates Ravine to send Tempest to add Dragunity Phalanx from his deck to his hand. Cards of Consonance is activated discarding Phalanx to draw Solemn Warning and Raigeki Break. He sets 2 cards to his back row and passes back to Scott.

Scott draws to 5 in hand. Sacred Sword comes down banishing Redox to draw 2 cards; searching for another copy of itself and taking him to 6 in hand. Ravine is activated but is destroyed by  Patrick's Raigeki Break discarding Vanity’s Emptiness from his hand. Tempest and Debris are banished to Special Summon Blaster from hand and he searches Corsesca from the deck to his hand with Tempest. Blaster attacks for first damage dealing 2800 and dropping Pat to 5200 life points. Corsesca is Normal Summoned and used with Blaster to Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon but the Summon is negated by Solemn Warning dropping Patrick to 3200 life points. Scott passes with that.

Patrick draws Dragunity Dux off the top! He normal summons it for his turn and he equips Phalanx with the effect. Phalanx is Special Summoned by it’s own effect and moves to the monster zone. Patrick banishes Blaster and Tempest for Blaster's Special Summon from grave; he searches and adds Dragunity Arma Mystletainn to his hand. Next Mystletainn is special summoned by it’s own effect and is destroyed by Scott’s Raigeki Break discarding Redox before it can do anything. Dux and Blaster attack directly for 4500 damage dropping Scott to 3500 life points.

Scott draws to 2 in hand for his turn. He banishes Redox and Stardust to Special Summon Blaster from the grave; adding another copy of Redox to his hand from his deck. Next Effect Veiler comes down and both monsters are used to Synchro Summon Colossal Fighter. Scott moves into his Battle Phase and attacks into Blaster destroying it by battle and activating Colossal Fighter's effect to Special Summon a warrior from either players grave and Summons itself back from the graveyard. Colossal attacks over Dux to deal 1100 damage dropping Patrick to 2100 Lifepoints. He passes his turn with that and upon ending Patrick asks whether or not Scott has Vanity’s Emptiness or not. Scott says yes and reveals it in the backrow causing Patrick to concede. Scott Page takes game 1 in the Finals of the First ARG Circuit Series with a Colossal Fighter and his signature Vanity’s Emptiness!

Siding is quick on both sides with good conversation between the whole table. Patrick will be starting Game 2.

Patrick starts Game 2 with 2 copies of Dux, Gold Sarcophagus, Terraforming, Vanity’s Emptiness and a Tempest. Leading off the second match is a Terraforming getting him a Ravine from his deck to his hand. Gold Sarcophagus banishes Tempest to search and add Mystletainn. Ravine sends Tempest from hand to send Phalanx to grave from deck. Dux is normal summoned to equip Phalanx. Phalanx special summons itself from it’s effect. Both monsters are used to synchro into Dragunity Knight-Vajrayana equipping Phalanx by it's effect. Phalanx specials itself again to the monster zone and both monsters are used to synchro into Colossal Fighter. He sets one to his backrow and ends his turn.

Scott draws to 6 for his turn. He sets 3 backrow and passes right back to Patrick.

Patrick draws Mystical Space Typhoon for his turn adding it to his Mystletainn and his Dux. Dux is normal summoned and equips Phalanx to itself. Phalanx is special summoned with it’s own effect and both monsters are used to synchro summon Vajrayana again equipping Phalanx, Scott MSTs the Ravine on the summon destroying it. Phalanx special summons itself to the monster zone and is sent to the grave to special summon Mystletainn from hand. Mystletainn equips Phalanx and is used to Xyz Summon Hieratic Dragon of Atum,Phalanx is sent to grave since Mystletainn is no longer considered on the field. Atum activates it’s effect detaching Vajrayana to special summon Blaster from the deck. Upon seeing a Tempest special summoning from graveyard Scott scoops up his cards. This Finals is headed to a Game 3!

Both players and the spectators having a little both of conversation on how bad the game was for Scott and how good it went for

Patrick while the side decking occurred. Scott will be going first in the last game of the Finals and the weekend here at the ARG Circuit Series in Fort Worth, Texas.

Scott draws his opening 6 cards. Before any cards are played both players exchange good lucks and a hand shake. He starts the last game of the finals by just simply passing.

Patrick opens with 2 copies of Tempest, Upstart Goblin, Phalanx, Warning, and Book of Moon. He activates Upstart giving Scott 1000 life points and putting him at 9000 life points. He activates Sacred Sword banishing Tempest drawing another copy of Sacred Sword and a Redox; searching Mystletainn. He normal summons Phalanx and sends it to grave to Special Summon Mystletainn which equips Phalanx from grave. Phalanx special summons itself to a monster zone. Both monsters attack directly for 2600 damage dropping his to 6400 life points. He synchros with both to Synchro Summon Stardust dragon and sets 2 cards to his back row to end his turn.

Scott draws to 7 in hand. He banishes Tidal and Corsesca to Special Summon Blaster from hand; Searching another Tidal from his deck to his hand. Blaster attacks but is flipped face down by Book of Moon. Scott passes.
Patrick draws Ravine for his turn. He activates Sacred Sword banishing Redox to draw Cards of Consonance and Vanity’s Emptiness; adding another Redox. He activates Ravine and sends Redox to add Dux. Dux is normal summoned equipping Phalanx. Phalanx special summons itself to a monster zone and both monsters are used to Synchro Summon a Vajrayana. Vajrayana equips Phalanx and Phalanx Special Summons itself to a monster zone to Synchro Summon into Crismon Blader. Crimson Blader attacks over the face down Blaster to activate the effect, shutting down special summons of Level 5 or higher monsters for Scotts next turn. Stardust attacks directly for 2500 dropping him to 3900 life points.

Scott draws and activates Sacred Sword by banishing Tidal drawing 2 cards and searching another copy of itself. Then he passes his turn causing him to discard a Tidal for the hand size limit at end phase.

Patrick draws Tempest for turn and activates the effect discarding itself and another copy of itself to the grave; adding Blaster to hand from the deck. He attacks with Stardust Dragon but the Battle Phase is ended with Swift Scarecrow. Main Phase 2 he activates Ravine discarding Blaster to search Dux to hand. He sets another card to his back row and ends.

Scott draws for turn and asks “Vanity’s?” Patrick says, “Yea.” Flipping over not one but TWO copies of the card, along with a Solemn Warning in his back row! With that Scott offered the handshake and Patrick Hoban is the First ARG Circuit Series Champion!



Congrats to Runner-Up Scott Page from Dallas, Texas for an awesome tournament with his Dragon Rulers and signature Vanity's Fiend and Vanity's Emptiness!