ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Patrick Hoban Pre-Event Interview

ARG1Patrick Hoban, our most recent National Champion, fresh off of a top 4 finish at YCS Toronto that took place on August 31st-September 1st, how are you doing today?

I’m doing well! Thanks for asking.

Great to hear, now are you playing in the ARG Circuit Series event today?

I am playing in the event today yes.

Fantastic, and under this new list you chose to play Dragunity at YCS Toronto. Obviously you did well with the deck, but as we start to see a more defined metagame would you have made the same deck choice if YCS Toronto were taking place today instead?

Yes! I am actually playing the Dragunity deck today, I have a lot of faith in the deck and think it will do well again for me today.

Wonderful, now let’s move back to YCS Toronto really quick. There was something very special about this event, and that was the fact that it was the first event of the season to be using the new September 1st Forbidden and Limited list. Now, the list obviously came as a shock to everyone in the TCG, but you have to tell me, how did it feel to have a list come out that actually looks like one of your Prediction/Wishlist articles that are so hotly debated?

Oh it was the best! This is by far one of the best lists that I have ever seen put out for the game. I loved the list and it was hilarious that it looks almost exactly like one of my prediction lists.

Great to know, just a few more questions for you, if you had to pick 4 decks to duke it out in the Top 4 of this tournament, 4 different decks, what would you predict they would be?

I feel that Dragunities, Dragon Rulers, Prophecy and Mermails are the four best decks of the format. They would be the decks I would pit against each other in the top 4 of this event.

How strong of a presence do you think Blackwings will make today? They did make Top 4 at YCS Toronto

I still feel they are a rogue deck and aren't as strong as others.

If you place first today, what will you spend your $1,500 prize credit on?

I want to go to YCS Italy!

Alright, last question for right now, are there any particular cards that could make a dramatic impact that we should be on the look out for during this event or in the future?

I’m not really sure, I’m personally siding Divine Wrath for Spellbooks, but I don’t know if there is anything specific for people to be on the look out for.

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!