ARG Circuit Series Atlantic City: Round 8 Frazier Smith (Shaddoll) vs. Jake Phinney (Burning Abyss)

Here in Round 8 we get to feature two players fighting for their tournament lives!  Jake Phinney is running the lore-rich Burning Abyss while ARG's own Frazier Smith has chosen to pilot the Dark Shaddolls.  Which one of these duelists will continue on and keep their Top 16 hopes alive?

Game 1

Jake wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He sets four and passes.

Frazier draws for turn and Normal Summons Mathematician which sends Shaddoll Squamata which then sends Shaddoll Dragon.  Dragon destroys Jake’s set Artifact Sanctum which brings out Artifact Moralltach.  Moralltach destroys Frazier’s Mathematician.  He follows it up with a Soul Charge but Jake tries to stop it with Vanity’s Emptiness…but Frazier has the MST.  Soul charge brings back Mathematician Dragon, and Squamata.  He then Xyz Summons Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer.  Jake responds with PWWB to discard Graff to special summon Scarm.  Ep he uses Ignition to hit frazier’s vanity’s emptiness to set another Moralltach.  Scarm adds Tour Guide to Jake’s hand.

5000 (Frazier) - 8000 (Jake)

Jake draws and Normal Summons Tour Guide to bring out Scarm.  He then Xyz Summons Ghostrick Alucard but Frazier chains the targeted Shaddoll Core in response.  

4700 (Frazier) - 8000 (Jake)

Frazier draws for turn then immediately concedes, unable to find an answer to Jake's field.

Game 2

Frazier elects to go second for Game 2.  Jake Normal Summons Kuribandit then sets three backrow.  During the End Phase Kuribandit excavates Artifact Sanctum, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and Graff, adding Sanctum to his hand.  Graff then Special Summons Scarm from the deck in defense.

Frazier starts off with a Normal Summon for Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress who uses her effect but is stopped by Jake's Breakthrough Skill.  Frazier passes without a play.

Jake Normal Summons Graff then Xyz Summons for Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss.  He then uses its effect and sends Moralltach, Sanctum, and Cir to the grave.  Cir brings back Graff.  He sets one and during the End Phase searches out Tour Guide with Scarm.

6200 (Frazier) - 8000 (Jake)

Frazier starts off with a Foolish Burial which sends Squamata which sends Dragon.  Dragon destroys Jake's set Solemn Warning.  He follows it up with a Soul Charge, bringing back Squamata, Lyla, and Dragon.  Lyla targets Jake's set Artifact Ignition which he then chains.  He then responds with Artifact Sanctum and realizes he used the cards out of order for maximum effect.  Sanctum brings out Moralltach to destroy Dragon while Ignition sets another Moralltach to his backrow.  Frazier continues on and Normal Summons Shaddoll Falco.  He then Synchro Summons Vulcan the Divine to bounce itself and Dante back to the Extra Deck.  He sets one backrow and during the End Phase Scarm searches out Kuribandit for Jake.

3200 (Frazier) - 8000 (Jake)

Jake Normal Summons Tour Guide to Special Summon Cir.  Frazier then chains Super Polymerization, discarding Squamata to fuse his on-field Squamata with Tour Guide to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Winda.  Squamata sends Beast to the grave, drawing Frazier a card.  Jake sets one and passes the turn.

Frazier Normal Summons Mathematician, sending Felis, Lightsworn Archer to the grave which is summoned in defense.  He then uses Felis' effect to tribute herself and destroy Jake's Moralltach, sending Mystical Space Typhoon, another Mathematician, and Sinister Shadow Games to the grave.  Winda attacks over Cir which brings back Scarm.

3200 (Frazier) - 7400 (Jake)

Jake Normal Summons Scarm then Xyz Summons Grenosaurus.  Grenosaurus runs over Mathematician then he sets one backrow and ends.

1700 (Frazier) - 7400 (Jake)

Frazier goes into the tank before dropping a Shaddoll Fusion, sending Beast and Dragon to the grave to Fusion Summon Winda.  Dragon destroys Jake's set Sanctum, which he chains to bring out Artifact Beagalltach which pops his set Artifact Moralltach.  He then sets one monster and passes the turn.

1700 (Frazier) - 7200 (Jake) 

Jake draws for turn then uses Soul Charge to bring back three Moralltach, Beagalltach, and then Normal Summons Kuribandit.  In the End Phase Kuribandit excavates two Artifact Ignition, Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force, Vanity's Emptiness, and Phoenix Wing Wind Blastwwb, adding pwwb.

1700 (Frazier) - 3200 (Jake)

Frazier flips up Falco to bring back Dragon.  He then Tribute Sumons Falco for Beast, swings over the Moralltachs.  he serts one and passes

1700 (Frazier) - 2900 (Jake)

Jake draws for turn and can't find a way to get around two Winda so he decides to move to Game 3.

Game 3

Jake decides to go first for Game 3.  He starts with a Normal Summon of Tour Guide to bring out Graff.  He Xyz Summons Dante, which uses its effect to send Soul Charge, Foolish Burial, and Scarm to the grave.  Graff Special Summons Cir in defense.  He then Special Sumons Scarm and Xyz Summons another Dante, sending Vanity's Emptiness, Artifact Ignition, and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.  He follows it up with a Rank-Up-Magic AStral Force on Dante for a Constellar Pleiades.

Frazier sets a monster, a backrow, and passes.  During the End Phase Jake uses Pleiades to bounce Frazier's set backrow.

Jake detaches Cir from Dante to bring back the Dante from his grave.  Pleiades bounces Frazier's set monster then he drops BLS and that's enough damage on board to attack for game!

Frazier bricks horribly against a Pleiades opener in Game 3 and Jake takes full advantage, OTK'ing him on Turn 2!  Jake moves on with an X-2 record intact, fighting for an outside chance in on the Top 16!

Joe Soto