ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Top 4 Feature Match, Patrick Hoban vs. Jordan Pollack

Jordan will take first this round

Jordan’s first hand consisted of Marshmallon, Swift Scarecrow, 2 Maxx "C" and Accumulated Fortune. He drew another Scarecrow for his turn, and then set Marhsmallon for the turn and ended his turn.

Patrick drew a card and then began his turn by playing Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars, banishing Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms to draw 2 cards and add Dragunity Arma Mysteltainn from his deck to his hand. Patrick then activated Gold Sarcophagus, banishing Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, and adding another Blaster to his hand. Patrick played Dragon Ravine and discarded Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to add Dragunity Phalanx to his hand. He then played Cards of Consonance, discarding Phalanx to draw 2 more cards. He finished his drawing spree by playing Upstart Goblin to give Jordan 1000 Lifepoints and draw 1 card. He then set 3 and ended.

(Jordan 9000, Patrick 8000)

Jordan drew another Swift Scarecrow before passing his turn, not able to make any plays.

Patrick drew and then activated Sacred Sword, banishing Blaster to draw 2 cards and add another Blaster to his hand. He then activated 2 copies Reckless Greed to draw to a total of 9 cards in his hand. Patrick summoned Dragunity Dux and used its effect to bring back Phalanx. Jordan chained Maxx “C” to Phalanx’s effect and draw Accumulated Fortune off of the special summon. Patrick then activated Terraforming to add another Dragon Ravine to his hand. Patrick took a moment to think about his play before discarding Tempest to add Phalanx to his hand with Dragon Ravine. He pitched off Phalanx to draw 2 cards with Cards of Consonance before using another Upstart Goblin to draw 1 more card. He then set 2 cards before passing.

(Jordan 10,000, Patrick 8,000)

Jordan drew Threatening Roar and Patrick activated Vanity’s Emptiness. Jordan passed.

Patrick added Blaster to his hand thanks to Gold Sarcophagus and took a moment to think about his available plays. He then discarded Tempest to send Redox to the grave with Dragon Ravine. Vanity’s Emptiness was destroyed and Patrick syncro summoned Dragunity Knight Vajrayana. When Vajrayana equipped Phalanx and attempted to special summon it, Jordan chained Maxx “C” and drew Pot of Duality. Patrick then discarded 2 Blasters to destroy Jordan’s facedown Marshmallon before attacking for 1900 with Vajrayana.

Jordan drew Chain Strike and then played Pot of Duality to reveal Cardcar D, Scapegoat and Reckless Greed. He chose to take Cardcar D. He then set 2 cards before summoning Cardcar into Patrick’s Solemn Warning. He ended his turn.

(Jordan 8100, Patrick 6000)

Patrick drew for the turn then discarded Redox for Dargon Ravine to add a Dux to his hand. He then syncro summoned Scrap Dragon with Vajrayana and Phalanx. He summoned his Dux and brought back Phalanx for the 3rd time this duel before syncro summoning into another Vajrayana, bringing back Phalanx yet again. This time he tributed Phalanx for Mysteltainn and overlayed both 6’s into Atum. Scrap Dragon used its effect to target itself and Jordan’s set Threatening Roar. Jordan chained Threatening Roar in response, followed by Chain Strike and then 2 Accumulated Fortunes. As a resolution for the chain Patrick was dealt 1200 damage and Jordan drew Lava Golem, Maxx “C”, Scapegoat and Waboku. Patrick activated Atum’s effect to bring out Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from his deck, but Jodan chained his Maxx “C” to the effect and drew his final Accumulated Fortune. Patrick continued his turn by banishing two Vajrayanas to special summon Blaster from his grave and then used Red-Eyes to bring back Scrap Dragon and finally overlaid Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger using his Atum as the material and attempted to go into Battle Phase forgetting that Threatening Roar was activated. Jordan aslo drew Waboku and One Day of Peace before Patrick ended his turn

(8100, 4800)

Jordan drew Cardcar D for the turn. Played One Day of Peace and each player drew a card (Jordan drawing Magic Cylinder). He then played Cardcar D and set 3 cards before using its effect to draw Pot of Duality and Waboku.

Patrick drew and passed

Jordan drew Cardcar D for the turn then played Pot of Duality, revealing Scapegoat, Reckless Greed and Secret Barrel. Jordan Took Secret Barrel and then set 2 more before using another Cardcar D to draw into Ceasefire and Scapegoat.

Patrick drew and attacked into Swift Scarecrow. He passed reluctantly back to Jordan.

Jordan drew Reckless Greed for the turn. He played Just deserts for 1500 damage and set one more card before ending.

(8100, 3300)

Patrick drew for his turn before Jordan played Secret Barrel and Ceasefire to seal the game away.

Game 2

When Jordan asked if Patrick was going to "Play or Pass", Patrick elected to take the first turn after kindly explaining that this isn't Magic the Gathering. After they each laughed, Patrick began by drawing for his turn then searching for Dragon Ravine by playing Terraforming. He then discarded Phalanx for Cards of Consonance to draw 2 cards. He played Dragon Ravine and discarded Blaster to search for Dux. Patrick then summoned Dux and climbed the chain into Vajrayana and then into Scrap Dragon without interruption before setting 4 cards and passing his turn.

Jordan started with Reckless Greed, Chain Strike, Accuulated Fortune, Threatening Roar, One Day of Peace and Cardcar D. He played One Day of Peace to draw Swift Scarecrow, then summoned Cardcar D only to have Patrick use Book of Moon to flip it facedown. When he set 1 and entered his End phase, Patrick used his set Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Jordan’s reckless greed.

Patrick drew for the turn and used Scrap Dragon to destroy his Reckless Greed and Jordan's Cardcar D, he chained his Reckless Greed and then discarded Phalanx to activate Cards of Consonance to draw a total of 4 new cards. He then used Upstart Goblin to give Jordan 1000 life points and draw a card for himself. Patrick discarded Tempest for Ravine to add Dragunity Dux to his hand. Patrick then summoned Dragunity Dux and brought Phalanx out to syncro into Vajrayana and then into Stardust Dragon. Patrick then banished his 2 Dux in the graveyard to special summon Tempest and then banished his 2 Vajrayanas to special summon Blaster. He then overlaid his two dragons into Mecha Phantom Beast Draccosack and then detached Tempest to bring out 2 Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens. Patrick set 3 and tributed a Toekn to destroy his other Token with Draco’s effect.

(Jordan 9000, Patrick 8000)

Jordan drew MST for his turn and then set Threatening Roar, Mystical Space Typhoon, Accumulated Fortune and Chain Strike. Patrick used Mystical Space Typhoon on the Accumulated Fortune and activated 2 Reckless Greeds in the end phase before Jordan passed his turn.

Patrick, with 4 new cards in hand, began his turn by discarding 2 Tempest to search for a Blaster. He summoned a Dux and equipped it Phalanx, but Jordan blew it away with MST trying to force Patrick into a high count chain. Patrick sighed and let Phalanx go to the grave. He then tributed Draco for his own effect and targeted Jordan’s facedown Chain Strike. Jordan responded by chaining Threatening Roar and Chain Strike for 1200 damage. Patrick then used Dragon Ravine, sending Upstart Goblin to the grave so he could send Redox to the as well. Redox was special summoned by banishing Tempest and Blaster, which got Patrick another Blaster to his hand. He ended his turn.

(Jordan 9000, Patrick 6800)

Jordan drew Battle Fader and ended.

Patrick drew for his turn then banished Draco and Phalanx to summon Tempest. When he went to attack, Jordan special summoned Battle Fader to end the Battle Phase. Patrick banished Tempest in main phase 2 for Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. Scrap Dragon destroyed itself and Battle Fader, then Red-Eyes brought Scrap back to the field.

Jordan drew waboku, set it and passed.

Patrick drew for his turn and used Scrap Dragon to destroy Waboku and Dragon Ravine. Jordan chained Waboku to protect his Lifepoints for the turn. Patrick brought back Tempest with Red-Eyes’ effect and set 1 car before passing.

Jordan drew Ceasefire and Patrick used an MST in the endphase to destroy the Ceasefire! Tempest returned to Patrick’s hand and the turn was passed.

Patrick attacked into a Swift Sacrecrow again and passed his turn.

Jordan drew his final card of the duel, a MST, and conceded the game.

Game 3

Jordan will start off the final game with Wattcobra, 2 copies of Secret Barrel, a Chain Strike and a Waboku. He then drew Reckless Greed for his turn and set Waboku and 1 Secret Barrel before passing.

Patrick started off by drawing, he played Sacred Sword, banishing Redox to get 2 new cards and another Redox. He continued by playing Dragon Ravine and discarding Redox to search for Phalanx. Phalanx was quickly discarded for Cards of Consonance to draw 2 more cards. He discarded two Blasters to destroy a set Waboku (which Jordan chained) and then set 2 and passed his turn.

Jordan drew Cardcar D for his turn. He set Reckless Greed, Chain Strike and his second Secret Barrel before summoning Cardcar D. When he tried to use Cardcar D's effect, Patrick discarded Blaster to activate Divine Wrath to shut down the effect. Jordan ended his turn without much else to do.

Patrick drew and then banished Tempest for Sacred Sword to draw 2 cards and get another Tempest. He then used Dragon Ravine to pitch the Tempest for Dragunity Dux which he summoned to bring back Phalanx. He made Vajrayana and then finally Scrap Dragon again.

“How do you say that?” the judge asked about Patrick’s German Scrap Dragon
“I dunno.” Patrick shrugged. Both players laughed before Patrick continued his turn.

Patrick then destroyed his set Reckless Greed and Jordan’s set Secret Barrel. Both of them chained their cards, giving Patrick 2 cards in his hand and inflicting 1000 damage to Patrick since he had 5 cards in his control (Refer to the Addendum below as this was calculated incorrectly). Patrick used Upstart Goblin and drew 1 card, giving Jordan 1000 lifepoints. Patrick then banished Blaster and Vaj for Blaster and then attacked for 2800 twice.

(Jordan 3400, Patrick 7000)

Jordan drew Reckless Greed for the turn and then activated his on field Reckless Greed. He drew Pot of Duality and Just Deserts. He activated Pot of Duality to reveal another Duality, Ceasefire and Cardcar D. Jordan took a moment to run some calculations before deciding which card to take as it could mean the difference between moving onto the next round or ending his run right here. He chose the Cardcar D and added it to his hand. After shuffling his deck he then set 2 before using Cardcar D’s effect to draw 2 cards. Endphase MST shot out and killed Reckless Greed. Patrick then used his own Reckless Greed to draw 2 new cards. Jordan ended his turn.

Patrick then used Dragon Ravine and discarded Blaster to add Phalanx to hand. He then summoned Dux from his hand and equipped it with Phalanx. Patrick then played another Dragon Ravine over his current one and then set a card to use with Scrap Dragon’s effect. Scrap Dragon targeted the set Terraforming and Secret Barrel. Jordan chained Secret Barrel, then Just Deserts and then Chain Strike for a total of 4500 damage. Patrick thought for a moment, he needed to make the absolute right play right here. He eventually decided to declare an attack with Dux, only to be stopped by Battle Fader. He then syncro summoned Phalanx and Dux into Vajrayana and then into Stardust Dragon. He then banished 2 Dux for Tempest and 1 Blaster and Vaj for Blaster before overlaying them into Dracossack. He tributed Dracossack to destroy the Battle Fader and then played Dragon Ravine over his current one. He discarded Phalanx to send Red-Eyes to the graveyard.

(Patrick 2500, Jordan 3400)

Jordan couldn’t draw due to Reckless so he played Duality and revealed Wattgiraffe, One Day of Peace and Just Deserts. He took One Day of Peace and played Wattcobra to attack for 1000 damage. He added Wattgiraffe to hand and played One Day of Peace to draw into Secret Barrel. He passed his turn to Patrick.

(Patrick 1500, Jordan 3400)

Patrick couldn’t draw because of his own Reckless Greed so he started by banishing Red-Eyes and Tempest for Redox. This let him add Tempest to his hand which he discarded for Ravine to add a Dux. He normal Summoned Dux and went into Vajrayana into Thought Ruler Archfiend. He then banished Vajrayana and Phalanx for Blaster and attacked Wattcobra to gain 1000 lifepoints. He then made Dracossack and tributed it to destroy itself and Stardust Draogon and passed to Jordan.

(Patrick 2500, Jordan 3400)

“I think that Thought Ruler might be the difference in this” Jordan mused.

Jordan still couldn’t draw but he played Wattgiraffe and set Secret Barrel and attacked for 1200 damage. He passed

(Patrick 1300, Jordan 3400)

Patrick then drew, at 1300 lifepoints and immediately used Scrap Dragon to try and destroy Dragon Ravine and Wattgiraffe, but Jordan chained Secret Barrel to deal 1000 damage! But Jordan conceded defeat because the Thought Ruler pushed Patrick’s lifepoints up high enough to seal the game

(Patrick 300, Jordan 0)

Patrick Hoban takes the game and is able to go on to the finals to playoff for the $1,500 prize with a total record of X-1-1!


Immediately after this round ended it was brought to our attention that in Game 3, the damage from Secret Barrel was calculated incorrectly. The chain was made as follows:

Scrap Dragon (Targeting Patrick's Set Reckless and Jordan's Secret Barrel) as Chain Link 1 and then Reckless Greed and Secret Barrel were both activated. How this chain would HAVE to form is Secret Barrel as Chain Link 2 and then Reckless Greed as Chain Link 3. This would resolve backwards and give Patrick a total of 7 Cards on the field and in hand and dealing 1400 damage instead of 1000. At the end of the game, Jordan lost with Patrick only being at 300 life points. The extra 400 damage obviously would have made an impact on the outcome of the game in many ways, turns would have been played differently and there may have been different decisions. In Patrick's final hand he did have MST so if he was down by 400 additional life points he would have used the MST on the Chain to destroy one of his cards to keep the damage down and still won the duel. Either way we admit that we at ARG missed this Lifepoint calculation as well as the players. We are sorry that this damage was calculated incorrectly. We standby the match slip that was turned in stating that Patrick was the Winner and Jordan conceded defeat and would play off for 3rd/4th.

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!